HENkaku: How to prepare for the release today


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  1. Hamlock says:

    Eh, I’m still waiting for the day the Sony stops patching all this. I really want to be able to play all PSP games and use emulators on my Vita, as long as this doesn’t extend to piracy of Vita games, I’ll keep supporting it.

    • Jack Attack says:

      Lack of piracy sure didn’t save the Vita. Piracy is a scapegoat for fools. There’s no reason to be afraid of it or avoid it! Open this *** up so the real fans and suckers that got hornswaggled by Sony can take FULL advantage of this glorious piece of hardware!!!

      • BenoitRen says:

        However, piracy did doom the PSP. Why do you think the last five years have been so barren for releases? It’s a good thing that there was no piracy on the PS Vita, or releases would have stopped long ago.

        • iracema says:

          At least in Brasil, piracy was what saved many consoles. PS2 still sells today for people who dont have money to buy original games. NDS too, it may have “killed” the psp, but it had even more piracy, and xbox 360 won the war against ps3, also because it was easier to pirate, and the same to PS1 vs N64 Im not saying that piracy is a good thing, but it can save a console where i live.

  2. Firion says:

    Okay so I know this is early but I really wanna know, does this allow full access to the vita or is it just homebrew? And if it is just homebrew, could it lead to more?

    BTW I’m still super excited even if it is just homebrew, just want to know what to expect

    • FiveScissors475 says:

      “It does not let you install or run Vita “backups”, warez, or any pirated content. It does not disable any DRM features. It does not let you decrypt encrypted games. Here’s my stance on this: I do not care one way or the other about piracy. I do not judge people who do pirate. I will not act as the police for pirates. However, I will personally not write any tools that aid in piracy. It is my choice just as it is the pirate’s choice to steal content.” – Yifan Lu. In other words, they most likely could have allowed piracy, but chose not to.

  3. Rider says:

    Is it possible to update to 3.60 after Sony release the fix-update?

  4. Speedy says:

    Should I delete my tnv bubble before the update to 3.60

  5. ChrisHighwind says:

    They say that Rejuvenate homebrew is compatible with henkaku, but at the same time, they note that the homebrew needs to be vpk when most Rejuvenate homebrew is velf. So I’m getting mixed messages.

  6. simbin says:

    Why not download 3.60 patch to PC then wait and see if it’s worth upgrading? They say they aren’t doing this and they’re making it harder to do that – sounds to me like they CAN’T.

  7. Guy says:

    Not really a good idea to announce what time it exactly releases. This happened a while back with the GEN firmware on PSP and because everyone was hitting F5 on the site constantly on release, it caused server crashes and even admins had a hard time getting in.

  8. Enigma Hall says:

    If we can do the manual update by the qcma trick I dont see the need for the low fw users update now until it really work.

  9. asdasdasd says:

    Another useless PSM+

  10. Chuck Norris says:

    Now the ‘developers’ can use all the processing Vita Homebrew? I wanted to ppsspp running on my Vita!

  11. FreeMyVita says:

    Wouldn’t it be easier to port a PSP EMU or Epsp to HENkaku? It would save time if it is really the future of the Vita scene and is as powerful as reported? It should be able to run something like PPSSPP? Or would it be easier to port HENkaku to a previous FW?

  12. ModChipGuy says:

    What’s the word with PlayStation TV compatibility?

  13. FreeMyVita says:

    Any chance we might see a DS EMU again???

  14. will it run PS1 games with perfect sound & no lag?

    • Rolenzo says:

      No, but with this entrypoint, who knows what it will lead to!

      I’m gonna beat Doom as soon as it’s released!

  15. Aryetis says:

    Even if sony decide to patch HENkaku. It will still be possible for users on a lower firmware to update to the specific 3.60 firmware using qcma, and messing around the xml files won’t it ?

  16. Vero says:

    Will I have access to the PSP part of the filesystem so I can delete all my ARK homebrew and PSP isos?
    Or do I need to delete them right now before updating to 3.60?

  17. Hating4am says:

    If you have the PS Vita Slim and only the 1gb built-in memory but no memory card, will that be okay?

  18. hatingaw3er says:

    NES emulator link is broken

  19. Nik says:

    Nice job! , I am 3,18 waiting for a port, anyways I will stay tuned, congrats to everybody behind this release, thanx.

  20. Handy Fox says:

    Nope, sound like a trap. I’ll stick to the old way if its available and if it’s not, I’m good with my epsp and it’s homebrew. I’ll see how it goes in a couple of years.

  21. OllieD says:

    Really looking forward to this release.

  22. OllieD says:

    Stupid vita not loading comments.

  23. kosuke says:

    all i wanna do is play ddr on the vita again is there a way to do that

  24. carefullydoesit says:

    If you have seen some of te bullcrap the ps3 scebe has pulled you wouldnt update until you knew 100% that the hack will work and thats its not a hoax!

    • kosuke says:

      i mean for it to be written on here it has to be a pretty good one tho i was only on 2.57 so it wasnt a big deal for me but i seen stuff like this for the ios icloud stuff as well. But like i said i just wanna run ddr again

  25. Franky says:

    I hope running files over network becomes a thing. The biggest thing that’ll never change about the Vita is the awful memory cards. I don’t think any community magic will ever change them unless micro SD can work, but you would have to brutalize your Vita.

  26. enigma85 says:

    As long as the team trying to block kernel access this should help the scene. Someone with enough knowledge could break the barrier so we can get some cfw. I want to change the god awful bubble ui and get me some psone/PSP games that Sony won’t let me transfer to my vita. Damn you Sony!! I need my spyro fix!! (Oh and PSP fan translations)

  27. kosuke says:

    well we have 20 mins

  28. bigJOHN says:

    Oh man… EXCITING TIMES!!! Just when everyone was about to lose hope.

    BTW, thanks for the heads up in the email Wololo. I may have missed the drop on this one if it wasn’t for that.
    And yes, I am actually up at 4am. LoL

    I am sure someone is going to be upset that they did not get to post “First!”
    well guess what…. TOO BAD. 😀

    • bigJOHN says:

      Nevermind. I have no idea why I loaded this page 3 friggin times and it did not show any comments at all. I thought that was extremely weird. Oh well. Disregard that last bit of my post. LoL

    • kosuke says:

      i would have missed it to sorta i heard of it from the wololo site just didnt think it was this soon but thanks for the email which i happen to be up at 2am

  29. sowhat says:

    wait until something intresting happens ( the hombrews are not really a reason), no need to rush

  30. bigJOHN says:

    Yeah I think I am going to hold off for a bit and see what comes of this.
    I have a Vita on 3.30 and PSTV on 3.20
    You could get another PSTV for cheap to play around with it on, but I do not want to risk my Vita yet.

    Thing with this hack is that it requires you to visit the release page and install it on every boot.
    So if you have to install it again when you power on/off your console, I do not see the reason to rush and upgrade to 3.60.
    Let’s wait and see if this opens any new doors.

  31. wonre says:

    just worked for me on a brand new vita with 8gb sd
    i have the vitashell thing running
    i will see if i can port tactic miner to it

  32. bigJOHN says:

    Where’s a Hangouts live stream video group chat when you need it?
    I WANNA sEE dammit! @_@

  33. wonre says:

    no clue where to find vita-pack-vpk…

    %.vpk: eboot.bin
    vita-mksfoex -s TITLE_ID=$(TITLE_ID) “$(TARGET)” param.sfo
    vita-pack-vpk -s param.sfo -b eboot.bin $@

  34. marconi says:

    how can i run PSP iso/csv games on this? i want to play my old psp games instead of my psp go.

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