Setup Vita SDK on Windows (PSDK3v3)


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  1. Hieveryone says:


  2. Paolo says:

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  3. Franky says:

    Is this kit better than PSM?

  4. Nice stuff, a pre-configured vitasdk 😀

  5. Paolo says:

    Which programming language this sdk works with?

  6. Mike says:

    I’ve got a question. Hypothetically, if I have a Vita game to compile, including a data.psarc, how would I go about making a makefile to compile it with Vita SDK?

  7. NoOne says:

    Please make a guide for linux

    • Rhodderz says:

      just install build-essential and done. alot of the vita examples have the make files so you can learn from them

  8. meysam25 says:

    dear wololo plz give us some more information
    start with basic stuff

    • XD says:

      Yes none writing the API documentation except Sony for now,
      you should google “PSVita SDK Doc” leak from Epic Games, it’s good reference.

  9. JK0cr says:

    Is it possible to program in C# ( mono/unity) ??
    And plz make a guide for GNU/Linux 😀 😀 😀

  10. themarioga says:

    Oh, lol, PSDK3 was mine long time ago

  11. ch3wt0ys says:

    Who wants to take on the task of porting Kodi/XBMC to the Vita? Need a decent media app on it.

  12. Asmodin says:

    I learned the Basics of C++ quite some time ago and want to start experimenting with coding on the Vita now. Where’s a good Place to get started?
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is like a collection of libraries etc needed to write code for the Vita and compile it in the end? If so, can i use any IDE with this?

    Sorry for the noob questions 🙂

  13. DARKVITA says:

    yeeeeeeeeesss!!!!!! KODI FOR VITA

  14. Oh No. says:

    This would have been real handy for the vita competition.

  15. DoCtOrWhO05 says:

    OMG Kodi would be Awesome

  16. We are all knowing about this.

  17. All we know to play music and videos with windows media player.

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