HENkaku-webserver released: Host HENkaku locally, launch without internet access


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42 Responses

  1. gaaara

    coool i go to install this on my android phone !!!! ty 🙂

    • Jens

      HENkaku-webserver is a windows-only thing for now as it relies on the ASP.Net Framework. HENkaku-webserver requires Windows, IIS server + asp.net 4.0, and Fiddler 4.

    • PSP4Life

      Its windows only ….

      • MBA

        From what I’m seeing, this is just a webserver, not really sure why so many steps, since one of them is to get the HTML + Payload. Just insert it into any local webserver like xampp for windows, or others that are obviously available on Android and maybe even iOS, and run

    • Jim

      learn to read next time.

    • rdtufxy

      have you ever even used computer

  2. DuderificDudemeister

    Dude, seriously, just dude…what else is there to say?

  3. z80

    as x binary is often updated(not only offsets) is this app little uselles for now i think 🙂

  4. Asurey Xcelsium

    Man, seeing all these programs being released so fast makes me hyped.
    There is hope for Vita CFW <3
    Keep it up!

  5. lawthugg

    A video tutorial would be nice

  6. edmike

    can you please make a step by step tutorial about this is so difficult for me please thankyou very much

    • meysam25

      install iis on your windows
      repire .net 4
      copy install file in to your iis the folder name shuld be something like wwwroot
      i dont thing fiddler will be needed but for any reason if you need fiddler , it is papular program and there is so many tuoterial for that
      you should enter your computer ip and port in the proxy section in the vita and you shuld redirect the the request for website orginal website with request of your local website
      soory about my bad english

  7. Franky

    Do I download iisexpress amd64? I’m confused.

  8. Vegito

    This is too complicated… need a video tutorial for this.

  9. Giskard

    Hi guys!
    Right now im on 3.16 if im not wrong. Im there because I use TNV, can I manually update later to 3.6 if theres a kernel exploit? Im asking this if sony patches this and theres a new 3.61

    • Lawthugg

      should be able to use the manual update with server spoof

    • Seth

      If you’re asking if you can download it and save it to your pc to do offline later then yes you can do that. If you have a vita with tnv that would be a smart thing to do since tnv isn’t compatible after fw 3.52 iirc.

  10. emulation

    well I got IIS on Windows 10… but I have not idea how to put the 2 apps there. someone can help us?

  11. demmianx

    not work with xammp?

  12. SeanP2500

    ok sean likes this idea. I had originally worried what if this mysterious site goes down and this is the answer very cool. Ok so that leaves it up to psp demos. That’s going to be the big deal here I imagine and if you can actually run Henkaku locally well then who cares right? Since a replacement for VHBL is inbound?

  13. Biff627

    To be honest, I just put my ps vita in sleep mode 😐 Airplane mode and when it boots up its already exploited xD

  14. Rikku

    Just goto go.henkaku.com spoof your pc browser, grab the payload.js and some javascript file, save as html
    put your file in local webserver XAMPP in vita just access the the local webserver and VIOLA nothing special
    if we can load html file trought vita WITHOUT PC that is SPECIAL!

    • meetpatty

      It is a little more involved than that, a unique payload needs to be generated each time the exploit is run.

  15. damian ibarra

    why doesnt this site allow me to access the forums anymore?also why is it that the admin cant make a faq for owners of vita with tn-v,like what we should do, what if we dont update now and later update to 3.60 once 3.61 is released,wont it be impossible to install henkaku by then since vita wont alllow internet on old fw?

  16. DronicX

    I did everything right however, the browser keeps crashing after I press OK when it show the alert that says “Welcome to HENkaku!” Also, sometimes the page restarts before showing the alert.

  17. lnioipa;

    Ok the Site is down

  18. NakedFaerie

    Where do I get the payload from?
    The instructions dont say anything about downloading the payload.