Team FreeK’s Vitamin leaked, opening the valves of piracy on the PS Vita


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  1. BlumCoLe

    Fkn dumb leaking as…

  2. Mustapha

    Don’t leave please we don’t want the tool but we want around psvita scene

  3. Runehasa

    Anyone know any decent sites that Vita games are being uploaded to. Something similar to 3dsiso?

  4. lulz


  5. DS_Marine

    I’m always amazed at how these excellent hackers always “fail” to find good testers.

  6. talmagal

    @wololo hate leaks seen one to many of them kill a scene always. from psp to ps3 to wii and wiiu tired of it. Know you have seen as much as i have over the years even the psp scene was wild back in dark alex days.. rather let people relase things at their own time patience always helps. dont like when people try to rush things or claim them as there own. Need to wrk together in the scene not be at each other throats.

  7. untoldzero

    maybe can be a stupid question.
    Actually i made a dump of some of my psvita games.
    but after it, i’m not able do download/install the patch directly from psn/official server.
    there’s a how to, for install the patch for “henkaku” game? (and also where to find it)

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