Wii U Multi Injection: play your favorite emulated games on Wii U


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11 Responses

  1. Zeke says:

    I had no idea the VC modules for the Wii U had been exploited. This is pretty damn impressive actually. I’d been using RetroArch via the exploited vWii to play emulated SNES/Genesis titles but this might be the better option for SNES and DS stuff at least.

  2. Yoshinatsu Ryou says:

    I wouldn’t really call that N64 compatibility “excellent” though : /

    • fugelmir says:

      Yeah, we definitely need more people injecting N64 to negotiate a better bootrate. And the compatibility will increase as more of the platform’s games are released. It was amazing to see Mario Party 1 run so perfectly!

    • n64-fan says:

      the N64 is difficult to emulate, the best emulators for it exist on PCs

  3. Godfather says:

    It’s possible to convert Snes games to 16:9?

  4. snailme says:

    It s possible but it requires rom split in 2 parts and injected on diferent adresses, to play nes games your better off using pocket nes wich is a nes emulator for the gba wich works injected on gba roms.

  5. Zeke says:

    I posted a comment here but classic Wololo filtering means it’s not shown for whatever reason… 😉

    This is a good solution. I can’t be doing with it for SNES games because exploited vWii with RetroArch is that much easier, but for the Nintendo DS emulator it works great. Shame Nintendo’s emulator is buggy though – it “forgets” when you hold a button down long enough. Annoying in Mario Kart DS because you keep the accelerator held a lot and New Super Mario Bros. because you can keep the dash button held.

  6. LEONARDO says:


  7. Roger says:

    Hello, has anyone wondered if digital VC Wii game injections are possible? I would love to go back to Brawl and Kart Wii with the use of my Gamepad as a controller.

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