How to get your hands on a PS Vita running firmware 3.60 or lower


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  1. Ashton says:

    So any lower than 3.61 will work ?

  2. noob a loob says:

    how do i restore my ps vita without updating? ium alredy on 3.60. i dont want to use my legit psn account?

  3. Nitesh Gupta says:

    Hi I have a PSVita on FW 3.5X. I am based out of Singapore and would like to sell since I don’t play it anymore well satisfied with my PS4. Feel free to mail me at or whatsapp me at +65 85698260. Willing to send a proof

  4. Polite Timesplitter says:

    I wouldn’t say as a flat rule to avoid used / refurbished (though I would avoid ‘refurbished’ in general, mind, talking more about ‘second-hand’ here). I got my Vita a couple of weeks ago from CEX, a preowned retailer. I asked if he could switch one on and see what OFW it was running. He put it on charge, I left for 10 minutes, came back, it was working, and he let me verify its FW (3.52) before I bought it.

    Don’t be afraid to just ask!

  5. Zalibidas says:

    Went into a local used store. Tested 3 Vitas. Only one wasn’t 3.61. I bought that one. Best purchase in a while with all these updates lol.

  6. Traace says:

    How can i check what firmware version a ps vita is running?

    There is no guide….

  7. HisokaRyodan says:

    Just letting everyone know I purchased a Japanese Aqua Blue model on ebay 2 days ago, and it shipped with 3.61 firmware… perhaps they are updating all of them or something… Just to be safe I ordered a Borderlands 2 bundle, cause I don’t want to go through that again.

    Has anybody bought any of the new japanese models (glacier white, neon orange) recently and had good luck with it lower then 3.60?

  8. qwerqwerqwer says:

    Amazon is now selling new PS TV $45 and certified refurbished VTE1001 for $30, anyone knows what is the firmware on those?

  9. CHO says:


  10. Bro says:

    Just ordered new aqua blue from Ireland, HOPE ITS 3.55 WISH ME LUCK GUYSSS

  11. Sheldon Sims says:

    I bought a neon orange Vita from Game Zone in Tbilisi, Georgia yesterday. It came with FW 3.52 on it. 😀

  12. khaled says:

    can you recomend one from Ebay to be sure that it is new and has 3.6 or below

  13. Alberto says:

    Does anyone know if the black ops bundle is 3.60 or less?

  14. Max says:

    Where can i buy White-Laim-Green PS Vita Slim with 3.60 ?

  15. Max says:

    Where can i buy Vita 3.60 or less in White-Laim-Green colour?

  16. Kiddu says:

    well i just got mine from amazon here in japan running fw 3.0.1
    maybe im just lucky. its a bundle.

  17. kiddu says:

    i just got mine fw 3.0.1 from amazon here in japan, if want to buy ican email the link its a bundle.

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