Xbox One hack – Team Xecuter hints at heavyweight machines used to reverse engineer the Xbox One


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  1. need2burn

    Hey I got a shout out, thanks!

  2. Luke

    Why don do this on ps4 too! 🙁

    • nope

      Better people than TX are already hard at work on the PS4 behind the scenes. The PS4 has already been jailbroken, XB1 has nothing.

  3. CC

    So, they doing microbiology on a Xbox lol

  4. digi

    i believe they have the gear, unlike the sony scene they made hardware that was pay4exploit style except jungle flasher. xb1 untapped, they would make a huge profit from it period no matter the price, with a device like that they can potentially make a silver bullet exploit like c4eva came out with where it was just not patchable. im excited but that will be a long time id assume

  5. russell

    lol. yea. they are developing a new Genetically modified console.

  6. Davide

    I’m not an hacker or developer i’m just a videogamer.
    I have find this on my xbox (leak info) i dont know if can be useful for hack xboxone purpose i never see it before on the web so i think me is the first find this but i dont know as i say im not an expert.

    But i want to tell something about xboxone hack,i see more people say “we dont need hack we have dev mode”
    This is a lie.
    Hack is needed for REPAIR purpose too ,change the pcb of the bluraydrive,nand backup restore and more other think that can be useful for repair purpose,because without hack is not possible change the pcb coz is paired with the mobo\bluraydrive.
    And this is IMPORTANT for me coz i do work about repair,but my work is stop coz of sony and microsoft make bluraydrive paired this is really so bad,hack is needed for REPAIR purpose too,not only for run homebriew like more say.
    And this more people not understand or dont know,coz all people think about homebriew,but for me most important is for repair purpose.

  7. meysam25

    its look fake to me

  8. Hwka

    DoDo could be a great name for the first hack 🙂

  9. warfaren

    Yeah, that quote suggests they’d taken the photos themselves, but I could find the same picture on this website: lol (I guess that’s what Wololo was referring to in the article).

  10. team-xecuter

    Thanks for the shout out wololo. We’re hard at work at cracking this *** XD


    Of course they wouldn’t take pictures of there actual setup and post em it wouldnt make sence

  12. Alisson

    I do not believe a site like Wololo posted an article like that. It’s a shame. These pics make me laugh. russell you´re right “Genetically modified console” lol

    • cool story bro

      ok then instead we should of had no article at all to please you. Be grateful there is something to read instead of nothing at all….and if u dont like it just go away until tomorrow instead of complaining

      • Alisson

        “Be grateful there is something to read instead of nothing at all”. This article and nothing is the same thing. I would appreciate if had nothing to read instead of it. Sorry for hurting you.

  13. Davide

    Team Xecuter post that photo for KIDDING\Reply who ask to they,
    they never say that is a machine for hack the xboxone,they just post a microscope photo for kidding the guy that write to they.

    Gligli is the best hacker for xbox360 in my opinion thanks to him we have RGH.
    But Team Xecuter is the team that release the best quality hardware mod for xbox360 (Dual Nand Demon with Dswith and 25seconds nand write and useful jrunner software) and CR4XL.
    So i believe TX they rock

    • Devilhunter

      Actually the best known hacker for the xbox scene is Tmbinc (Flex Domke), hes a true genius.

      • davide

        I never know,what him do?!? anyway thanks for the info ill try follow him now ,thanks.
        I only know gligli coz all say him do rgh.

        • warfaren

          He was working on the 360 SMC Hack (known by most as the JTAG hack). If I’m not mistaken, he also suggested back then (should be back in circa 2009) that the 360 seemed vulnerable to glitching types of hacks. So that suggestion may very well have inspired GliGli.

      • warfaren

        Pretty sure it’s Felix, not Flex 😛

  14. zz

    tx does not have the best hardware or chip. The russian guy “15432” was the best, with his mods to the xc2c128 based xilinx chips (x360ace, dgx, cr4xl uses this chip too). He made the best dual nand solution that worked fine not the overpriced “demon” by dx. I know I have used all of them, and 15432 was / is the best and did the best hacks (for free…) his support forums were also much better than the whiny tx who banned people w/o cause. tx are unfortunately whining idiots now. back in the original xbox’s time and the 360’s beginning they were good. but by now 🙁 15432 has a site – in russian – hackfaq (dot) net. check with google translate if you wish.

  15. ZombieSlayer

    Just in time for Scorpio.

  16. gunblade

    well i not that in to xbox. but isent there windows 8 apps for xbox 360 and xbox 0ne or an xbox live store app for windows isent xbox one ui or os like a windows 8 os why not jus port apps from windows 8 to xbox one would think xbox one and windows 8 would be prety compatible. the zune was a good thing to have for the xbox and xbox 360 hardware wise it was easyly compadible. think the resent xbox one update saposedly made it hardder but its a microsoft product so easily compadible. isent the ps4 and xbox one custume made board. best i can think of is a a two zeon core board with a coopprosser 51 core and a two 4 gb gpu.

    • gunblade

      a pci hdmi input card and a HP nVIDIA Tesla K40C 12GB Module 753960-B21 and two NVIDIA Quadro K5000 4GB GDDR5 Graphics card might be a closer desing to the xbox one board.

  17. sczxc

    i was about to post genetically modified comment but then i was ooooh. cos looking at a micro chip will lead to a hack? no pls

  18. Zeke

    …so what we have here is a scaled down PowerPoint presentation using a couple of stock photos? I’m just trying to work out if this is an April Fool’s joke two months too late.

    “Well we don’t have any real progress, per se, but we do have these rockin’ pikturs of microscopes!”

    Having re-read it I’m pretty sure TX have a sense of humour and are just joking about…

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