Nintendo DS Emulator for PS Vita: DeSmuME-Vita updated to version 0.2


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  1. Ricochet90

    I really want to see a PSX and Dreamcast emulators for the vita,the dreamcast one is basically confirmed now since the creator of reicast wanted to port it.

    I also think that it would be possible to port PPSSPP too.

    • Me

      Well, no need for PPSSPP if they get the built in emulator working somehow

    • WolfRamiO

      vita dont have enough power for dreamcast

      • hans

        it has. On PSP is a dreamcast emu wich runs at 3fps. PS Vita have the power for playable emu

        • imslimshadyyesimtherealshadyallyouptherslimshadysarejustimitating

          it doesn’t have a high level graphics API, so unless someone makes a GL wrapper it’s not gonna happen

    • noRicono

      PSX and PPSSPP would probably both be pointless, time would be better off spent working on getting access to the official emulators. Since Henkaku ships with a kernel exploit I’d assume it’d be possible?

    • zzzz

      I wonder what’s stopping from psp emulation via henkaku.
      If i’m not wrong, henkaku enables loading any psp libraries unlike usual usermode exploits via savedata (which is limited to libraries that the game already loaded)
      Then what is blocking from running psp games?
      Or am I wrong in stating that “henkaku enables loading any psp libraries”?

  2. SeanP2500

    heck yeah exciting. Anyone got some DS roms to recommend for me? As a nintendo head from way back it was a system I had always wanted but couldn’t afford…

    • Ricochet90

      New super mario bros and mario kart come to my mind…

      Also metroid prime hunters.

    • Jack Attack

      All the Nintendo mainstays apply, of course, then:

      Trauma Center games
      Animal Crossing
      Phoenix Wright
      I’m fairly certain Chrono Triggers best version is the DS version for extras without slowdown
      The World Ends with You
      Retro Game Challenge
      Professor Layton
      Radiant Historia
      Art Style Games

      I mean really, just get them all and sort from there. There really are hundreds and hundreds of good games on the DS. It was the golden age for portable gaming and a perfect example to tell every defender of Mobile games to shut the F up about it being a decent platform because few games compare to the DS’ library despite a less than great spec.

    • SeanP2500

      Thank you Jack Attack. A gentleman and a scholar. Please people post findings on games that work well and games that don’t work well. I will post later tonight…

    • Yeah

      Pokemon Go I mean black


  3. Jan

    Short question: dies the Emulator run on the Vita Hardware or is it limited to the psp Hardware ?

  4. mikey201

    so can we get any rom, will they actually run ?

  5. SRK9

    When I Press the bubble it just exits after a few seconds of black screen. It also seems that the vpk package doesnt install data. how do I fix this?

  6. SakkeMO

    Very impressed, nice work.
    Tried Mario Kart DS, loads up just fine, menus scroll trough pretty fast and game itself runs “fine” full 7fps sound disabled. Keep up the good work!

  7. Sony

    Boo any android runs ds games perfect and hd so does pc we want vita games not this shet.

    • Clay Young

      Nothing is stopping you from developing your own workaround for Vita game encryption, so have at it.

    • isabel

      i want psp games not vita games (the ones that are not in the ps shot like FF crisis core). if you are a vita user you should support the system so we keep on getting games… jeez -.-

      • Gamr13

        Do not tell us what we should and shouldn’t do. All Vita users gave their support by buying the damn console and games for it, Sony have pretty much ditched the system, it’s dead. It’s up to us now to revive the *** thing.

    • Dunsparsley

      Yeah those systems run it well, but that took a lot of time and effort. The same time and effort that’s going into the Vita version which is still in early stages. If you’re so ungrateful for the fact that people are working on this, why bother commenting at all?

    • A Person

      are you in 3rd grade?

  8. Bob

    2 quick questions. Is the Vita touch screen working for the DS touch screen and how is this formatted on the screen, like can you press a button to switch from the top to bottom screen? Thanks.

  9. schwff

    [Hat of Wisdom]

  10. 'Eeey

    “Some games already run at 30fps with the right settings.” Such as? This is one of the major things I was anticipating, so I’m happy to see progress.

  11. mdmyzery

    Can roms be zip or nds file? I have tried zip, put it in ux0/data/desmume/. Just goes to black screen for a second then to home screen

  12. No fun :(

    Ok so I have no idea if anyone else is having a issue with it opening but I do.

    Every time I try and load it up it stays on a black screen the exits back to the launch screen.

  13. xstationbr

    my desmume when i try to open he closes abruptaly anyone here some tip for this bug?

  14. DoniStunts

    When i saw 30fps I was like 0.0 but the mario bros cant get past 8fps 🙁 hopefully they update it with more compatibility, GJ on the developers for realising this anyways.

  15. mdmyzery

    Your roms need to be nds file and not zip files. Figured this out yesterday. Just unzip your rom file

  16. mdmyzery

    Rom has to be nds file, not zip.

  17. TheMaskedCaper

    Tetris DS runs at around 24fps with sound.

  18. zagvot

    Now the question is what are those decent DS games that can run (not laggy) in this emulator?

    • Gamr13