Is Pokemon GO putting your Google account at risk?


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24 Responses

  1. Gizmo says:

    huh, I mean it’s only a securrity risk if someone exploits the app somehow to do something with your info, or if niantic, in the games code actually tries to access it.

    • wololo says:

      Yup, that’s enough to be pretty dangerous.

    • Roshuou says:

      If you haven’t watched Mr. Robot yet, give it a try. You’ll never say something like this lol

    • Timb says:

      If the app is storing the OAuth token on Niantic’s servers and Niantic is compromised the hacker will have a load of compromised GMail accounts to work from.

    • George says:

      One very possible outcome is that can someone reverse engineer the app in such a way to access all your info and sent them to a third party server. It is not uncommon for examble a hacker to use a phony update for this app and then go to a public place, replace the WIfI signal of a public access point and trick the app to think there is an update for it, thus injecting malicious code to an app that you yourself gave full access to your private data. Of course the authors of this app will tell you “that this isn’t such a problem, if you change your password quickly”, but the hacker will already have what he wanted, personal info to build a file in order to have a better understanding of your password preferences.

  2. Rolenzo says:

    I’m waiting until someone in buenes aires or detroit gets stabbed to death hunting for pokemon. Then we won’t have to blame drug cartels,. team rocket is to blame!

  3. go-pokemon says:

    if you’re so concerned use a fake google account, piece of *** really

  4. MarSprite says:

    Yeah, I’ve always disliked the idea of giving not only my email address, but any associated information. My solution is to fragment my email. I use different emails for different purposes. Whenever possible I use a login through the service rather than a login through my email.

  5. Zeke says:

    No I haven’t tried Pokémon Go. I think it’d make me look like an idiot, if everyone else I’ve seen playing it is anything to go by. Pokémon X & Y on the 3DS does just fine. Though if I were to try it, I have both an Android smartphone and a couple of Gmail accounts I use as a spam/burner sign ups catcher so I wouldn’t be worried, no credit cards or real personal details, all fake names etc.

  6. Bill hicks says:

    Heard the CIA is traking people through that… Bad enough they spy on us through the NSA…

  7. Bill hicks says:

    Heard the C I to the A is using it to know people’s locations. Bad enough they’re using the N S to the A to S P to the Y on us…

  8. Pottsork21 says:

    In android 6.0 the app asks for permission when it need it. so if the app wan’t to send an Email. It will pop up and ask to use the phones Email funktion. When/if that happens you can “not allow” it and the app wont be allowed to use it.

  9. HolyQuack says:

    forget peoples account being at risk. apparently the players’ lives could be a risk. players been getting robbed, shot at and chased for witnessing murders.

  10. Xilence says:

    But…pokemans….i needs them D:

  11. FreeMyVita says:

    Just a Thought here but the Vita has a GPS and a nice screen and some of us have the 3G model, and the Vita can run some mobile games… Is there anyway Pokemon Go could be ported? or would it be extremely difficult to make a Homebrew that would be almost similar? Porting new mobile games to the Vita would be like knocking on the coffin and saying “hey it’s not your time!” lol

  12. Charles Fasano says:

    This issue has been fixed with yesterday’s 1.0.1 update.

  13. Momoko says:

    All that’s left is to find them… imgur(dot)com/KS8esUr

  14. Momoko says:

    Rejoice, trading is possible in the near future once they’ve implemented it… imgur(dot)com/DihZljN

  15. Momoko says:

    The highest among the primary item tiers are (imgur(dot)com/apNE3pU):
    Master Ball, Max Potion, Max Revive

    Variants of Incense:
    Ordinary, Spicy, Cool, Floral

    Variants of Berries:
    Razz, Bluk, Nanab, Wepar, Pinap

    Unknown Item:
    Troy Disk

  16. game4deal says:

    that is a really cool by there , you will see pokemon go works perfect with sky3ds plus

  17. Raikiri says:

    just create a *** spare account just for pokemon GO just like LOL

  18. Raikiri says:

    to avoid all the madness FAKE ACCOUNTS CONQUER!

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