HENkaku: how to fix error C2-12828-1


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68 Responses

  1. Kasherick

    just bricked my vita, R.I.P lmao cant get it to work

  2. Kasherick

    Weird, i took out my game and turned off my bluetooth and it worked.

  3. Seth

    Idk how tf you could screw up installing henkaku.. just sayin

  4. DabbySquid

    I restarted then deleted cookies and it worked, thank you Wololo, and of course to who ever worked on Henkaku!

  5. gahhhsga

    Removing the cartridge did it for me.


    I´ve rebooted then cleaned browser cookies, and it worked!

  7. Tommy

    I followed all the step, and its still seem doesnt work for me

  8. Tommy

    hahaha, I turn off my bluetooth, and removed the games, and it’s finnally work now

  9. ash

    Aktivat Fly Mod on vita and it fix it

  10. Kakikukakukaku

    when the error popped out, i close the pop up, and press back on the browser, then it works.

  11. Gabriel Perez

    Rebuilding my database solves it, thanks!

  12. Mitchell

    Deleted cookies after accepting the message for the error code. Having done it while it was reloading the download link made it work instantly. Thanks for the heads up about the cookies.

  13. hans

    disconnect damn usb cable!

  14. Anon

    For me it works sometimes if you stop loading the page(touching x next to the url) while the browser loads the go.henkaku.xyz

  15. moji

    hiiiiii . when i want dump backup game with maidumptool . my vita reboot how do i fix it . what is problem?
    please help me.

  16. Likimin

    Forget the error alert dialog. I pressed “OK” several times, then it went to Henkaku installation & got success. I have done this twice.
    Hope it helps some cases.

  17. MickeyRat

    Lol i dont know what to say …. this error shows up … but it let me to instal after the error loading screen the molecularShell ***…. Is ok ?! I see the app works fine is something wrong if i installedet with this error ?! I need to reinstall ?! Or this is it

  18. Digger

    Strange I got the error and tried again and got the same error.
    Than magically molecular shell installed haha.

  19. Deleted cookies, turned off bluetooth, restarted the console, took a couple of tries but it worked out in the end without having to format my entire memory card.