Is Sony cracking down on Vita “email trick” users? Vita Error code C2-14393-0


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  1. row

    why would they do this? they don’t make games for it anymore

    • read last part

      Read the last part….it could be just a simple protocol to make the email run better and the older firmwares may not be compatible….hence why the higher firmwares still work fine

  2. I am one of those victim…. but what i did was, i downloaded all games from my ps3 especially the eploit game, backup all vita on my pc and formatted my vita. From that my email was fixed.

    But you can do another trick this way… if you are trying to register gmail account & you got the error then use the OTHER ACCOUNT button to register your gmail….

  3. By the Way my vita is 3.18 😉

  4. Deiser

    I can confirm that this happens on the most up-to-date version as well, at least with Gmail. Yahoo works, but Gmail errors out, and I then get an email saying that I tried to access from a location that had out-of-date security and they blocked it.

    • nope

      You need to enable the setting for gmail. Probably recommended to make an email just for failmail since that setting makes your email address less secure.

  5. Tony

    Great, another clickbait, thanks wololo. /sarcasm

  6. MaxiExtreme

    Why is it that my post was removed?

  7. Zeke

    Failmail is arguably the most valuable exploit for the Vita, let’s hope it’s still usable even with other providers otherwise it’s basically unhackable for a bunch of useful things on any firmware 3.51 or below.

  8. warfaren

    Or you can just set up your own email server running on your LAN. That way you don’t need Internet access to your Vita at all.

  9. Schadows

    I was glad I did create all the bubbles I needed before, but I tried transfering new demos/games from my PS4 to my Vita (using the QCMA trick before obviously) and I can’t transfer anything any more.
    Always getting an error u__u

  10. GoingToGetBannedForMyOpinion

    Who cares? The Vita is completely dead and Wololo doesn’t even report about anything on it besides PS1 emulator exploits… It’s dead! Don’t pretend you care when you really don’t!

    • Zeke

      Surprise surprise, another “Vita is dead” comment. Add that to the “clickbait children” (bawww why clickbait wololo? waaaah) and all we need now is a person banging on about how this place has gone downhill and we’ll have a perfect set. 😀

      • Lyrin

        Well he has a point. The last thing I saw on here about the Vita was actually not about the Vita, and instead telling us to buy some phone and controller or something.

        • ZeroSbr

          Not to mention, it has been almost 4 years since the Vita came out, yet we still don’t have a reliable native hack that’s easy for anyone to apply. 3DS has several that work fine, and us Vita users have Rejuvenate…and that’s it. Hackers just don’t want to touch the Vita, despite it being capable of better emulation and such all around. The Vita is capable of having perfect SNES and GBA emulators. It could probably have a reliable N64 emulator too, and even a respectable DS emulator. Really not sure why hackers aren’t jumping on this more, given the possibilities.

        • yea but...

          I feel sorry for wololo…theres just no winning…people moan “i don’t care, i want more vita stuff” when he posts other news…but when he posts vita stuff other people then go “i don’t care about vita”.
          Why do some people think every piece of news is all just for them. What doesn’t interest some people interest other people. They just need to shut up and move along until an article they are interested in comes up

        • nope

          What do you want? Article topic, “Hey, Vita is still here. No new hacking news, but it’s still on the shelfs. Go buy one”. You got your Vita article at that point.

          Not Wololo’s fault there hasn’t been any new developments for a while. Is he supposed to make news up? “OMFG Vita Jailbroken!!!11!11!!”. Jesus.

          And some of us like those articles. If you don’t, and have a problem with them, just leave. No one would miss you.

    • AngryFolkOfFolktown

      Ehhh i agree, vita is dead. Have two vitas, one running bubbles but both collecting dust. Why? Because my psp 3000 works fine and i dont have to email myself a PSP game in order to play it.

  11. Franky

    Won’t this put Rejuvenate out of business?

  12. troll

    this is good actually, If this door is closed people will start looking for a new one.

    • nope

      Thing with exploits is usually people use one exploit to find another one. Exploit patched on higher firmwares, and due to protocol update exploit unintentionally patched on lower firmwares. This is not good news. No exploit = POSSIBLE no new exploits. Be careful what you wish for.

      • nope

        This is part of the reason no one wanted to release Bad IRET or other exploits for PS4. Those exploits are still being used (well maybe not now as I’m sure they have better exploits which are still private) to search for new exploits. That’s how the PSP worked for a long time. People used one of the very first exploits ever discovered and just kept constantly updating it when a new update rolled out.

        • troll

          sure, that’s why we are getting a lot of exploits recently from the email trick! (sarcasm) it’s prime is gone and all of its potential has been juiced up.

  13. chimichongs

    If its Google mail, its cause the psvitas email client is outdated. It takes a while but you have to puss around with Gmail settings for things to work right.

    Sony has not cracked down on anything, it’s the client on the vita which is unsupported as of August last year

  14. Rikku

    Hmail server is the solution never use gmail or yahoo

  15. clutchcity13

    I am trying to do the pstv whitelist exploit and I am getting that error using gmail. My fw is 3.35. What can I do to run this exploit?

    • clutchcity13

      I have changed the security setting and added 2 step varification and it still does not allow me to sign in on the pstv enail app

  16. Handy Fox

    I can’t seem to access anything on my vita anymore. My exploit game, sony probably deleted it, now I’m trying to put that back. Actually all of my psp games are gone.

  17. Metzen

    Please have a look at There have been no errors using this method so far.

  18. RIkus

    I also can’t seem to get the workaround to work. I can’t create an email on Anyone have an alternative free email I can try?

  19. Derp

    Basically this has nothing to do with Sony or any anti-piracy measure. GMX works for now, or you could always setup a local mailserver on your computer.

  20. Zeth

    I have 3.35 on mine, my whitelist hack doesn’t work anymore. I was able to create a gmx account which works; however, everytime I try to do the whitelist hack (which I have done in the past with no problems) it blocks all my apps on my PS TV and gives me an error message. I had to restore my PSTV to factory settings. Any suggestions??

  21. Mark

    Need help to bring whitelist hack back to life on PS TV pls.
    Running fm 3.20

  22. Mark

    Gmail , don’t work with the email exploits .
    Note . I was able to run the hack for months until mid july ..

  23. Zeth

    Was anybody able to bring their PS TV back to life????