Wii U: Hacker Mathew_Wi advises to update to 5.5.1, touts “rare opportunity”


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40 Responses

  1. Jesse

    Wait, doesn’t the US release of Twilight Princess HD come with 5.5.1?

  2. Sylar

    Just to make sure…. What is the latest online update???

  3. Sylar

    Just to be sure… What’s the latest online update at the moment???

  4. Unreal

    Nice I hope it is not a fake. What is the downside of upgrading to 5.5.1 if this ends up being fake? I thought it already supported Loadiine?

    • Sylar

      I did run Loadiine on my 5.1.1 unit, so I’m not exactly sure what’s the downside of updating from older firmwares.
      I’ve just asked so myself and am waiting for an answer.

  5. Kakarotto

    Mainly the possibility to unblock the usb port and using an hdd for the backups instead of the sdcard

  6. Adam Fox

    While we already have loadiine for 5.5.1, I just hope this makes things easier for loading backups….maybe just download a .wud file and slap it on a drive formatted for the Wii U (kinda like we had wbfs for Wii)….also improve compatibility…I don’t have SSB for Wii U and don’t plan on buying it anytime soon…so hopefully this will prove to be a good alternative…

  7. Thetechdoc

    Im not going to risk it, regardless of 5.5.1 supporting loadiine, Im perfectly happy on 5.5.0, besides Im sure if it turns out to be some amazing thing, people will quickly make a way to manually update to 5.5.1 either through homebrew launcher or similar

  8. jonas

    there are a bunch of nintendo selects coming out late september
    maybe those have the 5.5.1 update

    • Canim arkadasim,mesajin tam da seni anlatiyor. Cevresinde herkesi; insani, hayvani, börtü böcegi sevgiyle kucaklayan Vicdan’imiz bizim. En kisa zamanda kucaklasacagiz, hasret bitecek. Buna inan, az daha dayan arkadasim. Seni seviyoruz!!!

  9. BlumCoLe

    It seems that everyone is updating to 5.5.1 now …the download is so slooooooow and I’ve already get 2 disconnects. -.-

    STAHP IT! ^^

    • BlumCoLe

      After a manual DNS configuration it worked.

      My both Wii Us are now on 5.5.1.
      Hopefully there are no differences between and 5.3.2 and 5.5.1 …little research said: no, kernel exploit with 100% success rate.

      Well, I’m prepared. 🙂

  10. edmike

    can i spoof to 5.5.1 instead.?

    • Ricky D

      No. That’s not how it works. Spoofing is just a made up number. It’s not the files that need to be modified

  11. Rosalina

    Well since I know the homebrew loader works on 5.5.1 I won’t lose much updating my white wii u to 5.5.1 even if this turns out to be a “got’em!” =/

  12. edmike

    why my comment is not here? i asked if i can spoof to 5.5.1 i said something wrong?

  13. edmike

    i am sorry i just did not saw my comment i thouht is not here sorry for judging

  14. Xpl01Tr

    I’m still on 5.3.2 … will there a be a way to force an update later down the road or is this a now or never kind of thing ?

    • abdul85pl

      update to 5.5.1
      5.5.1 has all of the exploits that 5.3.2 has, and apparently they’re more stable on 5.5.1.
      i just upated yesterday and it’s better – trust me.

      probably there will be no 5.5.1 game disks update so when Nintendo put on servers some higher firmware you will be unable to update to 5.5.1

    • BlumCoLe

      For now: now or never, there isn’t a known game disc with 5.5.1

  15. makak1984

    Updated 🙂 maybe it’s “salt” thing will provide sth more than a fake hykem account on TT.

  16. Franky

    I hope this allows for easier game ripping. I want to test out Cemu. I’ve been throwing money at them for 3 months now, but I don’t have anyway of getting my media onto my computer.

  17. troll

    I hope it is an emunand!

  18. Eastonator12

    Watch the new breakthrough be on 5.5.0 and everyone updates and the guys just like….LOL