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This is probably how you resuscitate a scene: HENKaku – Native Homebrew announced for PS Vita 3.60, release tomorrow


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  1. Highly illegal. All these hackers will be sued and arrested by Sony within hours.

    • Worldsocold12 says:


    • Dockotis says:

      Highly doubtful. Also, NOT illegal.
      They are NOT releasing anything copyrighted, and are only releasing their own code, which happens to work on the PSVITA.
      They aren’t releasing games. They aren’t releasing Sony source codes. They aren’t doing anything illegal.

      Your comment is uneducated to say the least.

      Take a lap on the knowledge track.

      • It violates the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Look at what happened to Geohot. The same can happen to these guys.

        • Stompysan says:

          Technically, since the Vita had a 3G model, it may fall as a telephone handset. If that’s the case, there are exemptions in DMCA that would make this legal, as long as they did not use any development software from Sony to produce it. With it being mobile, it is definitely in more of a grey area.

        • jesse says:

          Who said they reside in the US?

      • Thad says:

        It almost certainly violates the DMCA’s anti-circumvention clause.

        That said, King Reggin is quite obviously trolling. He cited the wrong law entirely (CFAA instead of DMCA), and also suggested that people can be “arrested by Sony” as if that is a thing.

    • Macrey says:

      *** dude ?

    • ssj2buddy says:

      this is nothing different than all the hacks that have been made for vita, how can it be illegal ?

    • ChrisHighwind says:

      Why would they? To protect the security of a console Sony no longer supports? To make sure the Vita fades into obscurity so Sony can forget about ever having made handhelds? Sony doesn’t give the Vita the attention it deserves, and last I checked, hacking a game device was not illegal unless it was used for piracy or malicious means. HENkaku does not enable piracy. Team molocule is just trying to breathe new life into a promising console that was dropped by it’s manufacturer almost immediately after it was launched.

    • Jack Attack says:

      illegal != unethical or unjust….

    • AC says:

      Yes, the Sony Police Department sure have their work cut out for them these days. ***

  2. Zazamael says:

    A few questions. This needs to be done from the ps vita browser right? So if sony releases a 3.61 ofw, you won’t be able to access it because the ps vita web browser won’t be accessible without the latest frimware right?

  3. Shouma Shinonome says:

    So, do I need any game from PS Store for that? Anything in particular?

  4. AngryFolkOfFolktown says:

    Hey king reggin shut up, if hackers cared about legality there’s be no scene. *** off and find a forum to preach on.

  5. Shouma Shinonome says:

    More importantly, will this run PSP games?

  6. Worldsocold12 says:

    Might just make me take the vita out and put Fallout 4 on hold for awhile.

  7. lolzoar says:

    This is fantastic news! But I still have one question: will this work on FW <3.60? My Vita is on 3.36 with Rejuvenate and some other homebrew installed. Is 3.60 the ONLY firmware to support Henkaku? I wonder what 3.60 has that 3.36 doesn't for the decision to keep this exclusive to 3.60 consoles.

    • nope says:

      3.60 might have introduced a vulnerability that did not exist in the past, similar to how the failmail exploit only works on 3.00 and up.

    • wololo says:

      Compatible with 3.60 only for now, we’ll let you know if things change

    • Townsperson says:

      From what Yifanlu said, the hack could be ported to lower FWs, but each FW would require a separate port. So, Molecule probably won’t support anything but 3.60.

      • lolzoar says:

        I see. I’ve decided to update my whitelisted PSTV to 3.60 and hold my breath with my 3.36 Vita in the minuscule chance this will get ported over to lower firmwares or something else gets announced later in the line. Thanks for the help, nope, wololo and Townsperson 🙂

  8. Salar says:

    lets see what it got to show us 😕 i wonder if sony tries to patch it up as soon , because i bought a secound vita just for being online and remote play with PS4 and other , i hope they dont try to patch it soon 😐
    anyway lets celebrate this event and hope it will get us some where 😀
    Embrace your self , Henkaku is coming 😀

  9. Cedar123420 says:

    Will this help making psp/psx game bubbles? I really hate having to haul around my psp and vita to play all the games I want.

  10. Blue says:

    If this can be used to play PSP or PSX games, I’m in. Otherwise….time to get a new Vita?

  11. Jason says:

    No drama this time =)

  12. OTFree says:

    “Full power of the vita”, so safe to assume mGBA and other Vita emulators will run even smoother when compared to their rejuvenate counterparts?

  13. makak1984 says:

    Wololo so this thing will make all Vita’s CPU cores at full speed? Rejuvenate was limited to ~400 mhz. Correct me if I am wrong?

  14. kisame says:

    ja tem um beta teste de uma nova atualizaçao da sony pro ps4 que de deve sair em setembro ou no fim de agosto conserteza a sony vai quere bular essa molecula coisa que ja era pra ta desbloqueado a muito tempo os hackinformer querem vender o desbloqueio

  15. Manuel says:

    Are you guys using libxml2 exploit??

  16. gost says:

    Holly ***!!! I was waiting for this all my life!!!

  17. Artur says:

    I HAVE A IMPORTANT QUESTION. If i update my psvita (currently 3.52 with tn_noob and ark) to 3.60, I will lose my exploits? please answer me T.T

  18. Stanislav says:

    If this can provide an easier way to install PS1 bubbles, then sure why not. But for now, I think I’ll stick to my 3.52 Vita and 3.18 PSTV until it develops a bit more.

  19. belokk says:

    Will there be a way to run TN-V still as a bubble on the vita’s home screen?

  20. neoceaser says:

    not yet anyway dont update i am not updating any of my vitas or vita tv’s from 3.18 for this its just an easier way
    to run rejuvinate its still the same old thing, the thing that sucks the most is having to visit the site and reinstall the
    exploit after every reboot that is stupid. If u have TNV and TNX running DONT update for this the smart thing to do
    would be to port this to 3.18,3.36 and 3.52

    • Samsqwamch says:

      I’m sure the article stated that Henkaku is better than TNV or any other previous hacks for the Vita. TNV does not use the full power of the Vita yet Henkaku will be, and installing homebrew is easier. Hmmmm, I’mma gonna choose Henkaku.

    • neoceaser says:

      hey thats your choice all i am saying for now it has a lot more disadvantages like lack of homebrew, emulators and the fact u have to reinstall the exploit after every reboot sucks *** ok, and then if devs lose interest like the *** they pulled with rejuvinate we r done, I mean they made rejuvinate such a hype and then it turned out to be the biggest piece of *** but u go on and update.

  21. Beastyxv says:

    Ive Waited Like 4 Years To See This!! What an Amazing Birthday Present!

  22. Samsqwamch says:

    And this is why I’ve kept my Vita all these years.
    Hope has finaly arrived.
    Damn this just made my day that much better hearing about this.

  23. gbot says:

    people should keep their tnv/ark bubbles in case another kexploit surfaces, its just a matter of replacing the loader
    vhbl bubble works fine afaik

  24. Buzzcut says:

    Ok, I kind of stopped messing with my Vita right when Rejuvenate came out. I’m on 3.18 and I have Gladiator Begins and Talkman Travel Tokyo. TNV is installed with some emulators and a PSP game. I remember doing a PSV Unlocker through email, but I don’t think I did anything with it. (It was for Rejuvenate I think…)

    1. Do you think I should update?
    2. If I update, can I keep TNV by using some bubble thing? (Some people have commented to make TNV/ARK/VHBL bubbles.) If yes, how can I do this, and do I lose any features of TNV?

  25. kublai says:

    How do you update the VITA firmware do you need a cart? My Vita is still on like 1.x something since I never updated hoping for an exploit on lower firmware.

  26. Mud says:

    I’m using Gladiator Begins to run my hacked virtual psp will i still have a hacked virtual psp with this mod?

    Should i update to from 3.18 to 3.60?

  27. percy says:

    time to clean my vita from dust.

  28. Sleetui says:

    For those wanting to know more info about the Homebrew visit YifanLu’s blog discussing whether or not to update from 3.18. It’s highly recommended since he said it’ll be obsolete and HENkaku is superior in every way.

  29. Mud says:

    I’m using Gladiator Begins to run my hacked virtual psp will i still have a hacked virtual psp with this mod?

    Should i update to from 3.18 to 3.60?

    And I’m guessing this works on PS TV…?

  30. InsaneMex says:


  31. Xyrem says:

    Damn this makes my designer’s blood boil in my vains, I’d like helping to dev something for the vita but am out of free time those days.
    Will have to give it a try at least once !

  32. Jamx says:

    Hoping that Android emulator and DS emulator to be available through this exploit. Maybe some very skillful programmers out there could make it happen and will deserve a massive appreciation for their efforts.

  33. SyluxDelanos says:

    Oh *** yeah ! Finally something fresh ! Ok, my main 64gb card’s full, so if i switch to my 32gb card, will i lost the custom bubble if i switch back to my 64gb and return after to 32gb ? Thank.

  34. FreeMyVita says:

    Obsolete? could that mean quite possibly that HENkaku might get it’s own Epsp or PSP emu? An Epsp or a PSP Emu that could run natively off of the vita using it’s full potential?

  35. Leandre says:


  36. arc says:

    Asking the real question here, If I wait until its release, there is any other way to update to 3.6 when sony launches the 3.61???? because I believe most of us want to stay on the sweetspot of ecfw and see how this works before doing any update change to our devices.

  37. Beastyxv says:

    Whoa what the heck? I posted a comment and Beastyxv’s name and email (!!!) are showing up in the name and email boxes.

  38. w00tguy123 says:

    I’ve been checking this site daily since 2011, hoping to one day see a native hack like this.

    Finally, the day has come! Oh god where’s my charger!?

  39. z2 says:

    Im currently on 3.18fw. Do I need to update?

    Many thanks!

  40. Thad says:

    Has anybody set it up on a PSTV yet? I want to make sure it’s working with no snags before I update my firmware to 3.60.


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