Vitamin updated to version 1.1


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  1. alice715


  2. Ivan

    Primeiro kkkkk eu amo este sit toda hora recebo novidades no meúltimo Gmail wololo é d+


  3. meysam25

    tanx dude you make alot peaple happy

  4. KC W0ng

    Vitamin v1.1 = Cobra’s ‘Black Fin’ Laxative v1.1

    great work dudes 🙂

  5. Yskar

    Why vitamin does not dump the updates?

  6. Zeke

    Gotta love this. Definitely my favourite piece of home-brew to come out of HENkaku. Takes a while to dump the games because they’re huge (GoW Collection is just over 3GB, I think MGS Collection is about the same, not done yet – MGS2 WAD type file is 1.44GB alone). Turning legally owned games into SD loadable ones is what I feel the app was made for, and GoW and Tearaway launched no issues. 6 more to go…

    Even the name is well chosen. Vitamin which is a pun, using Morphine and Amphetamine. Theme naming. It’s all very slick and the home screen stuff looks comparable to Sony native apps.

  7. ratsz

    Awesome keep up the great work!

  8. Halim

    What about Henkaku on firmware 3.61 ?

    • DSpider

      No dice. You just HAD to update, didn’t you? But you can buy a second-hand PSV on 3.60 or lower, and new ones come with 3.51.

  9. 2nd

    Nice news but it’s kinda weird this site doesn’t provide the link to vitamin

  10. tomo

    Fair enough not posting links I respect your decision it’s available elsewhere you still post all news when it’s red hot before anyone else

  11. Gregar1000

    Nice to see its still being worked on!

  12. Nanami

    FINALLY! Taken all my physical copies and made them digital! This took HOURS! Kill me now lol

  13. Me

    Dear hackers make a way for 3.55 to install vitamin nobody want’s to lose tn-v or ark 🙁

  14. Hc

    Anyone know a page that make a list of game for dowload?

  15. israel

    plz plz plz plz, suport for 3.61 🙁

    • DSpider

      A new kernel exploit would need to be found, so that might take a while… It took 4.5 years for this one.

    • Actually

      Currently the Kexploit for 3.60 has been patched so it is litterly impossible ATM a unofficial PUP update is more possible though so don’t leave 3.61 untill anymore info is announced

  16. Random


  17. Mustapha ali

    i see you in 5 years

  18. Zeke

    Here’s a handy little bit of advice that can avoid the error message you get if you don’t install properly and get an error :-

    1. Rip your legally acquired retail game cart using Vitamin.
    2. Close Vitamin and remove the game cart.
    3. On LiveArea long press the game bubble. Choose the … option and delete it.
    3. Open VitaShell and navigate to ux0:Vitamin and install the newly ripped VPK of your game.
    4. Exit VitaShell after install and run.

    Reason I add this is I kept forgetting to delete the original LiveArea executable bubble that the game cart makes when it’s first in and it can lead to a “This file is corrupt. (C0-11138-4)” type error.


    Guys, I have 11GB in use because I had ePSP then update to HENkaku… Anyone know how do I delete this without format ps vita card?



      • herschwolf

        You should be able to delete the Save Game data for the PSP game you used for your ePSP hack. The CFW for ePSP is located in the game and the save data, so just delete the save game and you should be good. It would be best to delete the PSP game as well, but you might be able to keep the hack if you leave the game (though thinking about it, this would be doubtful in my opinion, but you never know).

  20. Bobdole

    So you’d rather us go looking for vitamin ourselves giving people opportunity to make malware posing as vitamin… Thanks wololo.

  21. Paolo

    the flow announced version 1.2 with great improvements

  22. Alexander

    Can i play online with my dumps?

  23. jaluma

    Cobra sux anyway all cobra stuff are purely ***

  24. noob a loob

    how do i restore my ps vita without updating? ium alredy on 3.60. i dont want to use my legit psn account?

  25. bob

    may sound like a dumb question, but would this allow me to play other region games? i believe that there are no region locked games, but as i am using a us account, would i be able to install a jap region game? i ask because i dont know if the account on the vita will limit a digital game when physical games are not locked.

  26. squanto

    although i would never do such a thing cause im tooootally against piracy i could just goto walmart grab a vita game dump it and return it the next day and get my money back? sounds too good i mean illigal and wrong to be true right?

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