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PS Vita kernel exploit: Xyz explains the Henkaku kernel exploit


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  1. Zorax

    Sounds like PSP/PS1 soon… er… I mean First!

  2. Alice715


  3. Deathscreton

    Wait, so does this mean he found an additional kernel exploit along side what Team Molecule had already found?

  4. ps2onvita

    everyone is really focused on the vita, I bet PS4 hackers are using this distraction to quietly make something, especially when henkaku uses the same exploit for the 3.55 PS4

  5. Deathscreton

    What happened to all the old comments?

  6. need2burn

    Did any of the arise from the $1000 donation on the Vita CPU information?

  7. yunaffxqq

    pls help 3.61 and break 3.61 pls

  8. israel

    break 3.61, plz plz plz plz 🙁

  9. dorkly

    at the end of the the 1st paragraph of the blog “All Vita devices and firmwares before 3.61 are affected.” .. Does this mean that it is possible to have this in lower firmwares? Henkaku for lower firmwares anybody?

    • herschwolf

      There’s no reason it shouldn’t work, unless the exploit is written on code that came after a certain firmware. From the sound of the articles linked and explanation given, it sounds like they used the lower firmwares to run the hack and tested it on the latest available firmware at the time. Since Sony didn’t patch the exploit used until 3.61, I would bet that it works on any firmware that is 3.60 or less; but the lower firmwares are still reliant on the code they have available and some newer homebrews will fail to run or crash do to the lack of code necessary to run them.

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