Release: EasyRPG Vita – RPG Maker 2k/2k3 player for PSVITA


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13 Responses

  1. Chris.beanz

    Just installed, seems to work like a charm! Thanks Rinnegatamante!

  2. bliss

    very very good I have many hentais RPG to play

  3. Name

    Call me when it runs YN, Y2, and .flow.

    • Terra

      I’m playing Yume Nikki on it right now.

      • yin

        I got it working too, but the filenames are all garbled and the sound is broken. I tried transferring the game using both FTP in MoleculeShell and QCMA, but both modes break all the filenames. Yume Nikki works just fine even with the broken filenames, but 2kki won’t work.

  4. Golgot

    Nice !! What about Rpg Maker Xp games ? I ‘d really like to play cherry tree high on my vita !

  5. dan

    When I transfer RPG folder to vita through molecularshell. error occur and disconnected after transfer about 400 files. After that I need to restart my vita to get connection running again. This happen to any of u?

    • Sky Yuki

      Yeah well I’m having “critical file transfer error” for all the japanese words game
      And mostly just doesn’t work

  6. Sky Yuki

    Someone would have to port Neko RPGXP Player
    It support RPG XP/VX/VA/MV

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