Setup Vita SDK on Windows (PSDK3v3)


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  1. Hieveryone


  2. Paolo

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  3. Franky

    Is this kit better than PSM?

  4. Nice stuff, a pre-configured vitasdk 😀

  5. Paolo

    Which programming language this sdk works with?

  6. Mike

    I’ve got a question. Hypothetically, if I have a Vita game to compile, including a data.psarc, how would I go about making a makefile to compile it with Vita SDK?

  7. NoOne

    Please make a guide for linux

    • Rhodderz

      just install build-essential and done. alot of the vita examples have the make files so you can learn from them

  8. meysam25

    dear wololo plz give us some more information
    start with basic stuff

    • XD

      Yes none writing the API documentation except Sony for now,
      you should google “PSVita SDK Doc” leak from Epic Games, it’s good reference.

  9. JK0cr

    Is it possible to program in C# ( mono/unity) ??
    And plz make a guide for GNU/Linux 😀 😀 😀

  10. themarioga

    Oh, lol, PSDK3 was mine long time ago

  11. ch3wt0ys

    Who wants to take on the task of porting Kodi/XBMC to the Vita? Need a decent media app on it.

  12. Asmodin

    I learned the Basics of C++ quite some time ago and want to start experimenting with coding on the Vita now. Where’s a good Place to get started?
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is like a collection of libraries etc needed to write code for the Vita and compile it in the end? If so, can i use any IDE with this?

    Sorry for the noob questions 🙂


    yeeeeeeeeesss!!!!!! KODI FOR VITA

  14. Oh No.

    This would have been real handy for the vita competition.

  15. DoCtOrWhO05

    OMG Kodi would be Awesome

  16. We are all knowing about this.

  17. All we know to play music and videos with windows media player.

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