(PS Vita) How to: Download, install and use PSP Homebrews with VHBL on HENkaku


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  1. mattsouce

    I am here sorry for the trouble

  2. ethan

    I want to play psp games on vita not its homebrews 🙁

    • Yama

      You can. There’s a hack for it. Click on the store icon, when it opens search for whatever PSP game your interested in. Once you’re at the game you’re interested in. Theres a hidden icon somewhere on the main page that says “Buy Now”. Click on that, after you pay for it and it downloads, it’ll just magically run.

  3. Relics'InUrMom

    Does this mean we can use vhbl to play psp game isos and if not why not?what would make psp game not work as opposed to homebrews?

  4. Mazzini18

    Not true. With henkaku (vitshell), you can directly dump your homebrews In PSP/GAME. but it is true. I think, to make it work, you first don’t have to open vhbl, or else the PSP/GAME will be locked. You won’t be able to access it

    • wololo

      As I explain, the problem with doing this is that once inside vhbl, you can’t write in the game folder, which prevents some homebrews from doing their task (save, etc…). Read the article again, I tried to be clear on that point.

  5. Koku

    I tried Gpsp kai but it doesn’t work

    • Hamlock

      Try other versions of it. I downloaded three separate versions of it, one of them is bound to work.

  6. Johnnson223

    its not a big deal guys, watch some the zett videos, i have gpsp, cps2 cps1 neo geo and a bunch of things running on my vhbl, u just need a psp game, could be a demo, then use the vhbl things on the save data and in the game directory,, just follow this guide or watch some videos, if i could run vhbl and some vita homebrews, u can doit

  7. TesseractE

    So when is Wagic getting ported to Vita? 😀

  8. MeLikey718

    hmmm someone should post a video, a step by step BUT!!!!! NOT a video using a PS Vita that already has VHBL already installed…
    start fresh and no one will get lost, have any questions and can do it like nothing…

  9. zagvot

    and how bout the roms/iso in the psp?
    I think this article could lead to confusion since psp(hack) games aren’t playable at this time… or I am wrong…

  10. Charles Fasano

    I thought we weren’t using the .xyz site anymore. I thought we now use http://henkaku.me/ now.

  11. Daniel Stapp

    I have 2 ps vitas ones on the 3.36 ape escape with all the bells and whistles and the other I just installed the henkaku hack. I also have a ps tv I’ve been waiting for over a year to turn into an emulation station. I did manage to get the white list to work on my ps tv. With all the new things coming out for this 3.60 henkaku hopefully I can finally complete my goal of making the ps tv worth the $ I spent on it. Unlike the android tv I’ve been trying get rite. Thank u hacker scene

  12. Obin

    Please i need vhbl.vpk

    • klunkymutt

      Hey Obin,
      Installing the VHBL bubble really isn’t hard. Just follow the guide(It’s simple, and includes a video), and you should have VHBL in no time. Last I checked its impossible to install VHBL with a VPK. Sorry. If you need any help just ask.

  13. shikhar

    Vita update 3.61 out ! Just one day since Hentaku got ported to PS4 and Sony *** its pants.

  14. daniekk

    Firmware 3.61 just came out!!!

  15. f4

    How do you get QCMA working? Latest version only supports up to 3.30?

  16. Dmitry

    Oh, man! Thank U for wasting time, many thanks for all people who make it possible. Some staff to VHBL instal: i use demo psp game from psn. it was intstalled of 3.55 ofw, by the way 🙂 from molecular shell copy VBHL PBOOT to some_spes_number and copy VBHL00124 (? i think) to save folder then copy trick from vita to pc app data and save data, and copy it again from pc to vita twice. VHBL worked, BUT no any warning massage only white screen at start 😀

  17. TheTechDoc

    So…why at this point has no one tried to port EPSXe to vita for ps1 game emulation and/or ppsspp for psp emulation ? that wouldn’t require kernal exploits of any kind and would offer a solution for backups on 3.60…im sure it takes time and effort like nothing else but still seems like something to put effort into, rather than the same emulators we have seen since ps1 hacking days

  18. HeroicDumplin

    wololo pls write something bout the new firmware 3.61 vita.

  19. faz77

    My list of packages which run with VHBL without problems include:-
    psp2600, fuse, bookr, pspbeeb, pspdragon v1.0.3, pspti 99, vice, pspwrite,
    sdlbasic, hexen, frontier-1337, heretic, rott_shareware, dosbox_0.71

    I had a lockup with Dangerous Dungeons. Refering to YouTube, I opened the Vita (6 screws – watch out for
    the shoulder buttons and associated plastic bits). Face down, top edge towards you, carefully lift the top part of
    the case – only up to an angle of about 45 degrees. Any further and the rear touch pad connecter will lift off.
    With luck your Vita will power down. Wait 10 secs and reassembled. Reboot and reinstall HenKaku.
    Lastly remove tha offending app. Remember to remove memory card before opening case! If you lack the
    confidence to open the case, just wait. The Vita will eventually switch off .

  20. Sayash

    Wait, so I can’t play PSP games on the Vita yet, alongside Vita games?

  21. Carlos

    You can now run iso and cso in ps vita?

  22. TheThat

    VHBL is nice and all, but please port HENkaku for the 3.18 masterrace. Please!

  23. WHUT?!


  24. zagvot

    Please confirm this wololo.

  25. Paolo

    Sony prenented new firmware (dont update!) https://twitter.com/PSVFWBot
    Is it possible to update to 3.60 via pc (i have the 3.60 pup file)


    Can confirm, this is actually legitemate.

  27. Zeke

    Wow. So HENkaku is kinda over before it really took off? Depends on how many people stay on 3.60 and lose PSN/Store stuff really eh. Shame. It’s like Sony are determined to kill it off however possible, more committed to patching security holes than they ever were to making it a top-selling, triple A title toting handheld powerhouse.

  28. DabbySquid

    Thank you, that was actually incredibly helpful and simplified everything

  29. lollypop

    so vhtml emulator advertisement …
    my question is simple
    is there gonna be a
    -game-emulator in two parts pspemu and psvitaemu
    and more tools for qcma on a pc ?

  30. 36Chamber

    Hi, can someone say me please how to Play Multiplayer snes on PS TV???? I connect my controllers in PS TV and when I start every snes game, only one controller work.. please help me..

  31. garr

    how to install VHBL on Ps Vita 3.61? pls help

  32. jean-francois

    hello i cant open VHBL its said this applocation has expired and cannot be started (NP-9969-3) il tryed to find an answer on the web but nothing if someone can help me whit that every other step worked fine ty in advance !!!!