Warez groups start releasing Vita Cartridge dumps for Cobra Blackin


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47 Responses

  1. woohoo says:

    Fiiiiiirst…yay my life is complete

  2. Jesse says:

    It’s happening!

  3. Ryon says:


  4. Will buy this stuff for sure….

  5. Salar says:

    I hope i can get BlackFin in IRan

  6. simbin says:

    This device is just sad. Everyone with a Vita already owns all 5-6 games. Ok I’m exaggerating a little but seriously, you can buy lots of Vita games cheaper than this – also more convenient. The fact they’re selling something so shoehorned together just shows how far away we are from any real solution. Sony hired all the talent. Just saying

  7. Franky says:

    No! Now all the two people that would’ve bought their Vita games will go to Cobra Fin instead! Sony’s $50! D:

  8. ED2P says:

    wish psvita had a good fps game or something

  9. Scrub says:

    Will i get my PSN account banned when i use this device. Dont wanna lose my trophys.

    • meysam25 says:

      sony can trace your acount with out dobet

    • Anon says:

      Doubtful, since you can’t access PSN on the last firmware this thing still supports anymore (3.57; Sony blocked it with firmware update 3.60 for good it seems.)

  10. gunblade says:

    each cartrige is differnt i got two vita games and the number thing on them is different . each vita cartrige game got there own encoding. guessing each cartrige game gots its own guesst account for psn. the cartrige vita game also logs first vita it used in and regiters the games to the vita it was first used in. vita cartrige games that need to be on a certain vita firmware would only work on the firmware it needs to run mainly on the dev game side like needing windows direct x to play certain pc games.

    • Scrub says:

      “the cartrige vita game also logs first vita it used in and regiters the games to the vita it was first used in” i call that BS because whats the point? You can resell vita cartriges, so why log what vita it was first in?

      • Aroth says:

        Iirc, the games were originally designed to only work on the first PSN account it was activated on. The Vita was the hardware platform they patented that little bit of bull**** with. As it stands, they might have the cartridge set to simply log the most resent console/psn account it was used with, which would function similar to what gunblade is suggesting and would at the same time cause issues with dumping and uploading them safely (as PSiCO expressed concern about).

      • nope says:

        For exactly when a device, (BlackFin) is released. How else is sony going to effectively track offenders?

  11. Stanislav says:

    Yesss,Brokin Esss!!!Please continue!

  12. NowPS4 says:

    Awesome! PS4 need something like that.

  13. Lyle Dunquist says:

    So even if a dump could be traced back to the owner, what are the legal ramifications? Even IF Sony has you PSVita/PS4 “console ID”, and even IF they tied that to the Vita cartridge dump, they still have no evidence that the person who owns the console illegally distributed their copyrighted material. How would they even go about proving that you own the cart and console? What if you sell your cart to a pirate and she subsequently dumps it and makes it available on ‘teh internutz’?

    I suppose there might be enough to get a search warrant with which the authorities could discover actual incriminating evidence, like your home dongle factory and pot plants, but that seems kind of … statistically unlikely. And that’s assuming the pirate resides in the US, which also seems .. statistically unlikely.

  14. Roshuou says:

    It’s the END OF TIMES! The end of times has come! — finally!

  15. Chris says:

    I had a ps vita and I exchanged with a ps3. Then I exchange that ps3 with the ps3 of my friend . The ps3 of my friend could be jailbroken so I jailbreak the ps3. Did I did well ?

  16. Aroth says:

    2) The dump sizes look a bit strange, the only two we could
    identiy right now are:

    1.958.739.968 Bytes and 3.959.422.976 Bytes

    The BlackFin Software lists them as 2GB and 4GB, whereas
    those bytes converted are around 1,82GB and 3,68GB. We don’t
    know what might be missing here (if even).

    The byte counts here appear very similar to the real capacities of many 2GB and 4GB flash media (SD/MicroSD cards, USB sticks, Memory Stick Pro cards, etc). Could simply be that Sony used memory chips that follow that instead of being true 2GB/4GB chips and the software for the Black Fin is treating 2GB as 2 x 10^9 (like most memory manufacturers do) instead of as 2 x 2 ^30 (like every computer in existence does).

    • Aroth says:

      Alternatively the software could just be rounding it up and saying its a “2GB” game cuz the chip is 1.8 GB.

  17. z2 says:

    piracy has killed the via.. oh wait..

  18. ZeroSbr says:

    Great, now we just need actual, reliable CFW that isn’t a pain to install. No, eCFW and Rejuvenate don’t count.

  19. PSicO says:


    I haven’t seen those names since the good old days of pirating = ) (Dreamcast, PS2, Original xbox) I think PSiCO may be a decent release group if they can manage to stick around. Hope someone can reverse engineer the black fin thing, and can do so fast! As ZeroSbr said a reliable CFW that isn’t a pain to install would be amazing for amazing system

  20. test says:

    This wouldn’t be the first time the scene collaborated with mod manufacturers. Remember the PS3 True Blue dongle and how Paradox only released dumps compatible with it?

  21. meysam25 says:

    can any one answer me ?
    are they finely be able to run on last fw ?
    i mean is there any hope for that ?

  22. Moondemon says:

    Now Sony can finally prepare to bury the Vita without losing face by blaming the failure on piracy. Yay.

    • Franky says:

      Given there will always be a naive person to blame a console or games failure on piracy, I do hope there’s plenty of people who realize it’s all on Sony. The Vita could be completely open and I doubt it would be any less of a failure due to Sony.

  23. David says:

    Actually i don’t know why Sony gets so upset about homebrew. It’s the thing that actually made PSP so good. And I don’t get it why everybody thinks piracy is wrong etc. No. It’s not. What I want to say with it, i would buy all my ps4 games, but I can’t! I mean every game is like 60-70 bucks. It’s just way too much. I’m just a teenager. I can’t afford it. I literally can’t I’m sorry. Back then when the games have cost like 20 dollars, and now 70?
    And people get upset about piracy? No. That should be normal, actually. not everybody is rich.

    • Deez says:

      So your argument is that since you cannot afford it, it is OK to steal it. That makes no sense.
      If you are looking for games that are <20.00, buy some used games off amazon, half or ebay. There are consoles going back to the 1980's so you have many to choose from and even more games to choose.

  24. ROD says:

    Kinda late to the party, but anyway.. I find it sad someone jumped into the PS Vita scene to push even more “proprietary” hardware in order to create or join a p2p network, so that the others could play pirated Vita games.
    On the other hand, I would absolutely love and even support the Hacker/developer if he had developed a solution to either make the Vita memory card perform faster OR give us an alternative to the official memory card with improved read/write speeds. It could be a replica of the original memory card, it could be an microSD to PS Vita memory card adapter sticking out of the handheld, I don’t care. Anything goes.
    Just saying.