Cobra Black Fin announce price discount, lite version, and upcoming updates


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16 Responses

  1. Tony says:

    I really hope they never find a way to get it working on 3.60… we really do not need support to be dropped from the devs that still make great games for the vita, if they knew the system they make games for was been pirated they would move on to the ps4 or something else and not bother anymore.

    • Jim says:

      If that’s the case why do developers continue making games for the 3ds despite the fact that it’s completely broken into at this point? Exactly. And let’s be honest here, any game that’s due to come out for vita will still come out regardless because it’s not as if they’re expecting huge sales anyway since the console is barely selling as is.

    • BzzBzzTheTruthTeller says:

      You Tony are hypocrite and uninformed.

  2. Rayo says:

    No one cares about this ***. This thing failed before the launch day.

  3. Jesse says:

    I say pirate away. The length of time it took for a piracy “solution” was so long that the piracy haters have no “piracy killed the Vita” slogan to run around saying like they did with the DC and PSP (which sold loads anyway). It isn’t like the Vita is getting a ton of attention from most developers. I’m kind of irritated by Sony’s lack of support and marketing of this great “legacy” system.

    Who knows what it could have been had we had some really decent AAA titles, like a GTA V spinoff. The PSP alone had 3 great GTA games. This console is missing so many franchises it hurts. To me the console is already fairly dead and it will suffer the same fate it had without piracy (maybe even better with piracy). I think very few Vita owners even notice these hacking developments anyway.

  4. Franky says:

    I hope this motivates people on the scene right now to open the Vita up even more. It’s just going to be the 3DS with Gateway like solutions all over again. People, the good people of course, just want to bring homebrew to the masses, but attempting to keep piracy from becoming a thing is rather pointless and unfortunately just encourages greedy people to step forward and again, do what Gateway did. I don’t support piracy, but I do support opening up a device you paid money for. Consoles these days are like restricted computers you’re paying a large premium for.

    Since there’s no substantial proof that piracy affects sales, I personally think it’s a pointless battle to fight unless it’s just the principle of a software dev to prevent piracy since they wouldn’t want their hardwork stolen either or, because GeoHot and several other Xbone scene people have shown how unkind the legal teams these corporations have can be.

  5. MarSprite says:

    I can’t think of any vita games I would play(if I could pirate) but do not already own. It would be nifty if I didn’t need to have my vita cartridges with me, but Blackfin isn’t really a solution for that.

    • benoitb says:

      Same for me. The nice point of piracy would be to play translated japanese games for me.
      For games available on cartridges in Europe, I’d rather buy them. After a while or used they cost 20 to 25€. If you count the price of memory on Vita (about 5€ for the 2-4 GB it would require to store the pirated game), it means what 15-20 € for the game itself ?

      • DayVeeBoi says:

        Whats the difference to you between buying a used game, or pirating? The devs still arent getting anything.I am not taking a stance on piracy, but the biggest moral issue for most people (myself included) is that the developers aren’t getting paid. So with that in mind, whats the difference to you personally? I am just looking for another perspective on this.

  6. enigma85 says:

    I haven’t even seen any place shipping these things, how can you come out with a new version when there isn’t an old one out in the public?

  7. Franky says:

    Did my comment get deleted?

  8. stoniest says:

    The article says “They hinted at things they might be doing now that HENkaku has been released”
    Just wondering if one of those things include sh@tting their pants because theier dongle will be useless soon.
    If anyone believes the release of HENkaku was not atleast in part to counter the black fin, please message me. I would like some of what your smoking.

    • Wyrick says:

      Agreed, I think the release of HENkaku really caught them with their pants down, and like the article states “Too little, Too late” for blackfin.

  9. joakin says:

    In my country, we call it: “te los vas a comer con patatas” cobra.

  10. Pirate Cat says:

    They better push this out the door quick if they want to sell any units.

  11. gunblade says:

    i wana get it fr my vita.