PS Vita: so wait, is it piracy or not?


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  1. Gaze says:

    We get it Wololo, you never visit /talk on your own website. Everyone that looks through threads regulalrly knows that was Pixelbutt’s dumped game from ages ago. You know, the guy that shows off his testkit and shares information and stuff from it.

    • Yamagushi says:

      He said in the first article that it was dumped by a devkit. What was unclear was if it was dumped DRM free or the DRM was later removed.

      • Gaze says:

        At the original place that game was uploaded, a dev kind of guy said the files were unencrypted meaning the game lacked at least one form of protection. It was my understanding it was completely drm-free since it was an unfinished game.

        You dare question an eavesdropping minority? Thanks for sharing your secrets guys.

  2. Yamagushi says:

    According to my buddy, his cousin knows a guy who’s Ex-GF was told by an eavesdropping Walmart clerk that you were discussing with someone a secret DRM stripper for Vita games. Admit it Wololo! The gig is up!

  3. SimpleFlyTrapper says:

    I enjoy reading the updates and it’s awesome that you take your time to write them.

  4. hmm says:

    People are just too quick to judge things

  5. K says:

    After reading this I believe there’s something going big under the scene. Maybe It’s just about another few weeks, since we already have a psvita kernel exploit from Henkaku.

  6. Fallenleader says:

    Secondly, the risk of a kernel exploit like this point blank implies that the system is pretty much nailed. Piracy is inevitable, DRM or not. all this means is all one has to do is figure out how to strip the DRM ad as we saw with the PS3 scene, it’s only a matter of time!

  7. Seth says:

    Wololo you’re doing a great job running this site for the record lol

    • giinova says:

      Yeah. Ignore these people who are *** because they clicked on an article from the comfort of their lazy chair like its digging ground with a shovel.

  8. Ricochet90 says:

    Great…another totally useless article.

    You can just edit the older article with something like:”Now I have this new good information bla bla bla” instead of doing another one you know wololo?

    What’s next? An article called “Can the DRM from the vita games be removed?” explaining that the vita has DRM and other things we all know?

    This is not meant to offend you or someone else,but I would like to see more thoughtful and interesting content on the website like in the old PSP days,yours is one of the few websites that I desactivate adblock for,I even click on the ads and buy from the referral links sometimes….please don’t make me regret that.

    • Yamagushi says:

      Literally seconds of your day wasted! It’s truly madness. You could have been off coaching a little league team, instead you’re hear reading an article that probably took you less time than it did to comment on. I mean clearly you’re time is extremely valuable. And while you attribute pennies a month in ad revenue no less, you’re practically a stockholder here. It’s good to see you sticking up for yourself and demanding retribution. Don’t worry though, a bunch of us are putting together a protest outside Wololo’s home chanting “What do we want?! Less content! When do we want it? In a time frame convenient to us!”. I invite you to join.

      • Ricochet90 says:

        I don’t demand anything,I’m just stating my opinion,that’s all.

        These few months we have seen a steady rise of useless articles in wololo (heck they even have pokemon go articles,see them by yourself) just to fill space when there are no new “hack” things available.

        Maybe this is an unpopular opinion,but I would like to see 1 or 2 good articles per week instead of 5 filler articles per day.

        If there are many new hacks or homebrews in a day….yay keep the articles flowing! but if there’s a slow week it’s fine just post the tutorial contest and nothing else,nothing happens nothing gets reported.

        As I said this is just my (unpopular) opinion,do with that what you want.

      • ZeroSbr says:

        But time is indeed precious, Yama. He has a valid point.

    • wololo says:

      Ricochet90, thanks for your support and your honest opinion. Long gone are the days where I could reply to all comments on the blog, but I still try to read them all. Lately, with almost 200 comments per day on the blog alone, it’s been tough. I’m replying to yours here because I want to confirm that I pay attention to that kind of constructive criticism.

      The blog has been up for 8 years now, and it has evolved from a blog about my homebrew game Wagic into a PSP homebrew/hacking site. Then into a Vita hacking site, and at some point we also added PS4, a bit of 3DS/Wii U /PS3, and also gaming/tech related articles. The site has evolved with my own passion and that of the many guest bloggers who have contributed to the site.

      In that process, we have sometimes reached new people who got interested in what we had to say, but we also lost some people. I’d be surprised if any of the people who came on to learn more about Wagic in 2008 are interested in HENkaku in 2016. Such is the life of this blog: it evolves with me, and it’s the reason it’s still alive 8 years after its creation, unlike many other scene sites that were popular in the days of the PSP scene. But because of that I sometimes lose readers in the process. The day I have to write stuff I’m not passionate about is the day the blog dies. And sometimes, the stuff I want to talk about is not aligned with what you guys expect. I take that into consideration, but it only comes second after my own goals.

      I strongly believe you are over-exagerating the numbers when you say we publish “5 filler articles per day”. I should know, I write the majority of the articles on this blog, and I’m having a hard time keeping up with my personal target of 1 article a day (I found that if I did not set such a goal for myself I quickly lost passion for writing).

      The recent HENkaku events are the exception, and I honestly hope people are not seeing the articles that I’ve been publishing over the past 2 weeks as “filler”. I actually dramatically filter out what I have to write about given my limited time. There are many homebrews and emulators that got released for the PS Vita over the past 10 days that I didn’t have the time to talk about, many tutorials that didn’t get written because of that.

      Specifically about this article, I received enough criticism about the other one (which was IMO essential news to publish on the blog) that I felt it warranted a rant on my end. There’s also stuff to read between the lines in here.

      Now, set aside the past two weeks: Yes, we’ve blogged numerous times about non-hack related stuff in the past, and we’ll keep doing it when we feel like it. The bloggers and myself sometimes want to write about gaming-related stuff that is not directly related to hacking. Also, as a reader of many other hack-related sites, I can tell I appreciate the occasional non-hack article when news on the hacking front are kind of low, it’s with that kind of mindset that I write non-hacking articles once in a while. As for the two articles about piracy today, I feel they both needed their own articles.

      So, thanks a lot for the feedback, I want to emphasize that I read and take into account the opinion of people who disagree with some of my choices for the blog. This includes your comment today, and others’ before. Sounds a bit like some corporate PR BS here, but I mean it.

      Note: If you really only want the hacking news, in theory clicking on the “security” category should get you exactly that. I hope this helps as a mitigation measure :/

      • Xyler says:

        It’s awesome that you reply like this.
        Keep up the good work because you really are the core of the community (along with a decent amount of hackers)

      • Yamagushi says:

        “I’d be surprised if any of the people who came on to learn more about Wagic in 2008 are interested in HENkaku in 2016.”

        We’re still here, We’re just old and frail now =P Seriously, you’re spot on about the site evolving over time, if it was still just Wagic then obviously I would have moved on a long time ago, but it’s stayed relevant through the years as it became a prominent site for PSP Homebrew/Hacking and eventually evolved again into a prominent site for Vita Homebrew/Hacking. You do a great job with this site, unlike PSP it’s a much more niche scene now but you keep at it and I appreciate having a site like this I’ve been able to follow over the years as a reliable source for this information. Thanks for the hard work and dedication you’ve given to this community, it’s a level that’s rivaled by very few.

      • Lambda says:

        Like Yamagushi said, we still here 🙂

      • TheRealSlimShady says:

        Now thats what only a blogger with a legacy and years of experience can write! Wololo ur best man, keep it up, dont let mud get beneath your feet while on the path of your goal.

  9. Byte says:

    Indeed, I guess the idea was to show off that it’s possible and whet the appetite for more. I’d be interested to know if someone can explain the situation by comparing to 3DS CFW. By patching signature checks, one can install eShop downloads packaged-as-a-.cia using e.g. FBI and play it. How far away are we technically from installing PSN downloads-packaged-as-a-vpk and playing it? Is it “just” decrypting the main executable that is the problem? By looking at PSN downloads first you dont have to worry about the whole cart authentication side of things.

  10. Johnnson223 says:

    everybody wants so much a vita game in henkaku , so everything you post that involves a piracy or a way for it , people just goes crazy, so to be clear, ir just a pre-game, its not a “official hacked game for henkaku” we have to wait a little more ;/

  11. mattsouce says:

    Everything that I learn about hacking I get it on this site.i am still learning.i trust u

  12. Psvitadev says:

    This game costs money. We can play it for free. Its piracy.

  13. Ac1d Gears says:

    It’s cool wololo, you’re just doing your job with keeping the blog updated. People just need to stop being butthurt over little things.

  14. atombone says:

    I’m returning to the vita scene (good timing I may add). Wololo was what I read during the psp days and who I came to for the vita. I’m not typically a very online social person but I wanted to thank wololo publicly for what you do and how you do it. Keep up the the hard work and dedication. It’s obviously payed off for you, you’re the go to vita guy in my book 🙂

  15. Mazzini18 says:

    Stop throwing **** on WOLOLO you guys!!! Don’t you know he’s a grown man? You guys should be grateful he keeps us always up to date with the latest news on the site!! Personally, is my favorite site. There is no reason for you guys to attack the man. He didn’t do anything bad. Yeah, he might know stuff he doesn’t (and can’t) tell us. But who cares!!

    Ps. If you want people are so afraid of piracy, just think about your homebrews and emulators, and leave the piracy scene alone. I personally found adventure time, packaged ad a. Vpk, to be an amazing release!! Never thought anything like that could actually be done!! It’s definitely a first! Piracy or not!

  16. PermaNulled says:

    Nice article, and I appreciate you looking at things from all angles from the beginning regardless of what knowledge you had at the time of writing….
    Us who are also technical know this means that if DRM were some how able to be stripped from retail games that they’d run out of the box.

  17. Josh says:

    All this apologizing and justifying from Wololo is pathetic. Just accept it, he likes to do a lot of click-bait because he needs the money… Stop all the insufferable drama.

  18. meysam25 says:

    guys i download that game and i playing its look fun

  19. Thiago says:


  20. Alex says:

    Hi. Does anyone know where failed vpk installation files are stored on the vita? like temp folders. tried adventure time and it failed to install and took some space on my memory card, and i can’t find the files and delete them. the product id PCSE00582
    does not show up anywhere, so not sure what to delete. does reinstalling the game after making enough free space remove the temp files as well? tnx. bye!

  21. Chdonga says:

    I’ve been pretty cynical with the Vita hacking scene. Maybe I was just unlucky, but it seemed like exploits would only ever pop up AFTER the exploit has been patched.

    When HENkaku was revealed I expected it to just be more ePSP junk.
    When everyone said homebrew was possible with the Vita’s hardware I never expected it to go beyond “hello-world.vpk”.
    With every hacker saying that piracy was impossible on the Vita, I just accepted it.

    I’ve never been happier to be so wrong!

  22. ACM says:

    Delete all the directories about NPWR07969 in /ur0:/user/00/trophy/
    Delete /db/trophy_local.db
    Run Trophy app,the leaking game log disappeared..

  23. pkmaximum says:

    So did this game never get released officially for Vita?

  24. Miguel says:

    Works on 3.30 and up, asked to update on my 3.18 vita, seems like a zelda clone.

  25. luis says:

    special exploits like HENkaku makes people loss their minds.

    Anyway, I tested adventure vpk vita game. I can confirm it works and does not ask for PSN access

  26. Gregar1000 says:

    Well it is his website… he can do what he wants with it. Eitherway I enjoyed the article, was a good read.

  27. Psdevkit. says:

    Keep the articles coming wololo. This site is the best go to site for vita and other stuff. I would be glad if you added htc vive/Rift articles. I believe VR is the next big thing. I have one complaint about articles.. For example somthing big happens…. You put the article up.. Then later something not so news worthy gets put up.. like amazon on sale stuff.. It would be nice if the important article stays on the first page at the top… And find a different area to put the amazon stuff elsewhere. My opinion. I will continue to visit this site daily. I love it.

  28. Neal C says:

    I check out wololo and hackinformer everyday. The material is free so i don’t understand why some people moan about things. If people ain’t happy then simple, don’t go on the website.

  29. Psxplay says:

    Thanks for the update, I have been reading this site for years so I can say I really appreciate it when you update us on a story, development, etc. We all don’t know the Devs, clever hacking people so keep up the good work. 😉

  30. Gowary says:

    Hi and first things first, let me thank wololo for all his work and efforts to keep the vita scene alive and doing a great job with this site.
    I am by no way knowledgeable tech-wise or un programming, even less a hacker. I don’t want to be a party-pooper here but if the game in question (Adventure time) is a drm-less game wouldn’t that mean any vita could run it even without the henkaku?

  31. Harryoke (piracy king) says:

    it is clearly piracy , dosnt matter if its an Atari 2600 rom or the latest ps4 game , your still breaking the law …. you naughty people .
    I myself am a pro piracy guy , without piracy or as i like to call it ,” Game History Preservation ” , most games now would be lost … without archiving these titles future generations would not be able to enjoy such wonders as E.T on 2600 or skool daze on zx spectrum . i welcome your trolling as i know this subject is very volatile.

  32. It’s a combination of things. Yes a big part of it is pracy but the rest is stuff like Sony being a business that loves to make money. Like they probably did some stuff with the mem cards to stop piracy, making it proprietary is actually a part of that but now they know they can charge what they want. That kind of thing A real gamer will buy any system and enjoy it, a tool will sit on a forum trying to bash one or the other!