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HENkaku updated: adds Dynarec support + “something nice”


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  1. jrigdon

    i’m hoping for internal memory support pretty soon as i don’t have an sd at the moment

    • np3228

      get a 4gb, they’re like 8 dollars.

      • OTFree

        SD’s don’t work. You need Sony’s proprietary cards, which aren’t cheap.

        • Adam Fox

          As expensive as Vita Memory cards are…..Sony could push out an official update that allows for Piracy and people would get all excited until they realize how much memory cards are…Sony would be making MEGA PROFIT off those Memory Cards with pirates wanting 64GB cards…you know Sony can’t be paying more than $5 for the 64GB chips in those…GameStop is selling 64GB ones for $130…..heck, if they used standard MicroSd, you could get a 64GB for $25 at WalMart

          • Andre_4000

            “Clicks like button”

          • drd7of14

            But what’s the read/write speed? The equivalent quality MicroSD for VITA is actually more around that of class 8, if I remember correctly. The price is more comparable, though yes the VITA Mem is still more expensive. I just wish we got more 3rd party PSV cards to bring down the price via market competition.

          • Dillon

            I wouldn’t be surprised that if piracy happens on the vita then someone will be making an adapter with the outer shell of a vita memory card but with a slot for a micro SD card to be placed inside. I know that if I had the know how I sure would be .

          • joeyjojoswackytrip

            i got super lucky and got a card from japan for like $50-$60 a few years back. expensive but no ragerts

          • ROD

            Agreed. And as Dillon said, I believe the Vita’s hacking scene can help the Vita community.
            You see, the Cobra Blackfin could have done so much more for us if the developer had put his efforts into developing an alternative to sony’s memory card. All we want is a faster card, we already know it’s going to be expensive. But the price has not paid up to our expectations: the infamous C2-12828 error code popus up every so often if you are just like me, and take a few screenshots while you’re gaming. Backing up a game like Helldivers (3GB+) takes more than 15 minutes (Using QCMA). In other words you pay an overexpensive price to get a class-2 “micro sd” card because sony is just that greedy son of a b.
            Has the Blackfin Team came up with an alternative to the standard Vita memory card, I’d get that in a heart bit. Oh well.

  2. Drakonko

    Cannot display the page. (C2-14921-7) after restart.

  3. Dbzgts

    Nice job

  4. enigma85

    First.. maybe

  5. TheRealSlimShady

    Kernel access!!
    found it under the hood! 😀
    finally I’m pirating games………….
    man ur a ***, i was kidding :p

  6. Izzy

    First can’t wait for kernel and cfw

  7. Seth

    It’s about time the vita got some momentum (bash on Sony guys not all the wonderful hardworking devs out there) i sure do envy your guys’ talents xP

  8. Baby

    There’s a typo on the word power. Am pumped to know whats under the hood 🙂

  9. Fadi5555

    OMG that’s great news indeed. actually dynarec recompiler is extremely important to enhancing emulators speed. Even though on ios when we have JIT (dynarec) we get fullspeed on emulators even ppsspp. But without it the speed will cut under the half and lagging as well. So that’s why dynarec is important. I hope we will get ppsspp and dolphin emu support on vita. It will be AMAZING. Just imagine to play resident evil 4 on vita through dolphin emu. or even psp games in hd. Because vita had original psp cpu inside it so that’s why psp games looks not clear and so pixelated as well.
    In the meantime the project (retroarch) should add psx core on vita version because of dynarec is here.

  10. s0ny

    hey guys missed out on the scene the last few months, is it worth now to upgrade my 3.15 i believe it was psvita to this new firmware for possible cfw or should i still stay on my old fw?

  11. Shikhar

    I hope Henkaku leads to great things such as multiple region accounts, use of region free dlc, custom memory card slots development so as to abandon Sony’s overpriced cards,etc. And ofc a fully fledged open CFW like that of PSP. Thanks to developers.

    • BenoitRen

      I’m hoping for everything you listed except CFW (don’t want piracy until the device doesn’t get new games). It sucks to not be able to use DLC for a game you bought the North American version of because there’s no physical European release.

      • Jack Attack

        If piracy mattered the Vita wouldn’t have been abandoned and ignored. If piracy mattered the PS3 wouldn’t have almost sank Sony. If piracy mattered, it would matter.


      • I want to be able to run backups just so that I can still buy games even when there’s another update out. Spoofing the store is a bit too much of a pain in the *** imo.

  12. James

    Is there a point to updating my vita if I’m at TNV? Losing that psp hack seems hard to do…

    • DayVeeBoi

      I imagine someone will port it to 3.18 eventually. I am holding out for a bit myself, even though I have been waiting for a gfood reason to update so I can play some newer games as well. The developers said that it will be possible to port it to earlier firmwares, with some effort.

  13. ClayFighter

    Vita is on fire! I just can’t join the HENkaku train hype yet because of my tnv stuff, but this is unprecedented indeed, haven’t seen too much vita love since its launch, I am pretty fraking sure once we get some way to run epsp on HENkaku then nobody will stop the bomb.

  14. Dean

    Wonder if I would get banned for doing this and if this could be done on the PS TV.

  15. Diego

    I can Update Henkaku now?

  16. Zeke

    Any emu speed increases will help the end user experience and uptake/interest of HENkaku, which gives devs reasons to continue with it, and so on. I can imagine within a few months RetroArch having it in their Vita build cores, maybe even expand the amount of cores available to the Vita – I would like to see a faster, more playable GBA emu, for example. Yeah sure it’ll emulate perfectly on the 3DS but the games just look and feel better on the Vita, probably because the form factor is closest to the original (non-SP) Advance handheld and ofc OLED screen goodness.