Now’s finally the right time to buy a PS TV


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  1. TheRealSlimShady


  2. Chdonga

    I’m glad I bought it when it was only 20 buckaroonies at Gamestop. Hopefully we get a PS1 eBoot loader so I can play some CTR with my bro.

  3. Mk333

    Damn, I’ll kill to get a black Vita TV (aka PSTV). In where I live it’s only in white.

  4. Anon

    I managed to grab a bundle with an 8GB card and PS3 controller for $50 last year. Henkaku made me revisit the cute device, I can’t wait until the scene matures. It’s going so fast right now, it’s incredible.

  5. Deaddude429

    I found the PS Tv Bundle for 29.99 at Wal-Mart and just the PS Tv for 19.99

  6. np3228

    dont you need to login to psn in order to use apps like netflix? If i buy a ps tv, and i do not update it to the next firmware, how im i gonna watch netflix?

  7. meysam25

    in my country it is to expensice
    if i found cheep one i will buy it

  8. Guilherme

    It’s cheaper than a PSP

  9. Dee8282

    Would I be able to play emulators with two players or one??

    • neoman4426

      Theoretically it should be possible to do two players, if I recall certain Vita official titles have couch co op on the TV, though it would be up to the devs of a given emulator to implement that if possible, not sure how popular it would be to implement

    • neoman4426

      The skogaby CATSFC-libretro-vita port is the first one (other than the official PS1 emulator) I’ve seen that has support, not sure if links in the comments are okay, but it’s currently the top post on the vitahacks sub

    • neoman4426

      Apparently two player support for the TV has been added to all cores that make sense on the latest nightly

  10. changorro

    when i buy it one year ago, in amazon, i think would be a good deal, later, when i can`t use my mexican ps account, i think, well maybe later, .. and that doesnt happen,now, thanks to henkaku we have the possibility to use it how it was suposed to be used, (later jeje, i dont own a memory card yet)

  11. Altus

    Maybe someone could port ppsspp as an homebrew if the vita hardware can handle it. and i still wish someone could try to get this one there:

  12. Towa

    So I have a PSTV running 3.20 with TN-V installed. Is there any reason to upgrade it to 3.60 HENkaku?

    any benefits at all to this? I know that if I update I will obviously lose psp & ps1 backups for the system, which would be unfortunate, but what exactly would I be gaining?

    Thanks in advance for anyone kind enough to reply.

    • Modasucka

      You gain nothing. Cuz you are nothing.

    • #PWNS0NY

      Snes9xVita runs at 444mhz speed as well as the old psp 333mhz, I also noticed less screen tearing in emulators with Henkaku over Tn-v11. I updated from 3.36 with TN-V on both my Vita Slim and PS TV to 3.60 and I’m not feeling bad at all, sure I lost psp for now but I have a feeling this is the firmware to be on like when the PS3 was on 3.55. Now I’d like to see Movian get ported to Vita!

  13. Is there anywhere that I can get one for a good price in the UK? Amazon charges £49.99 Used and £60 New.

    • nospam

      My local ASDA is selling PSTVs for £29.99, I suspect they’re trying to liquidate the stock as they’ve not available online. Check the clearance racks near the electronics/entertainment aisle in your local.

    • hans

      Import it from germany Here its used: 30€ New:40€
      I got meine from an amazon reseller for 35€ New 2 month ago.
      The new ones have Fw 3.20 Used up to 3.60 so it dosent matter for henkaku

      • BlumCoLe

        Woooot, 30,-€ for one?

        There are several sales (not now) which give you the chance to catch a pstv for only 15,-€ 🙂 (got 2 PSTVs in november 2015)

  14. Riled

    Okay, why would i want to play *** 480p games on my 48″ plasma tv?

  15. Wrozen

    Bought one!

  16. Byte

    I just wish they had a similar deal on (so to avoid the cross-border “fee”).

  17. Gr8n00d1e

    Bought one on eBay for Cad$39.99 with a extra PS3 Controller.

  18. DJPlace

    just need PS1 games to work on here damn it…