3DS: hacker plutoo releases “Freakyhax”, compatible with latest Firmware 11.0


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24 Responses

  1. Rolenzo

    Wow, neat. This looks like a pretty fun game, too.

  2. TheKawaiiDesu

    Actually, downloading the eshop version is a pretty terrible idea. Nintendo can release some unremovable updates for the game, and even block specific versions of it from running with a firmware update (that happened with Ironfall).

    • wololo

      Thanks for the heads up, I will update the article to mention this

    • driverdis

      Nintendo can do the same with a game cart. They can’t replace the old version with a patched like ironfall but they can block the the game from running without an update.

      • unhide

        They can do the same with a cartridge, but if OoT3D is any indication, they won’t.

        • Aroth

          Actually I think legally they cannot do this as it would be tantamount to blocking you from using a product you purchased. Its the same reason games have always shipped with the FW version needed to run it on the disc/cartridge. They can’t assume everyone has access to the internet to update their console/game, so they have to make the product usable (minus specific online-only features) without you ever needing to connect it to the internet.

          It is possible to buy any console and game and play it without ever connecting to the internet. You wont have access to any multiplayer features (PSN, XBL, NNID), but any single player content will work. Even the much complained about day-1 patches are not required to play the offline/single-player content. (Though you might experience glitches/bugs without it).

      • TheKawaiiDesu

        No, they can’t do the same with a game card.
        If you download the game from the eshop, you accept the eshop TOS, which indicates that Nintendo may release mandatory updates for any game you download.
        However, with a cartridge game, you are *not* forced to accept the eshop TOS, only the 3DS’ ones, and in those Nintendo gives you the unrestricted right to play the games you own.
        So if Nintendo forces you to accept another TOS to play your cartridge game, they are breaking their own TOS, and that is illegal.

  3. skarton

    the more methods the better
    still waiting for a way to downgrade from 11.0 without hardmod though

  4. chukipa

    Freakyform is 6$ preowned on gamestop

  5. Phantom

    I follow your news for a long time ago, thanks for this article wololo 🙂

  6. Trinidad

    It appears that the digital edition has been removed from the eshop.

  7. Adrian Smith

    Just got a copy of gamestop website for $10 shipped

  8. deathblade200

    not sure why you said you need a “legit copy” when sky3ds+ will work fine

    • alpmaster

      I know i had a Japanese Import new 3ds and i use sky3ds+ with Japan Cubic Ninja to activate my Gateway card LOL.

  9. Senpai1801

    I have 3ds with 11.0, wenn I use this hax can I use the QR Clone for Pokemon?
    That means scan QR-Code that open the Internet Browser where i have to wait that the Browser Crashed and the Pokemon in Box 1 are Cloned.
    Can I use this with this hacks?

  10. Kikx

    can I downgrade once I can access the hombrew? using a new 3ds btw.

  11. Zeke

    So then… I just want to check because I’m already on A9LH but do you have to scan the QR code exploit each time you want to run homebrew or is that just the first step in being able to get a better, easier method?

  12. Ash

    Im getting frustrated at the, “pick the image” part. where in the game did you save the image from in the first place? is the image just automatically meant to be there after ive done all the downloading and moving to the root of the sd card? cause that is what i had done, but that qr code hasnt shown up as one of my pics. and if that isnt the method to do so, then what is it? ive tried saving a qr code from the game, with one of my own formees, but when id loaded the qr image, the formee said i cant use that cause it is already my own formee. wtff

  13. A.Sh

    does it really work? my 3ds is 11.0 old 3ds , and is it risky?