5 Things we expect about the PS4 Neo and the XBox Scorpio. #3 could kill the Xbox

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  1. meysam25

    i just keep it as long as there is no exclusive games for PS4 Neo

  2. Zeke

    It’s funny that the article chooses to compare the difference between Scorpio/Neo and Xbox One/PS4 (seriously *** is up with those names, it’s like they just ran with the development/prototype names rather than coming up with better ones) to that of a mid-range PC to a high end PC, because I couldn’t come up with a more apt comparison if I tried. At the cores (literally) the Xbone and PS4 are basically just made-to-measure PCs running custom OSes. Doing a power upgrade three years into the generation cycle is the equivalent of taking an older PC and sticking in more RAM, SSDs for the hard drives and a better GPU. Cue PC Master Race types saying this is what they already do and if us console owners are going to start doing the same we might as well go for building gaming PCs ourselves. Sadly, feels like they’d have a point too.

    I don’t like it. I don’t like that it’s coming in under the banner of being 4K/VR compliant, which like I wrote in the other entry on this blog topic recently are both things most casual types don’t give a damn about anyway. Realistically when the hype from that has died down it’ll lead to full 1080p/60fps on all games. That’s a good thing, but in all fairness, I already expected this on ports of games from the X360/PS3 like GTA V. Not sure that’s worth forking out £400 or so for a new console though. I barely play my PS4 as it is, three years in and for me almost no killer apps. Get more use out of my Wii playing 10 year old games…

    • Thrawn

      Welcome to the never ending upgrade cycle of the pc eco system. *hugs you tightly*
      Sooner or later, everyone ends here.
      It is the same as people buying new smartphones every year because they are “better”. 99.9% of smartphone users never fully used their previous device to the extend that they would need a “faster” one.
      Now this trend has swamped over to consoles.

      • Zeke

        Yeah that’s too true about smartphones, people always get hyped about going from, say, an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6 and technically it’s just the same phone with a bit more power that only really matters if you like smartphone gaming. Me personally, I wait until something reaches the point where it’s no longer up to task (for example I had an original Xbox running XBMC about five years ago and it just wouldn’t play HD video or run stable at 1080i) and change it. This is why I expect to get three years out of my HTC One M8 smartphone and more than three years out of my MacBook Air – both do exactly what I need near-perfectly all the time, I wouldn’t see the point of dropping £800+ on a new MacBook or £400+ on a new smartphone for absolutely no reason.

        • Thrawn

          Yup, same ideology here.
          I still use my galaxy s3… even though the s7 is already around the corner… till now I have not found an extreme demanding application that simply will not run on a galaxy s3.
          Btw… did you know that there were modded xboxes with pentium 3’s up to 800 mhz? I really would have liked to see one of those running hd content.
          Yeah well, the upgrade craziness or better upgraziness is running wild in our community… and the companies as well as developers are doing little to nothing to even slow that insanity a little (why should they…).
          I wish I would get all the devices my friends and ppl around me bought in the last year and swapped them with newer ones already… I would SO open a shop for used tables / notebooks / phones / consoles and earn myself silly.

        • PlaGeRaN

          lol I know the feeling, got me the lg g4 beat, a week later the g5 was announced. talk about irony….

  3. Roshuou

    I just hope one day consoles cease to exist thus we all will join hands under the good old PC’s wings.

  4. nonijod

    Don’t you think you’re pushing it a bit too far with that clickbait title?

  5. Diff

    Alright I haven’t been here for a while. When did wololo.net start posting garbage articles with trash clickbait titles?


    whats up with the click-baity name

  7. Gameboy

    The part about the backwards compatibility hints that although they added a new gpu something still has to be the same, otherwise they would be porting two games for one console, or 4 games for two consoles, that isnt going to happen. so they can throw all those numbers but it probably wont make that much of a difference in the actual non-vr games

    • Zeke

      Maybe it’ll be like what Nintendo have done with their consoles – the 3DS can technically clock down it’s processor etc to run 3DS and GBA games properly at hardware level, and the Wii U is based on similar architecture to the previous Wii and GameCube so again, can be forced into a near pure hardware emulation mode rather than having to do it all in software, or resort to a paid virtual console service like Sony have resorted to with PS Now, which is more or less just a virtual PS3 which streams to your PS4/Vita.

    • Diff

      New GPU does not mean they’ll be porting the whole thing over a second time. This is a “if this is a neo, load up the HD textures and crank up some settings” kind of thing, not a “if this is a neo, download an entirely separate version of the game that’s totally incompatible with the regular PS4 because somehow we were *** enough to not make the two compatible” kind of thing.

  8. Jeff

    Personally, I’m done with consoles. I bought a vita and its useless for the cost. 90% of the games are *** and to release 2 new systems when I just dropped money down for a xbox one and two ps4’s. Extremely frustrating. Looks like they are going the way of Apple with making upgrades and ultimately selling the same *** with a little boost. I’ve never been a PC gamer but now that’s the way I’ll go. I’ll even torrent the *** of out games, I don’t care. I’m sick of this “throw away” mentality. I own 4 xbox controllers. My cost for 3 was $180 and guess what? They all track on their own. complete garbage for the cost!

    • richie

      just get a pc; less hassle at this point :-/

    • LordKing

      A few suggestions:

      Persona 4 Golden, Persona 3 Portable, Velocity 2X, Danganronpa, Dragon’s Crown, Muramasa Rebirth, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Freedom Wars, WipEout 2048, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Tearaway, Gravity Rush, LittleBigPlanet VITA, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster, Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, and all PS One Classic’s that you might own. It is by no means useless for the costs, sir, and even if 90% of the games are *** it’s current library is so large, 10% of it being good games are quite a few. Saying it isn’t worth it because 90% of it’s games are bad, is akin to saying there’s no point in being a nice sound system, because 90% of music is generic, boring pop.

      • LordKing

        buying a nice sound system*

      • Zeke

        Yeah I agree, the Vita has some gems. Personally I’d add Super Stardust Delta, Zen Pinball 2, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and whatever the Need For Speed title is called – Most Wanted I think. Plus all the fun stuff you can do with exploits, like near-perfect SNES/Genesis emulation for most games via Rejuvenate, all the PSP titles you want via TN-V and other stuff like ScummVM. It’s not all it could have been but that doesn’t mean it’s no good.

    • Zeke

      When you say all the pads track on their own do you mean the analogue sticks don’t centre properly? Cos if so I know what you mean. Especially annoying when the right one goes and the camera starts listing lazily to the left.

    • BenoitRen

      > I’ll even torrent the *** of out games, I don’t care.

      And this is why companies don’t take the PC seriously. After blowing their load of money on a rig, they just pirate all of their games.

    • gunblade

      cool. should get steam account if you getthing into pc gaming. if you do there xbox one sdk basicly turn pc in xbox one.

  9. ecks dee

    So does that mean that only the PS4 Neo will have backwards compatibility with PS3 games?

    • Thrawn

      There is no ps3 compatibility at all.
      Read again.
      It stated to be compatible with current ps4 games… that means at one point in time… sooner or later, there will be a ps4 neo exclusive… like xenoblades chronicles for the new 3ds.

    • NoneOfYourBusiness

      No, it will have backward compatibility with PS4.

  10. JY

    come on, I am here for good news. Not for clickbaits. hold your standards please.

  11. Derf

    Please don’t turn this into BuzzFeedGaming. We don’t need clickbait titles.

  12. Metal-Velcro

    No the PS4 Neo will not due to the PS3 architecture of the cell processor used. I will stick where I am at for now but if the need arises (VR & 4K aren’t any interest to me) I will pick one up.

  13. Schadows

    The consoles keep getting closer to PC (and the gaming PC closer to consoles).

    I see these new hardwares working just like the PC market where you can find players using mid-end PC just as you can find players using high-end PC … both playing the same game. Just as a PC, but also just as mostly everything else (cars for example) you will have the choice between different configuration, with different performances at different prices. Not everybody HAS TO be using the latest and more powerful hardware.
    Xbox One (S) will the low-end hardware, Xbox Scorpio will be the middle-end hardware, and (expensive) PC will still be high-end hardware.
    The PS4 Neo seems to be along those lines too.

  14. PlaGeRaN

    errrrmmmm, I’ll enjoy my room heater that’s gonna be a $100 cheaper sometime in the next few months.
    Still can’t believe the heating problem the current ps4 has, playing GTA V and the only thing you can see is your character and bullets coming at you XD

  15. guily

    Yeah well, Xbox one usually cost less than ps4 here. But they are usually at the same price range.

    Anyway I have a PS4 and didn’t want a Zone, but the new one I will want it so badly.

    M$ is so nice that some games we buy a single time and we can play it in Xone and PC, we can share saves and best is we can play PC vs Xone, specially coop games.

    And 6 Tflops Oh yeah baby. The worse is almost all best exclusives are on PC now, even forza, so we barely have the need to buy a Xone.

  16. NoneOfYourBusiness

    I’ll wait for the NX, atleast Nintendo have all bugs fixed when they release something. I don’t care about VR at all, it’ll just be next gen’s kinect. Also with Sony trying to sell their PS4Neo by the end of 2016 that will mean you’ll basically buy a prototype with a high hardware failure rate, if you’re lucky enough to be one of the few who are actually able to buy one, because Sony wasn’t able to provide the ammount of consoles requested by customers. Or the same thing that happened with the PS3 release could happen again, Sony realizes that the lasers they bought cheaply on the chinese market have a failure rate that’s too high even for their standards and the release will be delayed by half a year.
    Seriously, Sony still haven’t found all the problems that cause BLOD, and are working on a new model again.

    • NobodyCare

      and i don’t care about the NX at all. it’ll just be another Wii U with no support from any developers. DOA.
      see? i can put my fanboy opinion on the internet too.

    • SpikeChains

      sorry to break it to you but unlike Nintendo’s gimmick of motion control and gamepad, VR is here to stay.

    • progamer1515

      All things have bugs on release. Often they take time to show up and only show up when the software is on a mass-scale. they get fixed. The issue is when a company intentionally releases a buggy piece of *** that isn’t even playable *Cough cough* Sonic ’06 *Cough cough*

  17. gunblade


  18. gunblade

    cool. i wana get the wii nx and a new 3ds then a ps4 neo then a xbox one then xbox one slim.

  19. lolitsgab

    What is this click-bait-like title loll

  20. DS_Marine

    The title of the article WAS intended as a joke, right…?

  21. dingo

    to be very honest i need to take an enormous SHlT

  22. freey628

    wololo why did u delete all the comments?????

  23. azoreseuropa

    I am fine with my PS4 2.57 firmware version. 🙂

    I do not care about 4k itself. It doesn’t mean anything to me.

    • guily6669

      To me 4k makes a world of difference…

      Let’s say I have a very small room and have a big TV… 720p looks horrible, 1080 looks kinda OK, 4k looks just right, no more bad textured.

      And even on a 1080p monitor upscaling to 4k makes a world of difference, specially on gtav PC, at 4k on a 1080p makes the game to look almost like real life. Color change a lot too.