Check out this cool PS4 “Design” Mod

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  1. Master says:

    Nice but their kind of waste of energy… I hate LEDs

  2. Master says:

    But still pretty awesome I have to admit!

  3. e✘treme says:

    the leds are connected via usb, so no waste of system energy.

  4. Max says:

    WoW Super Dope Man
    i would love to make mine look that hehe
    awesome work man
    you have done a very clean job 🙂

  5. e✘treme says:

    thanks for posting an article about my mod 🙂 really nice to see that people like my work.

    please watch the video, it’s old but my best work

  6. MagilsugaM says:

    Leds barely use any power lol

  7. Sukunda says:

    Could we just not have all these clickbait sounding articles?

    • Godwin_Point says:

      It’s not clickbait, case modding wouldn’t appear to most “clickbaity” people.
      +The title is clear, you can see part of the mod already in the front picture and you can read the snippet of the description to see if it’s of any interest to you.
      There’s no “The 3rd picture will amaze you !” ***, it’s just showing someone’s project. If you’re not interested in that fine, some people are. I like to see case mod and cool design. Not a fan of this one but I saw some cool stuff on this website before.

    • nope says:

      F#c% off, I like these stories. Can you go be a little nitpicking b!tc# elsewhere?

      • :O says:

        Agreed, Sukunda is butthurt because he didn’t wake up today to find a hack that lets him pirate all his games so he can be proud to all his mates thats he’s a “hacker” haha.
        Like these stories and i do not see the title as clickbait o.O

      • Sukunda says:

        Mind being a little less butthurt over someone elses opinions? That being said I never said don’t post them, all I asked is if they could be less click bait sounding. Granted you probably can’t tell the different but don’t let that hatred well up inside you too much, you might explode. :*

    • nope says:

      Could you just not be a nitpicky little b!tc# because some of us like these articles?

    • KiraSlith says:

      How about just not making the article titles clickbait? That way stupid people can have their useless articles and the rest of us don’t have to click it to see what the team members are so breathlessly excited about this time.

  8. Simon says:

    nice but for me modding is useless … 🙂

  9. bye comments! says:

    I am fed up posting comments here, There is plenty comments over the last few months that has contained plenty hate towards people and is shown, however almost most of the time i see mine as “awaiting for moderation” when im just trying to reply to someone, and it then deletes, never to be shown. 9 comments out of 10 this happens.
    Sorry wololo but this just kills the fun in quickly jumping here and having discussing these articles.
    Not gonna bother attempting to comment anyone. I’m out! (ironically this will probably show now)

  10. meysam25 says:

    its look greet to me
    i think sony should hire this guy

  11. e✘treme says:

    thank you for posting an article about my mod 🙂 it’s really nice to see that people like my work.

    please watch the video, it’s old but my best work

  12. e✘treme says:

    thank you for posting an article about my mod 🙂 it’s really nice to see that people like my work.

    please watch the video, it’s old but my best work.

  13. Zeke says:

    While I like the idea of personalising your console this way and love that coloured illuminated PS logo, I’m the sort of person that has so many cables and HDMI splitter boxes with bright LEDs behind my TV that I tape up so there’s not red, blue and green dots shining on the wall or under the screen. The one that splits the PS4, PS3 and Wii to the TV’s front HDMI was so bright it would make the ceiling blue, really distracting.

  14. Watermelooon says:

    He spoilt it with adding a window to it, in my mind it looks ugly with the window

  15. PlaGeRaN says:

    thanks for the pics! now that I know where the heatsink and fan is, something can be done for the heating problems during summer

  16. Raspu says:

    Ugly! I hate LEDs …

  17. CFW says:

    No news on any CFW. Hopefully something after NEO is released. Things have gone very quiet. Maybe for a reason

  18. AZZZA09880 says:

    child’s play compare to pc

    • progamer1515 says:

      PC Master Race can bite my ***. Consoles have a place in gaming too. They even introduced the majority of people to gaming.

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