How to: manually updating to PS Vita firmware 3.60

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  1. benm

    Hi! I’ve done the procedure for updating my PS vita from 3.61 to 3.60, but I faced an error which says: The latest version of the system software is already installed.
    Please I need help

  2. benmo

    …same problem:
    On my PC notification bar, the qcma says: The PSVita has requested an update check, sending embedded XML file (version 0.00)

  3. someuser

    Can I update a PCH-2000 unit (JP) to a 3.60 US firmware using this method?

  4. Jack

    The xml link isn’t a download, just goes to a page with the code, I’m not sure what i’m supposed to do with that.

  5. AryanSO

    Right click and select “Save Link As…” from the context menu

  6. EM

    step 6 2 links are both down 🙁

  7. Kackle

    Error C3-10698-4

  8. Stewart

    What’s the region code for a UK PS Vita?

    UK? GB? EU?

  9. Alex Clearwood

    Obviously once you have FW 3.61 it’ too late.. Forget about henkaku.. The only option left is VHBL!! So sad!!! It makes me want to buy a new vita system

    • AryanSO

      It’s probably a worthy purchase, if you were planning on playing games
      don’t know how much these things sell for though- aren’t they pretty cheap?

  10. InsertNameHere

    Can I use this to downgrade or will it brick my device?

  11. Hitesh

    Can 3.61 be downgraded to 3.60 guys. Or just only lower firmware can be updated. I have already tried so hard on 3.61. Help.

    • m

      This was written at the beginning of the tutorial – “Note that this tutorial is about upgrading to firmware 3.60, not downgrading to it! If you’ve installed firmware 3.61, you’re pretty much sc*** for now and will have to wait until a new hack is released for the PS Vita.”

      Which part did you not understand?