[NUKE] PS4Tools by Keyaku


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  1. symban says:

    As usual, Wololo is the most TRUSTED source! Thanks for the update!!

  2. SniperSnake says:


  3. Alberto says:

    First !

  4. Crzo says:

    Wololo setting the record straight once again, way to go Wololo! =D

  5. Vitamon Go says:

    thumbs up

  6. mcmrc1 says:

    my hax site is better then your hacks site and the other hax site is also not a good hax site…i will call my mama mimimimi we are the best hex site mimimi cry like a baby
    even scene drama about different scene sites…my site is vetter than yours mimimi

    • I expected a more mature reply from you, considering Wololo was not saying that his site was better than the one you post news on, he was pointing out how its bad to rip off other people work and pretend its yours >.<

    • wololo says:

      Mcmrc1, the proper way to deal with this situation is for your site to apologize for the mistake and take action to ensure this won’t happen again. As long as you keep the attitude, nobody will consider your site as a legit source of information.

      I’m not perfect, but when people point out mistakes in my articles, I apologize and fix. Your site could learn from that.

  7. froid_san says:

    Too bad it doesnt actually unpack retail ps4 pkg when i used it last year ago

  8. ‘in particular since a more trusted site (hackinformer) also picked up on the info today.’
    I don’t trust Hackinformer O.o

  9. gino says:

    This remember me what is happen in the xbox scene.
    2 year before someone release a software\method for make rgh offline console access to xboxlive it is called Xelive ,after this guy disappear (i dont know if him die or what the heck is happen to him).

    After 6 month 10 other “group” use the same file but start ask money for it and sell it like a “service to pay monthly” for rgh online use various different names xblse,avalon,stealthlive and blablabla

    this is really ***.

    • gino says:

      other also modify the original file for make the xbox upload the unique keyvault+cpukey+nand of the console to the server of who give the file for stolen the nand\cpukey for sell it then in other website for “sban\unban purpose” (a scam so).

  10. Ideafromfuture says:


  11. secondman says:

    yess. finally im FIRST !!

  12. Keyaku says:

    Hi everyone, owner of the repo here.

    As mentioned, this is NOT a new release whatsoever. It just so happens that I forked hykem’s original repo and contributed a few cleanups in his messy code via Pull Requests (it’s still quite ugly, but I had no more interest in updating the tools since then), which he accepted and pushed into his own repo.

    Suddenly, he deleted his account and bode farewell, as pointed out in another post of this site; consequently, my fork started pointing towards someone else’s repo as a mistake, so I deleted the fork and created a new repo for the code. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Also pointing out from Hykem’s farewell note (and I’m quoting):
    «If you happen to still have my repositories’ code, feel free to do whatever you want with it.»

    I don’t ask for money, nor do I claim these tools are new or updated. They’re just, as you mentioned, a repackaging.

    I apologize for the confusion this caused, but I would appreciate it if you’d have sent me a message back then!

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