HENkaku: xyz explains the PS Vita 3.60 / PS4 3.55 Webkit exploit in details

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  1. Ricochet90

    I was reading this in the morning….quite interesting stuff,I didn’t realized that it was written by xyz until now.

    It was a bit of a dissapointment really…I was hoping that the person who wrote it would win the KOTH challenge.

  2. Vitamon Go

    thanks to everyone working on ressurecting psvita .. 🙂

    • tuxdude

      >resurrecting the psvita
      And yet another person who completely looks over the fact that the vita has some amazing third party support and has in fact been very much alive and well over the past few years.

      • john

        Amazing japanese trash support 😀

        • VITADUMP

          I second that. 2D indie platformers definitely don’t make the console alive… Obviously if you’d be in that target group who likes jrpgs and platformers you’d think PSV is so rich in games. I’m may more in the generic/mainstream type of player who likes to see big titles and games with rich new content. For me the PSV is dead, since the console was intended for mainly AAA titles but that never happened.

        • BenoitRen

          Closed-minded much?

        • Xyrem

          The sadness of your words only reflects the state of your soul. 🙂
          Vita has been oriented to anime-fans for years now, you shouldn’t even bother with it if you’re not into anime/Jrpg related games.
          Beside, each consoles in the past has got their own “weird” games released, crying about the vita’s ones isn’t relevant.

          • john

            Vita was oriented to Uncharted, Wipeout, Unit 13, Resistance, Call of Duty, Sly Cooper, Need for Speed, Assassin’s Creed, Killzone, Batman when I bought it.

        • That’s a nicely made answer to a challenging question

      • akian_aray

        Like what? Trash barrage by IF, which didn’t even sell that well back home, so it geta shoveled of to western weebs who will lap it up and ask for more? Titty games for 30-year-old japaneese basement virgins, which wouldn’t even be considered for localization in PSP days? OMG 16-bit Earthbound-Metroid-Castlevania-roguelike-(ripoff) 2d pixel procedurally generated nostalgia-fueled trash (1 dollar on steam sale in a week after release)?

      • BenoitRen

        I’m glad I’m not the only person who realises this.

  3. rockn1

    where is the ps4 webkit

  4. Nanami

    Hi, I’ve been on holiday in Japan wit no way of getting my Vita online. Is t possible to update to 3.60 without going to 3.61?
    It’s not a big issue if not, I hardly play my vita but it’d be nice to have.

  5. zagvot

    Just waiting for emulator of psp and ps1

  6. Sakleiro

    This is almost the same as the jailbreakme.com jailbrek for iPhone used on iOS 5

  7. Solimar

    TN-V will be launch for Henkaku?

  8. Anonymous

    xyz says “If you run it[a snipped of javascript] on a Linux host using Sony’s WebKit” , but what exactly are they doing to compile Sony’s version of webkit?

    I’m guessing they used the https://trac.webkit.org/wiki/JSC , JSC utility which can run javascript standalone on the engine for testing.

    I downloaded the webkit for 3.50 to 3.60 from here: http://doc.dl.playstation.net/doc/psvita-oss/webkit.html , managed to build the make files with clang and cmake, and it says missing headers like JITBridge, RemotePointerWrapper, and missing structures which I assume are in those headers like sStructureClassInfo.

    Are those packages in some obtusely named tarbal/zipfile on sony’s site, in a leaked sdk, or by what methods are people like xyz using? Did they go through and rewrite the whole entire codebase to get it to compile?

    It would be nice if such a large step had a few sentences of how to get it working so we can run the javascript like they are.

  9. kldssd

    Simply a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw outstanding design and style.

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