PS Vita release: uriCaller


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  1. KillerFlame

    I wonder if same can be done on PS4 Webkit mabye ??

  2. KillerFlame

    The ps4 and vita are kinda close based on Henkaku its seems like could find mabye something similar to this cause there is files in ps4 that start with NPX

  3. KillerFlame

    I would like dev to consider looking into that a little deeper for both benefits

  4. 11770

    that command in the screenshot i assume that doesnt work on undecrypted backups right? lol the play title one i mean.

  5. I would coz I could

    I would like to suggest a saved List of URI commands accesible somewhere in the uricaller app. That way, we won’t have to type or minimize typing. Just maybe a simple click, or copy paste.

    • Danilo - BRAZIL


    • TheRealSlimShady

      And the format command should be automatically executed randomly when someone tries to run the commands, it will be a lot of fun, even more than piracy on vita.
      The excitement when you see your beloved vita who had just began to reach adolescence get formatted and updated back to a kid…

    • Which make me

      Which make me wonder if the system is able to copy paste. I think not. Then, just a legend would be nice. Anyway, the point is people are too lazy to type unfamiliar texts.

  6. TaiMaiShu

    I’m still waiting for some cool things to happen to 3G powered PS Vitas since the release of Henkaku.. It would be nice to have some sort of string that will unlock or bypass the AT&T check for a valid simcard. I’ve seen methods of using a iPhone sim adapter which lets edge work on device…but whats the point? it is too slow.

  7. Tio

    Not work whit devkit version of package Installer!

  8. Thats a nice article. Im sure these mods will work perfectly well on all PS Vita models.

  9. SilicaAndPina

    the email:?body=LoremIpsum&attach=ux0:calendar/vitacal.ics
    doesnt work..

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