Release: Vitamin 1.0 by TheFlow


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  1. KC W0ng

    I wonder how much the Black-Fin Cobra device will sell for?

    Maybe this release should be renamed as “Vitamin 1.0 – Team Cobra’s laxative”…….

  2. Alvion

    Thanks TheFloW, Major Tom, Mr. Gas all of you are a inspiration and is a great honor to use your work.

  3. tomo

    team black fin piracy stuff must be livid no one needs to buy your *** now thanks to the scene

  4. DoniStunts

    Thank you TheFlow0 for keep going even after what the *** did and said, you’re a truly good person and dev, I wish you the best! Thank you again.

  5. Sketchy

    Thank you team Freed. Well handled. I hope you guys come back when the scene learns some common sense. You and your work is appreciated.

  6. blishchak

    I guess that it doesn’t matter as Vita is generally speaking region-free, but I’ll ask it anyway: can I install VPK game from other region (US, JP) than my Vita is (EU) without any problems (brick, restarting, freezing, problems with files if any etc.)?

  7. kingston24wong

    “However Major Tom accidentally shared an old built with a group of people, in which one or more of them decided to leak a game first and the day after the tool itself. ”

    “he didn’t feel respected by anyone.”

    So to be sure,
    -this group did not go around looking for this confidential information exactly, but was given ‘accidentally’
    -Yet it’s a group he knows (that we don’t), not just a scamming group from thin air
    – this unidentified group’s member or members leak it without permission cuz they’re super jerks
    -The whole community gets blamed for not respecting the team, but not due to the leak, but some ignorant idiots questioning why they’re obviously *** on their hard work just thrown out the door, but what about the group who leaked it? who are they? What about the ones who respected the team and waited?

  8. makak1984

    I tried it, used Fez as example and sadly not worked for me. The manual does not show up, second atempt returns error, and when i tried to open game from bubble it was corrupted.

  9. hans

    Now cobra forget the Blackfin, make a memory card adapter and you will get more $$$ then you can spent GO!!!

    • NakedFaerie

      Even if someone makes an app which lets us access the memory card via USB would be awesome. Wifi is just too slow.

      • Paolo

        hi, you can send vpk files to vita via qcma with usb renaming them in .mp4 and send in video folder of psvita. Then you can rename them in vpk and move in the right folder.

        • NakedFaerie

          Nice. I never knew you could send them a MP4s. I’ll try that next time. 🙂
          Thanks for that. 😀
          I usually rename it to 1.bin and send it via PSP savegame. then rename it.
          Still it would be a lot easier if we could do it on PC instead of via QCMA or on the Vita. with CM.

  10. Leo64

    very much like to thank Freeker team, the brilliant work! definitely The Flow, Major Tom and Mr Gas, together are unbeatable!
    Collaborated very, very much for the whole history of Ps Vita! You are the pioneers Together with Yinfanlu the greatest tools and revolutions in homebrew and utilities, are unmatched!
    No one has moral to denigrate the work of you! Look upon my friends as follows: “All the celebrities suffer several critical throughout his career, which brings recognition of the artist is the ability it has to overcome the criticism and not give up the love you have to your work!”
    I know it’s asking too much, but I ask you to rest but do not abandon us …. please! A hug !

  11. First

    This is great I will start dumping all my games. By all my games I mean all the free ones we can all steal now. Good job Tom you hoser! Up yours the Z.

  12. isabel

    hello! i have only 1 question
    what does dumping and decrypt mean?
    im super noob in all this so… in oder for me to install a game that is already decripted (downloaded it), do i need vitamin? or just vitashell? or just molecularshell?

    • n

      just vita shell

      • isabel

        hmm would you mind sending me a link? i don’t know what to download… vita shell.vpk or vita shell
        and there are also other files like VitaShellCustomization.rar, Source code (zip), Source code (tar.gz) D:

        • Verax

          Molecularshell can install the games but is behind a version of vitashell. So download the vpk file and install that rewith Molecularshell and then install game from vitashell

    • sukablyat

      You dump your original games via Vitamin which decrypts and creates a .vpk file of the game.
      So if you just want to install a vpk you use Vitashell.

  13. Charles Fasano

    A new version of Vitamin has been released which fixes a minor bug where the Vita would crash after dumping. It’s still labeled as 1.0 though.

    • alpmaster

      I could not dump Dungeon Hunter Alliance,Resident Evil Revelations 2 or Army Corps of heck and i am using the new released vitamin?

  14. zagvot

    Ironic isn’t it? they are sad that there programs gets leak … imagine the feelings of many game developer and sony developer?
    the feeling is mutual I guess

    • NakedFaerie

      Would be if they still made games for it.
      The Vita was killed off by $ony last year. Nobody is making any games for it anyjmore which is a real pity as the 3DS is still getting games and the Vita is such a better unit.
      BUT as most of you love to play emulators and retro games that are old and look *** compared to good Vita games I can see why the *** looking 3DS is still making games. WHY are old looking “retro” games so wanted? I would prefer play a new game like Assassins Creed Liberation than Super Mario Bros.
      If I want to play an old game I would get an old console and play it. Or if I cant get an old console I would load up an emulator. Its a waste having this awesome handheld being wasted on emulators and retro games.
      THATS why I think the Vita is dead. Its too good. Game devs want to make money from 20 year old games and arent interested in making new good looking games anymore.

      • NakedFaerie

        BTW, I own a few nintendo handhelds. 5 actually. 3 Vitas, 4 PSPs, so I know what Im talking about. its not like I’m having a go at the 3DS and never used one, I’m playing a 3DS game atm. Well, after typing this I will get back to my N3DS and keep playing it.

  15. Rubem Sousa

    Someone knows if we have the God of War collection game “hacked/…” to download in .VPK?

  16. BMounir

    Angry Birds

  17. Dragng8

    “we can talk about this policy again in 4 years”. +9000 Wololo

  18. NB

    Where would be a good place to ask for help using Vitamin, I can’t dump my card’s and any downloads I try dump Vitamin currupts them so they don’t work 🙁 any help or pointers to help would be a great help

  19. Alex

    Thanks Team Freek. Piracy is unavoidable, and the people who think otherwise, need to suck it up and move on. I would gladly donate to the team’s effort, if I had the money, because this is one step further to trophy hacks and savegame modding. Piracy in itself isn’t what I’d care for, just that it’d make it easier to get the trophy folders! 😀

  20. fmj77

    Only about 50% of the games work, so this still has a long way to go. Sadly, it might be the end of it too.

    • froid_san

      May more like 30% not worth the touble

    • dyay-em

      Changelog v1.1

      Added support for cartridges dumping which have grw0:.
      Added files restoration in case your dump failed (fixes 0x80010011 error and Morphine name in LA. You need to launch Vitamin in order to restore the files).

    • Aris5467

      There is a simple fix that works in most cases, you can find it on the vita piracy reddit not gonna actually link because ya know piracy.

  21. Aris5467

    How do people act like such entitled ***, like if someone stole your draft of a book you were working on and published it as their own would you be angry?

  22. hasan666

    Amazing. Today is 59th Malaysia Independence Day 🙂

  23. Albert Covington

    I dumped my first backup today and deleted the original. I tried to install the VPK which seems to have gone alright, but after trying to run the game I continuously get a (C-12828-1) error. Anyone else running into these problems?

    • NakedFaerie

      i get that with every dump. it can be a PSN dump or a card dump but all give that error and none work.
      I’ve tried 5 cards and 5 PSN downloads. so far nothing works.
      I have 2 downloads and they work but nothing I dump myself works.

      Has anyone had any success? Any things you see that can help us?
      The ripping process is all OK. no errors. I’ve ripped Unit 13 5 times and its given different sizes and it loads for about 5 seconds then that error shows up.
      I’ve transferred to PC and back and that didnt fix. I did a recovery refresh database and that didnt help.

      I’ve now given up. I will just find and download my games as I cant back them up myself as they dont work. Not sure if its a faulty Vitamin or what. Its this latest release.

  24. BenoitRen

    “We also considered the PS Vita game industry as dead, I mean, not even $ony shows support for the device anymore.”

    Such ignorance of reality. Thanks for ruining it, ***.

  25. Edmike

    Is not working when 100% and exiting it’s freezing or when tell me to close vitamin and then open the game application my pstv just restart I am not understanding

  26. BenoitRen

    Sounds like some people have been living under a rock. There are still plenty of PS Vita games releasing in Japan, and the West is still seeing game releases as well (though not as many). They may not be games you like, but that doesn’t mean the device’s market is dead. heck, God Eater 2: Rage Burst was released physically in Europe yesterday, and there’s more to follow, like MeiQ and Tokyo Xanadu.

    • NakedFaerie

      Some of us dont live in Japan and dont like those JRPGs so to people like me they aren’t available and dont count.
      The shops have a very limited selection of Vita games. The local EB Games (Which is supposed to be the biggest game shop) only has 3 Vita games. The next store (JB Hifi) has 10 but I already own all of them.

      I’ve not brought a new Vita game for at least a year, maybe 2 as their either not available or nothing is released for it that interests me.

  27. edmike