Tutorial: Installing a VHBL Custom Bubble via HENkaku on Firmware 3.60!

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  1. verifyfx

    so you will not be able to access that UNO game anymore? (or until we restore the original backup?)

  2. TayTay

    Followed all the steps but when I launch I get a white screen and then an error code c1-2858-3

  3. Rocky

    Er…I’m a tad confused here. Me PS Vita has the 3.60 firmware. So, if I follow all these steps, is it actually going to be possible to run PS One ISOS or other emulators as well? Also, if I log out of me PSN account and turn off the auto-update setting, do I still got the risk of having me account banned?

  4. Dmitry

    A-ha-ha look your 00124VHBL folder must be in SAVEDTA!!! not in save/game_num_code when copy save data to vita it named VHBL not your game_number

  5. Dmitry

    Can’t add anyone emulator. Which folder it is? in VHBL config it ms0:/PSP/VHBL !? where is it?

  6. Rocky

    Got another issue, how the heck do I put a PSP game on my Vita? They say u must be already using this emulatcalled 101 in 1 or sth like that. Watched dozens of videos and all of them come up with the same stuff. My PS Vita has nothing like that. Please help me, I’d really appreciate it

  7. wintoni

    Please how can I install ps vita games from vhbl?

  8. Dmitry

    U can’t run PSP, only emulators and homebrew. How to install that? i’ll try ux0:/psp/game/UCJS101040001/install.zip 🙂 in save data folder /VHBL/

  9. f4

    Vita 3.61 incoming! 🙁

  10. wailam

    After watching the video and refer to the email method, I still don’t know how to install it. Does it need a PSP game on vita cause I sure don’t have one.

  11. pzh

    Help! How the heck can i add a random psp game to my vita if i can’t access the playstation store.Plus downloading the game from pc browser doesn’t work also

  12. Nymphetamine


    just wondering if we dont have any game save in psvita like UNO what the other possible method. I found some game in website this UNO NPEH00020 you are referring at but I have error when I tried to sync in Qcma is says that game must name in my account… hope and someone can give us shot how to install vhbl custom bubble be kind. coz most people are not intelligent. Thank you

  13. Joseph Kuninzkavich

    same problem here, i can´t download a psp game cause 3.61 is out and if you don’t update, you just can´t reach the PS store. What can i do? help pls 🙁

  14. SuperMidgit

    I have HENkaku installed but when I connect my Vita to my PC using CMA, CMA says I have to update. I’ve tried OpenCMA and it still does not work. I’ve also tried QCMA and that gives me the error “could not connect to the PC”. I was wondering what I should do or if there are any other alternative ways to connecting my Vita to my PC.

  15. aprendiz_82

    Hi, i have 3.60 version, when i try to use Content manager i got a message: you must update your system software, what can i do….?

  16. shaheryar

    I get a white screen and then an error code c1-2858-3 please help me

  17. dota

    what if i dont have a psp game??

  18. propesito

    it works well in the EU store from spain with a free about learning english LOL, i will be waiting for the tutorial about installing homebrew with molecularshell

  19. Frank

    I don’t understand. My PSP game (Pool Hall Pro) is renamed VHBL yes but do not have the VHBL icon. The savegame is copied at the right place like the video but when I open VHBL, it just opens a black screen then goes back to PS VIta menu. I must a forgotten a step somewhere.

  20. Alex

    I´m not able to find a single psp demo on US psn servers, maybe sony got rid of them, which demo do you use ?

  21. Paolo

    the psp minis are good for this?

  22. Zorro

    I have everything done except the save data. When I attempt to copy it over, the VHBL file isn’t there. Any ideas?

  23. Kami

    hi evrybady
    I have a problem is the same as Dmitry
    Program Send The message Error “could’nt find any homebrew in ms0:/PSP/VHBL/”
    how do you fix it ?

  24. inf

    Why redundant?

  25. steve

    Vita 3.60 I got the VHBL bubble but when you go into it the start is still listed as pool hall pro. I have copied the program to the vita twice, I have copied the pboot making sure it was there and I have copied the vhbl using qcma. When I start the program it goes to a black screen then back to the vita screen, any suggestions.

  26. splin

    About VHBL01234 , I found new way to copy if you cannot found at PS save data via OpenCMA.
    1.Launch molecularShell and connect to FTP and upload VHBL01234 to ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDAT/ .
    2.Copy VHBL01234 from PSVITA to PC.
    3.Copy VHBL01234 from PC to PSVITA.
    4.Close molecularShell and launch VHBL from Bubble.

  27. splin

    updated typo.
    ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDAT/ -> ux0:pspemu/PSP/SAVEDATA/


    I would like to install ARK on 3.60!

  29. Nunya

    Could have actually made a proper tutorial instead of “substitute this for that”. Seems kinda lazy.

  30. Carlos Mayberry

    as of now i dont have any psp games to complete this step and im running henkaku, is there any way to get a psp game on here without updating?

    • total_s1n

      This problem also bothers me – can I obtain a PSP Game without updating?

      • Peter

        Yes, download ARK-2 or EPSP Bubble Loader.
        This will help trick your ps vita to think that you have a psp game, you must install it through vitashell since molecularshell will not open vpk files for some reason.
        You can install vitashell 1.51 using molecularshell, only vvpk it will install, anything else gets stuck at 0%

  31. bocekk

    i did the installation correctly. but its just name changed and the same image with the game. and when i opened it shuts down.

  32. GTB

    will this work with 3.63? have my doubts.

  33. Vartan

    I’m on 3.63….am I doomed?

  34. Antony

    Hello , Question ,. work this on 3.61 ? On PSP VIta ? Thx..

  35. wosiu

    I have henkaku (FW 3.60) and Adrenaline
    How can I install the VHBL from Henkaku without access to the PSN? Maybe someone will make a demo of PSP games for PS Vita available, which I will be able to upgrade to VHBL?