Release: PS4FileNinja


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12 Responses

  1. frikes says:

    All of this are welcome to the community, but without having the full jailbreak release it make no sense, for now, to install this functionality.

  2. meysam25 says:

    its cool i like it

  3. If Ps4 is jailbreak will help many people, the devs should look on that side , until it seems who are afraid to release a cfw not know why ….

    • MistyVermin says:

      Thats because cfw is litterally impossible. No one is afraid of releasing it and it would have been released by now but in order to decompile and recompile ps4 updates you need to know the encryption keys for the updates which no one has. Also any other hack that does not involve modifying updates/firmware is not cfw.

  4. Safet says:

    Is this real official ps4 jailbreak look very good to me

    • nope says:

      “Is this a real official PS4 Jailbreak on htt…” NO that along with every other site out there is fake and a survey scam. Once PS4 has CFW you can read about it here. Or, or hackinformer.

  5. Macoman says:

    Ps4 3.55 release after that?

  6. Salar says:

    i hope all of these PS4 hacks and stuff will lead at least something to vita 🙁

  7. Maxton says:

    Why? There is already a working FTP server for the PS4.

  8. sam says:

    when the jailbreak release guys ?? whrn we can play downloaded games