PS Vita Hack: An official release of Vitamin might be coming later today


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  1. talmagal

    time to update pstv to 3.60 then though my bubbles from before wont work anymore though from tn-v

  2. Mustapha ali

    this will not effect psvita market
    because less than 1% of psvita owners had installed henkaku

  3. an

    Any one knows when exactly is the official release of vitamin please?
    Sitting with a 3.60fw vita 🙂 on henkaku !

  4. Sa

    Wololo. We should get a like or dislike button here.
    That would be awesome.

  5. GoVitaGo

    I did not look for the leaked version.. now that’s how u pray and u get the official one

  6. Franky

    Even though this does enable piracy, but also legit backups I just wanted to throw this article forward to all the people being “oh woe is me piracy on the Vita!”

    Sure, most of Activisions games may not be worth buying (not saying you should pirate), but when you treat your customers right, there’s no reason to pirate.

  7. N

    The flow is such a good guy. I’m happy he’s considering this even though it was leaked.

  8. KDOXG

    Just a question: You guys have infromation if people from HENkaku have plans to upgrade it to 3.61 of Vita version?

  9. El Tri

    Wololo is there a donation account for Team Freek.

  10. Nio9345

    I like how people will come here and start whining “No the Vita is dead ! The guys who did this should go and die! Piracy will kill the Vita now that devs won’t release new games for it !!!” and other such nonsense. Dear whining self proclaimed Sony fanboys:

    1) The Vita was dead on arrival. The main reason was the highly overpriced memory cards that was suppose to prevent Piracy. Not only it didn’t work, but Sony also priced memory cards that are so slow that are comparable to M2s from 2006 and back.

    2) Sony representatives continualy burried the console for 2 years now, practictly declaring that the Vita dead and gone.

    3) Sony pulled support for it’s own apps since last year. Youtube, Skype and other apps gone for no good reason other than the excuse “Eh, you don’t need them anymore” instead of adding features. That shows that they practicly and anytime they will pull support for the entire console all together, making potencial buyers stay away from the console.

    I can list even more but I’m bored to keep explaining why “piracy” should come to Vita. And when I mean Piracy I mean the ability to install CFW and homebrews along with reverse engineer those god forsaken memory cards.

    • Michiri

      You know that something called third party developers exists, right? And that thanks to them we have a year full of releases? Vita is not dead, you *** idiot

    • aaaa

      you sir, are an idiot

    • Matt

      Personally, there shouldn’t be an excuse for “stealing”. Yes, you can do what you want with the device you own, but does that justify the act of stealing.? Obviously stealing is a no go in any situation. Rationalizing, that cause doesn’t make it right..

      Also, the vita is not,”dead”, third party developers are still pushing out games, its well and alive in Japan, just not here in the west..but to kill that paper weight support is going to end it. I’m still looking forward to some of the future releases.

  11. Orry

    Time of relase does anybody have a slight clue?

  12. Zeke

    This is great news, TheFloW makes quality homebrew and his PS1 Loader for 3.51 and below was underrated, glad to see despite the beta being leaked he’s still looking to do a proper release. Respect for that.

    Me personally, I have 8 legit PS Vita games in original boxes that never get played so this has cheered me up. Well done to the team that worked on it, if they’re reading they have my thanks.

  13. isabel

    so now that the piracy is almost here…. does it mean people will stop buying game and then the vita will be dead?


    So we are gonna get plugins? . . .

  15. piratedownloader

    thanx hykem , for youre goodbye present……….oops

  16. Sjdidjd

    Yeahhhhh gine ma mooore piracyyyyyyyyyyyy sony pwned

  17. SageX85

    Too bad the vita doesnt have many games im interested in, just got a PSTV for PSP on TV and a quieter sytem to play my PSOne games since the PS3 is kinda loud.

    • Erik

      Exact same reason for me. I will not update 3.20 on my pstv until psp games and psone work. I don’t even care about psvita backups since I own about 40 original cartridges.

  18. troll

    that’s very mature from theflow to decide to help even after the leak.

  19. lol

    Lots of people are gonna soon be like “omg yes! i can get any game on vita for free now……wait a min almost all of them suck :/”

  20. Charles Fasano

    Now if will only let me convert those TN-V PSN installed games that Sony won’t let us play on the Vita or PS TV that I’ve purchased. I installed them in TN-V via the PS Store. But since there is no LIVE icon I have to play them via TN-V. Here’s hoping.

  21. Roberto

    Sony this is karma.

    Sony dont give me games I want to BUY like a God of War , infamous, Gravity rush 2, Silent hill (a good one), God eater2, metal Gear (like peace walker on PSP) to play. Dont give me a Press notices about anything related.
    So, all the players must make their own way.

    Thanks Team!
    Thanks Developer TheFloW

    PD: sorry for my english

  22. NeonAera

    Can’t wait to back up my PSVita games and play them without needing the carts. Thanks for the great read, wololo.

    • Roberto

      Yes!, already take borrows games from my friends!

      • NeonAera


        Lol I actually don’t have any plans to do that, my friend haha. I pay for my games, and no leeching off friends.. 😛 In my opinion, actually buying the games is more fair, legit, and realistic anyway. I don’t pirate. 🙂 I respect the game developers and their work. I like physical copies of games, by the way. Yeah, I know, I know.. I could just download digitally then if I just want to take my games anywhere without carts, but it takes up space though.. playing back ups take up space too, sure but still got teh physical copy! Heh.

        • ds29

          Some games aren’t even worth pirating.

          But if I try one, and decide later that I liked it, I may just end up buying it.

          Consider this: I have 16 UMD games on the PSP, but my PSP died last summer, and Sony stopped making them in 2014. If I had them digitally backed up, maybe I would play them on my PC/tablet/etc. If there wasn’t any way to back them up, I would’ve been sc***.

    • NeonAera

      Of course, thanks a bunch to TheFloW for his hard work and his plan to release Vitamin despite the leak. Hats off to you, man! (if you are reading)

  23. G

    Sony deserves it by putting this great console under a *** bus. It had EVERYTHING to win against the piece of *** that is the 3DS (this is coming from a 3DS & N3DS owner mind you) but they were too stupid and incompetent to market it properly or to make bigger, cheaper memory cards which we have been asking for since day *** one. Incredible that for a single 64GB card we can get THREE 128GB mSD c10 cards.
    *** ***, they deserve nothing but ***, just like Nintendo and their mistreatment of the WiiU.
    *** them both. Good thing their consoles are getting royally *** and pirated left and right.

  24. ds29

    I would really like to be able to back up my own games (even though I only have 6 of them), and not have to carry them around (and potentially lose them) if I were to go on vacation or something like that. But to be honest, I would also like to try some fan-translated (and kinda obscure) Japanese games, that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to (either due to price+shipping cost, or due to my rather limited knowledge of the language).

    If this tool could help do that, then yes, please release a proper version. We already have the “beta” one so the cat’s out of the bag now. It would be a shame to leave it incomplete like that. It probably took a lot of work, and not sharing it with anyone… I don’t know. I would release it (I think).

  25. RiotDX

    You should absolutely backup your games via QCMA before trying to dump them via any version of Vitamin as the dumping process can corrupt the files.

  26. Dante69

    Vitamin is now available for download according to theflows twitter page. 🙂

  27. Ar1am Ac

    The official is out right now

  28. doron

    UPDATE : version 1.0 is officially out,they made a final product- you can search it on google it’s not that hard

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