Release: VitaShell 0.7 by TheFloW


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14 Responses

  1. cloudeen says:


  2. mattsouce says:

    great work I installed it works great

  3. MAk says:

    Nice…. but need to off line shell

  4. First DUDE says:


  5. Saint says:

    Question, you STILL need to have Molecular Shell in your Vita even if you install this, right? Because as far as I get it, that’s the main part of Henkaku…or would it become useless if you install this and you can uninstall it?? Anyone knows :O?

    • Haruka says:

      HENkaku installs the Molecular Shell from network (under /pkg), so I think if you host the exploit yourself you should be able to substitute it with VitaShell.

      Check their github for the file structure.

      • Saint says:

        Thanks for that, but when I tried to see how to do that I realized I had NO IDEA of how to do it and I can’t find a tutorial for it anywhere ^_^

  6. awe215 says:

    any chance that the background ftp will allow us to pull decrypted save files without needed to edit things like the Major Tom method?

  7. Radhew says:

    Heads up, starting literally right just a couple seconds ago, HENkaku now installs Vitashell 0.7 instead. Confused the heck outta me for a second there, haha.

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