3DS: menuhax and browserhax exploits released for firmware 11.0


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7 Responses

  1. RAVSO says:

    Just as a heads up, this is NOT a downgrade by itself, there is NO way to downgrade from 11.0+ to 9.2 without hardmodding (yet) , this does NOT enable you to pirate games as .cia files.

    this just enables you to use homebrew (which is mostly emulators, most which perform better on the N3DS), but don’t be fooled, you’ll probably want to enable homebrew, not only because the emulators are decent (SNES on o3DS FTW!) but because there (might) be some way to downgrade without a hardmod in the future (this is just wishful thinking) and should a downgrade exploit emerge, your only chance of using it, is…. you guessed it, a homebrew enabler, so get this while you can, & if you plan on holding out for a downgrader, as a golden rule: DO NOT UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE.

    • Submana says:

      There is a way to downgrade (using the fieldrunners DSiWare exploit), but you are correct in that browserhax doesn’t help at all.

  2. makak1984 says:

    Wololo, also all 11 fw users should add as DNS’es, as far i know after 9.2 Nintendo added sth to browser that even if you’re on lower firmware the browser security may be patched if you’re fully exposed to all Nintendo servers.

  3. Rolenzo says:

    Uhhh WOLOLO you should probably make a news article about this asap: https://henkaku.xyz/

    Just to clear up any confusion and announce your updated port of wagic ;D