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HENkaku offline installer released


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  1. GGhost

    Does it work on 3.61?

  2. CycloneFox

    Works like a charm. Like everything about HENkaku.^^

    Funktioniert großartig.^^

  3. Titun

    Is it possible to run PSP game in psp vita using henkaku

    • Anon E-mouse

      You can run almost any PSP game anyway without the hack if you own it digitally. You just have to be able to download it and copy it over in Content Manager.
      Even if said game does not show up on the Vita download list or the store, if you have access to it, you are fine.

  4. Paolo

    OT : found this about decrypting vita games on hentaku maybe is useful to someone, maybe not

  5. Elo

    Guys wake up, Henkaku is a very big break through but the use there knowledge to lock us out of using our lovely TN-V, there have can do more, the said not piracy why then are de allowing other systems emulations why the can’t allow Psp emulation.
    The only help Sony to make us all update to 3.60 with Psp ISO access and as long as the don’t enable it, Henkaku 3.18TN-V is the best.

    • Overunder

      3.18 TN-V is still not very good for most people, so they might as well update to Henkaku.
      If 3.60 Henkaku does not have fast and accurate emulation soon (at least up to ps1) or piracy, no one will bother with it either.
      It doesn’t even matter if it’s all a cunning plan by Sony, most people have given up on the Vita, so there is little to lose.

    • TehCupcakes

      Ignoring the rough English that is half unintelligible…

      Yifanlu has already given a detailed explanation about this. The short answer is, in the eyes of the law, emulators are legal. However, if they made it easy for piracy through HENkaku, they could be accused of creating software with the primary intent of circumventing copyright protection. THAT is not legal. They could be prosecuted for such.

      In other words, they are saving their own butts. Hackers do some risky work in the legal gray area, and they know better than anyone how to best protect themselves. Leave it to the hackers to release how and when they are ready.

  6. :O

    after opening inbox the please wait comes up and flickers non stop in a constant loop,, rebooted 5 times does the same lol, no errors tho, just please wait shows forever

  7. PSNoob

    Is this suppose to work on the PSTV as well? I can’t get it to work. Works fine on my Vita.

    • Ghostscript

      The normal website works on my PSTV Check your firmware version.

      • PSNoob

        Dude, I had to use the “normal website” version, to find out I couldn’t get the email version to work! Since you have to run the website version at least once, to install the email version in the first place!

        • PSNoob

          I’ve solved the problem. I left the LAN cable in when trying to launch it through the email app. I had been unplugging it, because the instructions state to turn off wifi for the Vita. If you unplug the LAN cable, (I don’t know if it matters but I’ve never set wifi for the PSTV), the PSTV starts complaining it has no network connection. Cancelling, just puts it into a loop about complaining for a network.

          Anyways, it works now as expected, when I leave the LAN cable in.

  8. Mibag

    It keeps telling me the offline installer .vpk “Cannot download to this system.” is there a restriction on the original vita? or do I need to install the vpk some other way?

  9. GGhost

    Does it work on 3.61 on ps vita?

  10. Shera

    I keep getting error C0-11274-5 when i open the first mail

    • Gamr13

      Don’t worry, let it keep crashing until it works, if you get 6 in a row then restart your Vita and try again, it’s supposed to crash around 5 times.

  11. hhtth th

    hello how to get in touch with xyz ? its about is button swapper app .

  12. wonre

    I could make it work both on vita and ps tv, but on vita I got an error immediately (not after 5-20s of wait).
    Just restarting offlineinstaller fixed it, and i got the ‘usual’ error (after 5-20s of wait) which doesn’t appear all the time, sometimes it works as intended. So if you get an instant error, no hope in retrying, restart offlineinstaller.
    I think offlineinstaller is not 100% reliable but you can restart it to fix email files.

  13. Val

    Ok i installed everything, it’s working just fine, but after the mail exploit being setup can we just uninstall the offlineInstaller bubble ? or do we still need it ?

  14. Steve

    Question, once this is all done and the exploit is in place, how would you then transfer emulator and game files over? My limitation is I’m using an Android phone / tablet and have had issues trying to set up ftp before for the previous Henkaku exploit. Amy clear cut instructions would be much appreciated.

  15. BigCoqSurprise

    Hi, I was wondering, i bought a long while ago phantasy star portable 2, it’s in my account, can i install it on my vita if it’s not in the store anymore? i have it in my download list and on my ps3.


  16. jaskar

    Well it worked for the first time only…

  17. AJ

    Keep receiving message “henkaku offline installer cannot download using this system C2-13242-2”. Wont let me download the vpk. I’ve already installed Henkanu

  18. Darko

    To anyone out there

    It works perfectly on PSTV… to make it ALWAYS WORK: disable internet connection from settings,
    then clean cookies and history from the browser settings.

    Glad to help (^_^)/

    P.S. thanks to Wololo and to anyone contributing

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  20. shikamaru182

    Keep receiving message “henkaku offline installer cannot download using this system C2-13242-2". Wont let me download the vpk. I’ve already installed Henkaku

    i’ve the same message error. Can you help me?

  21. Unknown

    when i download it to pc and transfer it to vita using CMA it said it is ‘Corrupt’ any suggestions guys

  22. Great website. A lot of useful info here.
    I’m sending it to a few buddies ans additionally sharing in delicious.
    And certainly, thank you on yoiur sweat!

  23. Md

    can i crack my vita 3.67?

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