Why HENkaku is such a massive success


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  1. enigma85 says:

    It isn’t actually a success. People are going to get bored within a few month and developers haven’t even really begun to enhance the emulators and homebrew besides a small few. As much potential as this has the scene has been dead and will take a long time to build from just homebrew.

    Now if they found a cfw/piracy method for the Vita with this the scene would explode immediately as everyone would go buy a vita. A lot of developers don’t have a vita anymore or never bought one because, well let’s be honest, it sucked.

  2. TheTechDoc says:

    yeah so vita is back to being dead again…lasted a good 2 weeks but nothing new is coming now, nothing amazing came in the first place really…all this really did is get our foot in the door in regards to a cfw/piracy, beyond that its basically a proof of concept, its still gonna take a loooong *** time for piracy to happen, and really sony can get f**ked, I hope piracy rapes the vita cus they dont deserve to make a penny from it, they picked it up and dropped it like a hot potato, way before it had a chance to thrive, and clearly ignored all the reasons why it wasnt doing well, one of the main reasons being the RIDICULOUS PRICES ON MEMORY CARDS! but nah they fixed that with the whopping 1gb internal memory on the 2000…which you cant even use when you get the memory card you will absolutely need…f*ck off sony, cant wait till piracy rips you a new one.

  3. piratelover123 says:

    any updates on the eta for piracy

  4. scriptme wpa says:

    I used a week ago the henkaku xploit, and tomorrow bring me the cobra black fin dongle p2p, I hope share to ours comparisson of two methods

  5. Don Joe says:

    Is there now a vita native version of MAME or not?

  6. musashiro says:

    i gotta admin, when the vita is still getting AAA titles, i am against piracy (just like the ps4 now, as long as it gets exclusives and great AAA titles, to heck with cfw), but now, i strongly believe that CFW will bring back the vita from the dead..

    just my 2 centz

  7. Yawgmoth says:

    “It’s important now that we, the scene, do not drop the ball on this one. We’re given this one chance at reviving the PS Vita in 5 years since it was released,”

    HaHaHaHa my sides….

    Thanks for the good laugh! :DD

  8. Adrien says:

    Roger that, I can now actively work on a RTS for our beloved VITA. Skirmish and ad-hoc, everything I love !
    Thanks to you, we have all the tools we need.

    Thank you so much for your hard work Wololo & Co !

  9. I’m surprised Sony hasn’t sued Wololo yet for enabling piracy.

  10. Yass says:

    Even though I do appreciate Wololo’s work, I hardly doubt that this exploit will revive Vita. I mean, playing around with some “Hello World” demos powered by C++ and running on your handheld is a fun (and I definition gonna try it by myself), but it’s not a “reviving” but any means. Unfortunately, at least as far as the US/European/CIS markets are concerned, no one cares about PSP anymore. Now, it’s all about your fancy iPhones and Android devices, and it’s transparent that Sony has not intention whatsoever to fight for the glory of its predecessor. What a shame, really.

  11. DJPlace says:

    um congats?

  12. Millennium Eagle says:

    What an excellent console to finally have a good native hack on. The damn thing has the best feeling controls (not to mention versatile) of any portable system and will be a FANTASTIC way to play homebrew and emulated games. I hope the Vita gets many, many years of homebrew efforts and a strong following after this; it really has the potential for it!

  13. shikhar says:

    Vita moonlight incoming soon. Source “https://www.reddit.com/r/vitahacks/comments/4xpypq/vita_moonlight_port_preview/” . Wataa

  14. Dissappointed guy says:

    This is useless for most of us who want to play vita games. Its have been so many years already. Piracy? Like we all care anywhere..lol. i havent touch my vita for 2 years XD. Now live with 3ds at the moment as it have cfw XD. Dont delete this comment if not u sure is narrow minded. This is just our opinion.

  15. ironysteeth says:

    The native support-that means all rescources (including all ram) is available to the homebrew apps? Or is it still in a sandbox with low system rescources?

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