Soon to be released: HENkaku – Vita homebrew for everyone

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  1. Schadows says:

    Ok, but i don’t see how this is so great in the end. Running homebrew and making custom bubbles were already possible on lower firmware.
    I would have been more interested if I could launch my PSP isos in 3.60, because right now, I’m facing the dilemma about wether or not I should upgrade to 3.60 to play Odin Sphere (and probably Toukiden 2 in a few weeks), or stick to 3.56 and be adulte to play somme of my PSP games (tacticals).

  2. chinese says:

    It says on hankaku’s site:

    A Note on Piracy We are all developers by trade and we understand the problem of piracy that usually arises from breaking the security features of a device. The usual response from hackers is “not our problem” but we believe we can do better. We carefully designed HENkaku to be as permissive as possible for developers to write homebrew supporting private APIs and the option to bypass sandboxes. However, we also made sure to make it as difficult as possible to repurpose our tools to enable piracy. While piracy is always inevitable, we will not make it easy.

    All I wanna say is that 你这是想当了婊子还想立牌坊吗?

  3. Matt says:

    So did this work for anyone, didn’t work for me.

    • herschwolf says:

      Worked for me, had to keep refreshing and going through the install loop until the site finally kicked off the exploit.

  4. balika011 says:

    .vpk is not the best idea to use. We already used this extension on old Sony Ericsson mobile phones for firmware patches.

  5. Mohammad Taleb says:

    Is their way to install Game.psv through VitaShell ??

  6. Nanami says:

    Hi, I’ve been on holiday in Japan wit no way of getting my Vita online. Is t possible to update to 3.60 without going to 3.61?
    It’s not a big issue if not, I hardly play my vita but it’d be nice to have.