HENkaku FAQ – What to expect from HENkaku, the PS Vita 3.60 exploit?


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  1. 3M says:

    can we play the vpk games that we installed without activating henkaku first after a reboot?

  2. toomanylegos says:

    so i installed henkaku and used FTP to transfer Snes9xVITA.vpk. But when i try to install the emulator i get the C2-12828-1 error and it displays: Saved Core File Succeeded.
    ux0:data/psp2core- 1491488682-
    i am running the current version of everything except the vita’s os (obviously) and help would be greatly appreciated!

  3. 182Badboys says:

    is there a tutorial how to make your ps vita legit again. meaning no henkaku etc.


  4. Clemen says:

    Is it possible to access Internet after hacking or modding the Ps vita?

  1. September 27, 2016

    […] EXTRA:HENkaku小组在wololo论坛的FAQ,我觉得可以解决大家很多疑问,稍微放上来给大家看看,我选重点的翻译。原贴:http://wololo.net/2016/07/29/expect-henkaku-ps-vita-3-60-exploit/WOLOLO论坛HENkaku提问区:http://wololo.net/talk/viewforum.php?f=116 […]

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