PS Vita 3.61 Hack: beware of scam sites!


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  1. shane thomas

    Great posy

  2. shane thomas

    That’s why I come here for any news thanks wololo your going to save people a lot of time and effort ive seen this with iPhone jailbreaks in the past

  3. Franky

    Also, people should follow YifanLu, TheZett, Davee, frwololo, and Hackinformer to name a few on twitter to keep up to date with Vita related hacks, but don’t bug them too much.

  4. fakers

    the fact that this is a scam is plain and obvious because they effectively claim it can enable hombrew on firmwares later than 3.61 and nobody can guarantee that, the firmware isn’t out yet and nobody but sony knows what will be in that firmware, also not to mention that for anyone watching reputable news channels they will know that 3.61 eliminated the HENkaku bug

  5. Seth

    Seems kind of obvious but i can understand people that don’t know any better would get fooled

  6. Foursth


  7. Breeze

    Or later :’)
    So bad , if someone would believe ?

  8. ZeroSbr

    Thank you for this article. Hopefully this will keep at least a few people from falling for scams like this.

  9. d4kc9

    Funny you point out plagiarism on those sites, when this site is all about breaking intellectual property. Don’t get me wrong I love pirating games.

    • Angry Dingus

      Except it doesn’t, and it’s not, and shut up you ***.

    • wololo

      We have a very strict policy again copyright infringement on this site. But ok, I get your point, I guess…

    • Zeroba

      I’d say this site is more about the love of tinkering and making something do something it can, but wasn’t intended to. The “piracy” is just a product of the user. For all they now, we all own and dump our own games and systems 😉

    • Rolenzo

      Well Wololo and the team post relevant information regarding exploits. How those are used are up to the user.

      He’s pretty transparent about everything he does. Give the guy a break.

  10. mookie mook

    First ***

  11. Ricochet90

    Thanks for the head’s up.

    Also that sites even looks like wololo.

  12. Darkcloud

    Will they plagiarize this article?

  13. SORBEX

    So first? I hate scammers and their surveys.

  14. gbg

    Some people may say, ‘isn’t it a little obvious?’, but it’s always good to remind people of the obvious from time to time. It’s easy to see complacency these days with regard to technology and today’s average user is not exactly ‘security conscious’.

    Thanks for grinding out the warnings.
    If people never fell for those scams there would actually be no need to harp on it. Fact remains, people do unfortunately fall for that ***.

  15. d4kc9

    Just kidding Wololo, this site has great intentions. Vita finally cracked!

  16. D0ucheB@g

    people like those are ***. and should be shot and killed just like PSN card gen makers.

  17. Sony

    Please stop hacking the vita the Fri is coming for you who hack our vita.

  18. Eddiejay

    It kinda *** me off that sony can abandon the vita, move all vita exclusives to the console, still sell vitas, and only update to patch hacks and people sill get touchy about piracy. The ps vita is the only handheld that deserves piracy. People shouldnt pay sony or its developers a dime for the ps vita. Its so sad the ps vita isnt anything but a ps4 controller these days or a handheld capable of playing crummy ports. Smh this patch is pathetic

  19. Douglas

    existed for release this new version ? It takes too long to emerge news to install emulators in 3.61 ?

  20. Douglas

    Unlock existed for 3.61 ?

  21. JustFuckmyshitupfam

    Will iy rver be possible to do it on 3.61? i was waiting for weeks for it to work but my brother uptaded it to play *** *** smarphone games like joypack joyride and now my ps vita became obsolete, i am infuriated cause i never tought there would be a full homebrew unlock such as the cfw on the PSP i live in *** Brazil so this *** costs around 150$ if not more due to taxes.

  22. Steven

    Hey Wololo, this page is stealing your posts, as you can see on this address: , is violating your administrator’s rights

  23. F.W

    God *** damnit. I updated to 3.61 because of ps4 portal. Is there anyway to change back? Even so, if I do change back, when ever I installed molecule (after powering off) it always made my vita slow down to a crawl. Any help with either?

  24. Andrea

    Thanks for the info! I’m new to the vita scene so I’m glad I ran across this and didn’t try to download any *** scam software.

  25. MoH

    hi can i play now hack game on ps vita 3.60 HENkaku

  26. laurent

    I just get scamed by this website that offer 3.60+ hack, with I stoped in time (did not complete the *** survey) and remove this rar archive quickly. Those guys are really son of ***. I would like to thank you for this article from France.

  27. Clayton Oliveira

    Congratulations for post!!!

  28. licorne

    je suis francais et jaimerai savoir comment installé vitashell sur ma ps vita 3.63

  29. tariq iqbal

    That piece of *** is a scam.
    I got the password for this file Passw0rdforzip12426165&*11
    It doesn’t work. Still says incorrect password.
    And i know that this thing is a scam

  30. sean