PS Vita 3.60 Hack: Everything you can do with HENkaku so far


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  1. z2

    hoping for a vita cart dumper and back-up loader..and maybe PSP too..

  2. Zukoso

    And the million dollar question for people who haven’t decided to update yet is when will Sony release a new FW to patch HENkaku? How many days till that? 🙁

    • TheRealSlimShady

      Bro it could be anytime soon…….maybe in a few seconds, or in a few minutes, or in a few hours, or in a few days, or in a few months, or in a few years, or till judgement day!!! 😀
      Or just before you die! 🙂
      Well, my advice (which many would agree on) is you should update your vita and update it while you can, you don’t get another chance, life is no nintendo game, just update it and stick with the new home-brews 🙂

    • simbin

      You can always download PS4/PS3/Vita OFW files before they update and install them manually later. The real question is when will the exploit be released to the public so we can selfhost.

  3. Den

    Hi. What can I run with Retroarch emulator?
    It is possible to launch PSX, N64 or PSP games?

    Is there a hope on Dreamcast emulator in future?

    • hans

      1. Retroarch is an Emulater collection
      2. it will possible with the next ePSP kexploit
      3. There is a extrem buggy DC emulater for PSP. PS Vita
      should be able to run it on a good performence, if somebody port it

  4. meysam25


  5. kosuke

    just wanted to ask if anyone thought it was funny that on the psp the lateset firmware was 2.60 and thats when everything broke lose and now the vita fw everything is opening up

  6. Nobody

    What about package installer?

  7. satan89

    “The Zett stated that VHBL will be redundant in the coming weeks, which seems to imply a bigger release could be out soon for the ePSP and HENkaku.”
    I think what the Z meant here (wild guess) is that in future there might be a VHBL.vpk like package that may be easier to install as a bubble, than the current method. Is this possible?

  8. Lionheartwolf

    FFX is probably a bad example if you wanted to confirm that you modified the gamesave data. It was crossplay and we were already able to modify the data with bruteforce on PS3. Is there another game that confirmed this?

  9. zebular

    So one problem with this, there currently isn’t any mirrors of the website for the hack… when the website goes down so is the hack :/

  10. Haruka

    It is not velf file in the vpk, but fself. Different formats.

  11. Xtremegamer

    Just want to know,

    Is PS1 perfectly emulated ?

    If so is it worth upgrading to 3.60 from 1.80 ?


    • Seth

      PS1 games are only perfectly emulated at full speed with sound on tnv as far as I’m aware. If you wanna play PS1 backups iso’s whatever you wanna call them then you should stay where you are. Pretty sure you can do almost as much/more (cuz the ePSP) on your fw than if you were to update then install henkaku. Currently ePSP is not compatible passed fw 3.52. I say stay where you are for now until more progress is made.

      • Zeron

        Wrong. TN-V Psone emulator is “bad.” The one in 3.20? I think is the best one and the other one is the app.db way. Those two are the best ones.

  12. Vegeta Ali

    I’m thinking that in the future we are soon gonna see complete vita hack to play vita backups but even before that I’m hoping they gonna release an other kernel exploit for PSP games and I’m really excited for that.

  13. mikey

    can someone tell me where to put the sega genesis roms, they dont show up for me in the emulator

  14. Firion

    “(Molecule team have stated they’ve taken steps to reduce the risk of piracy through their platform”

    Did they? I thought they said they didn’t specifically enable it but wouldn’t do anything to try and stop it either.

    • Crzo

      There was another statement after that, that most devs usually react as a “not my problem” when their tools are used to unlock piracy, that they believed they could do better and that even if piracy cant be stopped they would make it harder on people to use these tools for piracy purposes…

      Which totally points HENkaku us something WAY bigger than just a userland exploit.

  15. Vegas


    • Kax

      After installed the MolecularShell just press Select in the new app.
      That will allow you to make a FTP to your PC within your connection.

      Sorry bad English.

  16. Koku

    The main feature I want is to easily have my PSP game backups easily be playable and have bubbles for them on Vita XMB without needing a base game.

  17. sandjeev

    i had the same question. i downloaded filezilla . on my ps vita , i go to network , status , than ip adres . i type ip adres on filezilla but can not connect. please help me ( sorry 4 bad english)



  19. Robert

    Exelent i can’t wait to have everything that comes with henkaku

  20. FreeMyVita

    Why is anyone concerned about piracy on what has been considered a Legacy Platform for almost a year now? Big corps can complain about Emu’s all they want and resell it to us in 60$ POS, but does anyone still develop or even spend time behind the platform except the brilliant minds behind HENkaku? What’s the next big AAA tittle scheduled for release? C’mon now. Open up the platform and let us use it they way the Tech was intended to perform. D*** you Sony!

    • AW

      Because the Vita is still getting localizations of games that many people are interested in. NISA, IFI, Atlus, Aksys and XSEED are still releasing games, some of them exclusives. They’re not AAA’s but they have a niche.