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How to: Re-enable PSTV Whitelist on 3.60 PS Vita, with HENkaku


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  1. Rufis_

    Hey wololo, I’d like to become a blogger, i have much time and I can speak english quite well.
    Contact me via email.

    • Lol

      much time
      very blog

      • CPUzX

        “Contact me via email.” I’m so important.

        • Radhew

          “We are constantly looking for guest bloggers at wololo.net. If you like to write, and have a strong interest in the console hacking scene, contact me either WITH A COMMENT HERE, or in a PM on /talk!”

          Geez, chill out, guys. He’s just trying to volunteer.

          • Sleetui

            Yeah, that’s understandable. But when you see someone that types “i have much time and I can speak english quite well”. It’s concerning.

  2. Stanislav

    Yesss Vita hack full!!Yesss yesss yesss!!!!!

  3. Radhew

    HENkaku works on PSTV? I’m ecstatic that the whitelist is back! Looks like it’s time to shell out 30 bucks and finally play some of these Vita games.

  4. makak1984

    It works only with game cards ? or it will also work with games transfered by CMA?

  5. Cheska

    Vita Cartridges are working great! The only problem comes from digital downloads now. For instance, Neptunia 1 and Tetris are not working. Any ideas on what it would take to get those off the white list, or are digital downloads hard coded to not work maybe?

    • What did you use to install the new whitelist hack? The app or the tutorial? I haven’t tried the HENkaku whitelist hack myself yet, but I’ve used a PSTV with 3.52 and the Mr.Gas whitelist hack enabled and it worked fine for digital Vita games. Crazy Market booted up without issue, although I recently downloaded the PSP game Crazy Taxi Fare Wars. While it worked on my Vita handheld, it didn’t work on the PSTV.

  6. makak1984

    I have question about PS TV if it accepts USB Gamepads same as PS3 ?

  7. Daipop

    That only left us with PSOne Loader Left, Do you know if the Bubble method of the flow for psone works with henkaku? or does it need kexploit to work?

  8. Samurai

    I have a Vita on 3.36, and a PS TV on 3.60, which is currently used to run the hack. It’s cool how whitelist is now supported again, it’s like a little bonus for TV users.

  9. thedarkone

    I was trying this with Soul Sacrifice and it doesn’t seem to work… Perhaps there’s something I’m doing wrong?

  10. rxtom

    hoy a bout a “how to install custom themes with henkaku ” ? :v

  11. Smaddy123

    So will the whitelist hack ever work with downloaded digital titles?

  12. Dash Krimson

    Yup, works for me. Playing Dangan Ronpa 1 on my UK PSTV right now, in fact.

    Thank you so much for this, pixelbutts and the guys at Molecule. You’ve all breathed new life into my Vita!

  13. NekketsuCL

    Please help… I have a loop with my tv in HENkaku website http://go.henkaku.xyz and appears all time an error page…! I update for nothing this ***

    • Karl

      I have the same issue I think it is because I don’t have a memory card? I’m going to get one today

      All I get is the error loop and never installs the exploit

  14. NoobHacker

    Also you can achieve The whitelist via app.db, going to ur0/shell/app.db, and make the new file sending to your email via calendar app. Finally apply the app.db metod to your file and put the new file in ur0/shell/ after has deleted the old file

  15. Gamingcrayon

    Will this work for hyperdimension neptunia re; birth 1?

  16. Sebastien

    I have Tetris PS Vita but the game non working even whit the whitelist.
    Is there a possibility that the game works?

    GAME PCSB 00642

  17. jp

    Guys, FIFA15 and Fat Princess won’t work on PSTV even with the Whitelisted… is there any way to make FIFA15 work on PSTV ?

  18. Charles Fasano

    Will this allow us to run PSOne games that the PSTV will refuse to install/run?

  19. Cse69

    Dont work little big planet digital edition please enable or fix thanks

  20. thedarkone

    For those who don’t wanna do this everytime you reboot your psvita tv here is a faster method…


    • Charles Fasano

      That is the same file that is listed at the top of this page.

    • pikachuk

      the best method is the app.db, it’s definitive (unless a database reconstruction) and it launches more titles than the list_launch_vita.dat

      • Catmato

        Does the app.db method work over FTP or do you still have to do the email thing? I tried it over ftp but I’m not sure if it’s just the game that doesn’t work. Game is Dengeki Bunko Climax.

      • Charles Fasano

        Where can I find information on what to modify? I can’t find any information what to modify in the app.db file.

  21. vitadoom

    asking for a tutorial howto install vitadoom with working wads :p lol

  22. scipion

    How do you install an app through Henkoku? to use the whitelister, thks

  23. Sc0rpi0

    Everytime I try to install HENkaku it hard resets my PStv.
    I tried clearing my cookies, I’ve rebuild my database, I tried multiple Wi-Fi connections it doesnt seems to work 🙁
    Any ideas ?

    Thanks 🙂

  24. Immortallix

    I used this and got neptunia PP to run but the touch control emulation doesn’t work. Can anyone help me out?

  25. NeoToriyama

    For people that keep having restarts on their PSTV, you have to have memory card. The exploit won’t install without one. (Internal Memory DOES NOT WORK)

  26. XcomProject

    This Does NOT work with downloaded Games from PSN, Wanted to play Xcom and Sid Revolution 2 but cant 🙁 any ideas?

    • Charles Fasano

      I am playing Ratchet and Clank Collection which is a PSN only game on my PSTV. There are some games that still don’t work. I am using whitelister1_1.vpk.

  27. Mr.Wilder

    Doesn’t work, tried Love Live, still won’t start up. This whitelist is rubbish.

  28. SergeEXE

    Works with Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles (which I’ve never understood why it wasn’t Whitelisted already) but not for the Vita version of Gal*Gun Double Peace (which does work with the analog sticks and buttons, no touchscreen necessary)

  29. Stranger