Tutorial: Installing a VHBL Custom Bubble via HENkaku on Firmware 3.60!

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  1. Bret says:

    Can this be used to set up ark or other custom bubbles?

  2. Franky says:

    Nice, but like you said if we’re patient we’ll get a much better alternative in the coming weeks? Thanks for this though.

  3. Daipop says:

    Can we install “the flow” psone loader bubbles? or we need kexploit for this?

  4. Marc says:

    If i install a custom bubble with sne9x, i dont need to activate HENkaku after a restart of my psv anymore right?

  5. Aranor says:

    If I have PS Vita FW 3.30 then I must wait for this Hen (wait for support) ? Or if I update my PS Vita to 3.60 then I have eCFW back to work in 3.60 ? NUMBLAST is my exploit game and I have big troubles with rejuvenate (very rare working). I wish PSP isos and homebrew with Hen in my PS Vita but how?

  6. AlexxLopaztico02 says:

    Well… One question. HENkaku can make a PSP emu? But not load backups, like a eCFW?

  7. Jefphar says:

    Will this substitute pkg installer? Can we install pkg files this. This can access ux0 right?

  8. Xyrem says:

    I could install the vhbl bubble without trouble, but when I’m launching my homebrew (gpsp kai v3.4) via the vhbl folder like I would do on PSP, it returns to vita’s menu. Any tip about this Z ?

  9. Naridar says:

    I have QCMA installed and it doesn’t work after updating to 3.60, should I uninstall it? (and how should I go about doing that?)

  10. kingknuts says:

    Your random psp game is UNO 😉 Very nice in the 2.02 days 😀

  11. noob says:

    how do you install homebrews into the app? sorry, this is my first time using VHLB on the vita 🙁

    • Daipop says:

      Open Henkaku, enter to /ux0 directory, createa folder there for your apps, press select to enter FTP and transfer VPKs packets to that folder via FileZilla or another FTP clients in your PC, close the FTP in Henkaku and navigate to your homebrew folder, install your VPKs, each of them will appear in your screen as a custom Bubble.

      If you need additional files for your homebrew like roms or wads transfer them via FTP to the corresponding folder in /ux0

  12. percy says:

    If it has no kernel access to play psx and psp iso its like an ordinary vhbl. which is useless.

  13. Hede says:

    Has vhbl already installed it before? I have never install vhbl before. I am only Henkaku user. Does it work on me?

  14. Val says:

    Is there any way to get pass the ftp connection process to upload the vhbl files on the vita, having trouble with a uni proxy to connect to the vita -_-‘

  15. 5ham5h33r says:

    Where is ms0:/PSP/VHBL located in PS Vita?

  16. mikey says:

    wait so what does vhbl actually do ?

  17. koku says:

    since this is a native exploit, does anything think there will possibly be a way to custom bubbles without the use of PSP game cloning.
    just be i guess signed through the liveshell
    i know there has been a lot of info dumped from the vita so maybe we could get native bubbles for our homebrew in the future

  18. lollypop says:

    can this be done without cma ftp only ?
    do i use apache for removing eboot and adding pboot
    or i only add pboot and save in savesdir ?

  19. lollypop says:

    do i reconstruct database and re- henkaku ?

  20. wthan says:

    what does this actually do…? I’m not understand this, it sounds like this is to boot PSP games directly on the desktop but PSP ISO’s don’t work…so what does?

    • Coldus says:

      It’s VHBL, it is used to load HOMEBREWS —> apps made by people (not companies), get some emulators running (n64, nes, etc).. To get a psp game running you would need a kernel exploit… We don’t have one yet

  21. kosuke says:

    ok i installed vhbl and im trying to run ddr that i have from old psp days but i tried just ftp over and it didnt work so i zip it into INSTALL.ZIP and it didnt work so im not sure what to do i know i can add more songs once it installs but al but i cant get it to work and this is all i want to do

    • asdf says:

      PSP and PS1 games supposedly don’t work with this

      • Kosuke says:

        its homebrew i know it should be able to run it i got the anime style v4 i can link it but it should run it its the style where it has 2 folder the same just on has % but when you click ethier folder it freezes

  22. Aymeric says:

    Someone can load a rom in gPSP (gba emulator), because i tried 2 gpsp eboot and it freeze vhbl when i try to load a rom. But no problem with picodrive

  23. XEvil says:

    Is it possible now to use cwcheats on vita games?

  24. ErnieBall says:

    Thanks for this usefull tutorial Z.
    Great thing about the VHBL bubble is, that it still works after rebbot, without having to reinstall HENKAKU

  25. psvitatv says:

    somebody got a usefull whitelist thats not lower as what i allready had ? from 7.500 to 50 and still no reistance burning skies psvitatv

  26. ESpS says:

    Ill stay with 3.52… until something new (maybe PSP iso support)

  27. kurio says:

    Should I upgrade my vita from 3.53 to do this? Or there is a better option in this fw?

    • krisk77 says:

      I updated from 3.51. Really easy to do and now have VHBL working too. Just a matter of time until PSP kernel exploit is done for it. I have 3 PSPs on CFW already so no big deal to wait.

      Having native vita homebrew is great, so I recommend people to update to 3.60

  28. SakkeMO says:

    I have been waiting this for years now, finally i can rock some SNES games on my vita, i missed every exploit since my vita has been collecting dust for so long. Awesome and yes definitely gonna donate.

  29. thomas says:

    after install vhbl , can you open ps store? pls ans me.

  30. Ash says:

    the question is : how do you have AR-k on 3.60??!!! :///

  31. Me says:

    I created (★Package Installer) icon bubble, but don´t start!

  32. Rohit says:

    Bro I am sorry if its too basic, but how do you setup that ftp thing to see all those vita folers on pc?

  33. Val says:

    Any hope of doing anything with HENkaku that doesn’t require the ftp connection ?

  34. Makan says:

    why i cant see vhbl save file from my vita to copy it?
    I am sure it is in my pssavedata folder!!!
    I stucked on this last step

  35. LOL says:

    I got no PSP games, so i have to buy a random one?

  36. victor says:

    hola ise todo al pie de y letra pero al momento de cargar me dice (error couldn”t find any homebrew in ms0: / PSP / VHBL) revise y todo esta como lo dice el tuto pero nada.

  37. Trinidad says:

    I did the installation, but it doesn’t show the vhbl bubble (only the tittle but it still shows my psp game image (pool hall pro)) and when i click to start it, it closes back.

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