YifanLu: “Yes, it’s a kernel exploit!”, and more explanations about HENkaku


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  1. Irving Sanchez


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    The first and second guys get threw but i have to await moderation every time

    • wololo

      Yup, this is due to how simple the spam parser is and the fact that your username contains something it thinks is offensive

  6. James

    grow up people.

  7. Dk391

    people who comment with “first” and “second” are *** ***

  8. Dk391

    if this is an exploit kernel means that the bubbles will be back for PSP / PSX games? would be great

  9. Gregar1000

    It really is exciting times for the Vita scene at the moment. Really reminds me of the early days of the PSP. (Perhaps I should say day one of the PSP)

  10. Wolololo


  11. TheThat

    Nothig wrong with being first.

  12. froid_san

    when you mean kernel exploit, what do you mean? kernel exploit for vita side? or for the psp side? and what can we achieve with that? better emulation, ps1/psp(homebrew)/custom bubbles on live area?

  13. skoomadealer

    You’ve got a lot on your plate to write about this week. Hang in there, Wololo!

  14. zagvot

    psp and ps1 emulator possible?

  15. n

    everyone wanting a vita cfw.. have you ever thought that henkaku could be just that? it allows unsigned code to install, its a kernel exploit, ability to run backups, and even has psn spoofing now.

  16. Penne

    Will this help the research on ps4 kernel exploit?

  17. gunblade

    Cool. Thks guys.

  18. gunblade

    Got HENkaku to work on my vita going to get more apps for it soon so I can do more with homebrew.

  19. CycloneFox

    “… PS Vita’s security, which Yifan claims is one of the strongest he’s seen on a consumer device.”

    It obviously has to be. It’s a consumer device that wasn’t jailbroken within the first two weeks. Not even the first few years. And even when it was, the first real jailbreaks were a pain in the ***.

  20. Danny

    Gotta love the people who spend all day and night hammering F5, only to be able to comment “First” as soon as a new post comes up…
    That’s internet and people with no lives for you xD