HENkaku: are you at risk of a ban?


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  1. TheRealSlimShady says:

    oops, they gonna see everyones playing mgba and vhbl……and ban us! 🙁

  2. 11770 says:

    i have yet to actually find a vpk version of mgba -.- the dl takes me to the velf

  3. Snake says:

    You should all enable airplane mode while playing emulators and stuff. You are asking to be banned. My main question is: i unlocked my psvita using my main psn account. i have 50 games bought. If i login in another account on psvita to use the hacks, my main account is still on sony Shooting crosshairs? Will sony know i did this? Im very afraid now that what i have done… I dont want to lose my original games.

  4. jl093 says:

    And according to that tweet, it would be a console ban 🙁

  5. simbin says:

    Not worth it

  6. Bunnymod says:

    I mentioned it in the forums and I wanted to also post it here I believe it works like the ps3 situation, as the same thing could happen there. I had tested it back before I got YLOD and I got my friend to check what it was showing on his friendslist and he told me it said I was on Multiman. STILL never got banned.

    Here is an example: http://www.ps3hax.net/attachment.php?attachmentid=6755

    • Bunnymod says:

      Not to say you should go online with that stuff and risk it either, simply do as the article says and just go offline when using those apps.

  7. Olivier says:

    I still had the 100-in-1 ePSP ‘hack’ on it, and i think firmware 3.01, just enabled wifi, signed in, updated it to 3.60, installed HENkaku, installed QuakeVita, DoomVita & Snex9xVita, and played some of all 3 while signed in hehe. Signed out now, and set it to not sign in automatically (again, had that on earlier firmware/’hack’ too)

    In all honesty i don’t really care what Sony decides to do, they totally dropped the ball on what could’ve been an amazing handheld. I’ve bought a few games for the Vita but really ive mostly played psp games on it, because there are just so much more good ones. I guess i didn’t help Sony (Vita profit wise) by grabbing those games from the actual umd’s i have, but im not a *** thats buying the same games twice.

    And im sorta done with (below-the-tv) consoles again now that the whole ‘plug & play’ aspect of them is gone (used to be a console would just let you instantly play a game, now its installations and patches galore, neat for ironing out bugs i guess, but *** for the experience) and they’re basically (outdated & overpriced) pc’s anyway these days, i have a playstation account with a shitton of saves and throphys, but really, whatever, all i want(ed) is to finally be able to fully enjoy this Vita (read; run homebrew outside of the PSP emu) so if i just ‘wasted’ my account for that, its cool, totally worth it.

  8. Pirate Cat says:

    Sony is sure to push some ‘stability improvements’ in a new firmware, making this moot. Anyone that cares about the possibility of a ban should stay offline like with any hack.

  9. ZeroSbr says:

    Why should Sony even care about the Vita anymore? They’ve stopped making first party games for it, no one is mentioning it at expos or other events, and even if they do give support at this point, it will only be for fixing exploits and taking features away. Their idea of Vita support is taking away support for things, and consumers don’t want that.

    • BenoitRen says:

      They care because it’s still their IP, and most importantly, still does well in Japan.

      • DeChief says:

        It doesn’t do well in Japan either though, that’s the thing. It’s not doing well anywhere.

        • fnnoobee says:

          ***. It’s doing well in Japan. Not doing as well as the 3DS well, but it’s doing well. I just got back from Okinawa, Japan where I was there for 3 years and PS Vitas still sell. They still sell many games in the electronics store. It’s doing well in Japan because they treat it like a true companion to the PS4 (you know, like how it was supposed to be here) but not just with remote play. Almost every title has a PS4 version and a PS Vita version with cross-save support on most and even cross-play support on many titles. When I came here to US, can’t hardly find any physical games being sold in stores any more, to include many Gamestops, but Vita games in almost every game and electronics store in Japan.

  10. MyLegGuy says:

    Shouldn’t something like the Tubehax DNS for the 3ds fix the risks?
    The Tubehax DNS is a DNS server thing that blocks all of Nintendo’s servers.

    There wouldn’t be a problem about not being able to access Sony’s servers after an update has been launched because we wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway.

  11. Terra says:

    Just download a free vita game from the PSN store and use molecularShell to copy the free game’s param.sfo over your homebrew’s param.sfo. After a reboot, your homebrew will share a name and title id with the free game. I tested this with molecularShell and Crazy Market, and my PS4 reports I’m playing Crazy Market, and even shows the game icon, while I’m in molecularShell. And this should work for any combination of real game and homebrew.

  12. thethat says:

    Fuuuuuk i got banned

    • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

      Proof? so far we havent had screenshots only word of mouth.

      • jl093 says:

        Actually I just saw on twitter, that the guy who twitted about he being banned was joking

        • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

          I figured as much the only times ive seen $0ny ban anyone is when people are pirating games and are seen online with them or manipulating online games/properties. (If you are going to pirate in the near future NEVER use your accounts that’s common knowledge)

  13. Jack Attack says:

    If they ban my account all that means is I won’t ever use Sony again. No big lost there since the PS4 sucks for exclusives right now and the Vita is dead with no new handhelds ever to come again.

    If they ban my Vita then all that means is when/if Piracy is able, I’ll “pirate” the games back that I purchased and Sony won’t get any new money from the systems I do have still.

    It’s pretty simple, really. IT wouldn’t make sense to issue ANY bans because hardware you failed with and no longer support, outside of further insulting your paying customers, is being used for homebrew and maybe only ever homebrew. Save the bans for confirmed piracy, that would make sense at least.

    But since it wouldn’t make any sense I’m sure Sony will do it, and I’m fine with it. GoG is the only platform I am supporting with gutso. If it ever gets AAA week 1 releases every other place better look out. Consumer rights and DRM-free is the future.

    • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

      If you’re going to pirate games when the time comes dont use your main account because that is what sony is waiting for.

  14. Virgil says:

    When i finished reading this i just made a new PSN account just te be safe, Dont want to get banned again… Those PS3 Hacking times were fun but had it downsides. Cant risk 100s of euros of content and game splitting with one of my friends

    • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

      The reason you got banned is because you were manipulation online lol not for running VHBL or emulators. but seeing that you are the type to use online game hacks i wouldnt use your main account either.

      • Virgil says:

        Dont judge people like that, Ive been in the playstation hacking scene since the psp time and after in the early days when geohot was still working on it. I did not hack any game online ever. My secondary ps3 got banned for whatever reason. did not use my primary account for any of those things. Just giving people heads up

  15. deathblade200 says:

    whats so hard about turning off your internet while playing games that MIGHT get you banned? none of that stuff is actually saved into the feed unless you are stupid and stay online

    • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

      well unless you’re in this for pure piracy it would be smart to play on a spoof acc anyway because playlogs are a thing.

      • deathblade200 says:

        Vita does not have a play log unlike 3DS and even in 3DS case it was only used for personal usage not to send to nintendo to spy on you….as I said as long as you stay offline nothing you play is saved in any type of log

        • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

          well this is definitely interesting than? (http://prntscr.com/bzz6oo) “Other people recommend to delete your playlog (ur0:user/xx/shell/playlog) and reboot the vita after being done playing with HENkaku. “

          • deathblade200 says:

            its paranoia this file could be anything. the trophies for example are a form of playlog but only keeps track of games with trophies so you would never see homebrew/psp games/any other unofficial stuff in the log and until somebody actually opens the files and proves its anything more then paranoia I won’t worry about it

  16. ch3wt0ys says:

    How about those fake trophies?

  17. Monokuma says:

    Maybe the molecular shell and homebrew names should be spoofed.

    • Lion_Amongst_Men says:

      lol like what? show everything as on playstation store or friendslist?

      • Monokuma says:

        Yeah or a popular game name such as Persona 4 Golden. Or better yet, disable the friend list and/or logs from being created. It should possible if a kernel hack gets released.

  18. Mustapha ali says:

    Just download a free vita game from the PSN store and use molecularShell to copy the free game’s param.sfo over your homebrew’s param.sfo. After a reboot, your homebrew will share a name and title id with the free game. I tested this with molecularShell and Crazy Market, and my PS4 reports I’m playing Crazy Market, and even shows the game icon, while I’m in molecularShell. And this should work for any combination of real game and homebrew.

  19. NORATIO says:

    What is the point of Vita hacking? What trophies for what games? There are no games to pirate except Uncharted. That is the only game that you would backup to play again on a copy. Stupid Japanese RPG where you tell something to do that thing ?? Come on. i am talking about interraction, real games. Where are Gran Turismo, NHL, NFL, Tony Hawks, Sonic, Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat X, Resident Evil or new series like The Division, Last OF Us.. Okay,, you get the point, thr good games. The real games that we all want to play. The Vita scece is not dead; it never existed, My Vita never been used except for emulators on epsp. That’s the sad truth. A nice handheld that never had the advertisement it deserved. Sony always been *** has advertisement until PS4(ever there). The major problem of the vita is that is should have been a handheld console with the ability to make phone calls/txt and it wouls have been a killer machine. But sony tries to sell you an experia(a what?) and a game console… Instead or taking the market. They have really bad maketers. Plus, a hack shoukd have been developped in the first year of the Vita and more people would have bought the console just because of this. Because all of us can afford a game or two a year, the rest will always be pirated or we would never play it, so whats the point? Put publicities in games, and no matter if people pay or not, revenues will flows. The google strategy works.

  20. fregoli says:

    i don’t know why i’m on the screenshot.
    i’ m a regular user of the ps vita.
    i don’t know what is HENkaku…
    i cannot understand why my nickname can be on a paper which is about ban…
    i have ounaf71 in my list friends. it seems that is the writer of the article (maybe i’m wrong),
    but it seems that the sreenshot come from him. an explanation ?

  21. broody says:

    Damm it, I actually used my psn account, I erased everything after reading this article. I definitely don’t like to use pirated games but I feel disappointed by the lack of ps1 games that we were promised. The UI and apps are terrible, I mean if Sony wants us to actually use the VITA and ditch other devices we need better apps, calendar, contacts, browser, notes, email, ftp, a better chat system maybe WhatsApp, and mobile phone capabilities, I don’t care if it’s cumbersome to use I’m ready to ditch my iPhone, I don’t really play games with it except Clash Of Clans, I don’t make a lot of phone calls, I use it mainly for SMS email calendar notes and internet surfing. I don’t think Sony is trying hard enought with the Vita. What about a shared API with the PS4 with PS2 compatibility in mind so developers can port PS2 games to both consoles.

  22. Dillweed says:

    The developer intends to avoid piracy? To heck with them.

  23. Jamx says:

    Signing out from profile definitely looks safe, unless if I want to visit PS Store or playing any online legit games, I would log back in and will not play HENKaku powered homebrews.

  24. Salar says:

    I hope that ban never comes , because it will be my third one ban , and i havent done anything wrong , no hack , no trophy hack , i just played one simple free game online with my PS3 and BAM CONSOLE AND ACCOUNT BAN , wonder if that happens to vita 🙁

  25. Cameron says:

    Meh, I used numerous apps and emulators back on Ps3 3.55 and I was never banned for it, they came up in your playing feed

  26. Fweep says:


  27. Nixing says:

    I think that I will be using my PS Vita offline. What do you use of Vita’s online features? Hacking online on a console is just ridiculous. Competitive console gaming is pure absurd but don’t let me go there. I don’t think that SONY will ban you if you are using emulators, it does not make any sense in my eyes but that is MY opinion. Past events show us that everything like online hacking/cheating results in a harsh ban of your beloved PSN account.

    Do not cheat online with your PS console!

  28. spritefun says:

    I have used my hacked PS3 online with the same account ever since the ps3 dongles were released, my console is yet to be banned and I’ve even accidentally loaded multiman whilst online. Maybe I am the exception, but I am not worried.

  29. Austin says:

    Why not just make an app or something that fakes the game displayed online. Like freedom wars or something. Or when you launch henkaku it disables PSN.

  30. Magus Power says:

    Ehat we really need is a full kernel exploit like on 3ds with support for something like red nand.
    Dual nand would be the best thing ever so we can have both.
    I can see this happ3ning in the near future.

  31. krisk77 says:

    Nah, emulators and homebrew won’t get you banned. I did the same like Cameron and used a *** ton of exploits on my 3.55 ps3 back in the day.

    However, within days of booting an early leaked COD and the playing online on release, I was banned almost instantly. If, like they say, game modding, trophies and anything other related to their online functionality that is comprimised, will get you banned but having homebrew apps and logs saved won’t imo.

  32. Byte says:

    What we need is some Chinese company to step up and create micro-sd-to-VITA-memorycard adapters (Chinese so they won’t have to care about any Sony patents). I haven’t seen VITA memory cards for sale in regular Canadian stores (Walmart, Best Buy, EBGames=gamestop in the US) forever, and when I did, they were full price or near-full-price (like $5 or $10 off, nothing spectacular).

    • Dmaskell92 says:

      Impossible due to encryption on the cards. Sony made proprietary memory on purpose because they are money thirsty vampires.

  33. DJPlace says:

    if sony bans me for playing emulators then there *** TARDS!! been with PSN for six years and a plus member for six years and yet if they ban me… i’m going flip some ***. sorry i should of guessed better… guess it’s time to get a PS TV.

  34. Anon says:

    I would only worry if this is NOT patched in the nearest future firmware update AND allows piracy (which it currently isn’t and it’s unclear whether it ever will). If it is patched, everyone not using the latest firmware is effectively banned from PSN already, so there’s not that much Sony can take away from them in the first place.
    As for me, I’ve downloaded 3.60 PUPs to my PC just to be safe if I want to update from my current 3.18. And if I do, I’ll back up PSN-related files (act.dat, app.db, trophies and registry), switch a memcard for another one, format the Vita and use whatever HENkaku stiff is worth using before restoring the account-related stuff offline.

    • isabel says:

      would you update if there where new games coming out that you want to play?

      • Anon says:

        Why do you think I’m still on 3.18?
        The hypothetical game of my dreams requiring FW3.61+ (or even 3.30+) must be a Vita exclusive and have a physical version for me to even consider updating, and I’d rather buy another Vita, most likely used, than update 3.18 and lose PSP and PS1 games support.

        I’m waiting for HENkaku to be backported to 3.18 (which it likely will unless we somehow get kernel exploits for both PSP and PS1 games on 3.60). I’m not ready to give up two best game libraries Vita currently has on it just yet.

  35. Luke says:

    It just occured to me that if Sony does launch the banhammer on people using HENKAKU, they’d be wiping out a big chunk of loyal Vita users.

  36. Silica says:

    they likeley will just release a firmware update blocking it.
    if you firmware spoof you might get banned. i assume they wont bother..

  37. TechTomas says:

    You can eliminate risk of being banned completly heres my post http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=116&t=46301

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