Can BD-J lead to a PS4 hack?


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  1. Rolenzo

    I hope to god $ony releases ps1/ps2 bc at some point for ps4. It wouldn’t surprise me if one of the selling features of the PS4NEo was ps1/2/3 backward compatibility.

  2. fresno

    So finaly, Sony has found a way to stop hacking. As of today, nobody can ever create a CUSTOM FIRMWARE. On the net there is only BLA, BLAs, nothing else. Ubuntu or other OS on Ps4 are useless.
    Ps4 is the begining of no hack consoles.

  3. Franky

    I have a question about the PS4 itself. How well documented are the chips. If we have full kernel access to the PS4, is there enough info on the machine to make a Dolphin 5.0 level emulator or better or is the chip in the PS4 going to cause the same issues with the Original Xbox as far as emulation goes?

    I hope an emulator can be made and a way to rip discs become available, that way I can just buy games and not get a PS4 all together.

  4. hmmm

    Is the formatting on this page totally sc***?

  5. Fimo

    BD-J is like running a JAVA script in the PS4 browser.
    Maybe are you talking about BDLive ?

  6. Phil

    Hey wololo
    I love your website and i understand the reasons of Ads. But a second ago i visited your site and nearly fell into a handy abonnement… Twice!
    Please, thats way too much!

  7. Mekso

    Has anyone tried this new ps4 jailbreak looks good to me

  8. Jp

    I think the Devs station too slowly in Ps4 hacker scene , almost 4 years Ps4 and no sad is cfw !

    • nope

      Well someone is completely oblivious to how long it took PS3 to get anything……

      • progamer1515

        Not to mention the PS Vita. It took awhile just to run code natively through the PSM for Unity exploit.

  9. MistyVermin

    Thanks for making a article about my post! I really look up to you guys at wololo so its nice to see that your looking at what I have been trying to figure out recently.

  10. asdf

    ps3’s first cfw happened in 2011. the console was released in 2006. that’s 5 years, and we’re only now just seeing the first steps of a hack for ps4. it was released in 2013. that’s 3 years. maybe we’ll see cfw next year.