Did PS4 Hacker CTurt just drop a big hint to the scene?

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  1. asdf says:

    i wonder if the author realizes the difference between kernel stack cookie and a user mode stack EXHAUSTION vulnerability

  2. Mr. MaGoo says:

    Sounds interesting, I’m looking forward to seeing where this actually leads. Thank you to the devs.

  3. Would be very nice if this could also be ported to the Vita. I see that having potential there as well if the exploit exists

  4. Troll says:

    Cturt just dropped big *** u in scene face.. Hahaha. He doesnt work for you b1tch.. Actually he works for freebsd n sony behind ur back.. Keep dreAming.

  5. PermaNull says:

    After seeing the vulnerability disclosed I looked into it as well, and had discovered even before this article existed that the PS4 was not vuln… at this point this article is useless click bait and you should’ve done your research before posting it.

    • MKE says:

      could you elaborate just a little bit, why isn’t the PS4 vulnerable to these leaks?

      • PermaNull says:

        ‘leaks’ if you mean information leaks such as the vulnerability describes it’s because the FreeBSD kernel on the PS4 is before these vulnerabilities were introduced… CTurt has only been analyzing FreeBSD10 lately from my understanding the PS4 is running FreeBSD 9.0 so unless he finds a vulnerability that wasn’t just introduced in FreeBSD 10 and is actually existent in previous kernels then it won’t affect the PS4.

        This one found is only introduced in the latest FreeBSD kernel’s ‘compatibility layers’ and was not present in previous kernel versions.

        So basically unless a vulnerability is found to be existent in lesser versions of FreeBSD and not simply introduced in the latest version (10) it won’t affect the PS4 at all.

    • All you people do is b!tc# about things, why not try to contribute? Anyone can sit back and be “hurr durr so obvious how dare this be published”. If you looked into it why don’t you contribute your findings? That’s what makes a community a community, sharing and exchanging ideas. It’s people like you that make people hesitate sharing anything, and inevitably lead to toxic or non existent communities.

      • MKE says:

        You’re bi***ing yourself, i am only saying this because i can’t tell whether you were speaking to me or PermaNull

      • PermaNull says:

        You’re missing the point what findings are there to contribute that this doesn’t affect the PS4? I call the article click bait because it’s referencing the PS4 when this has nothing to do with it….

        So contributing my findings would be to not post anything about it and did I post anything about it saying that it could in any way exploit the PS4 no I did not… so there you have it.

        Just because something affects webkit or FreeBSD every single *** person is jumping on it assuming it’s going to affect PS4/VITA/Wii U when that’s not the case and the article is just further supporting that click bait behavior… it’s sad seeing a reputable site giving people false hope due to wording an article in a way it would seem a new exploit would be potentially possible instead of doing their research and contributing real information.

        Instead the poster jumped the gun and didn’t do the necessary research around the vulnerability before writing an entire article about it.

        You want me to post articles about ***?, I don’t run a website informing people of console hacking activities if I did may I would contribute this news beyond that I could care less… my “hurr durr so obvious” isn’t that at all it’s that as a responsible / reputable site people should do the necessary research them selves before jumping the gun and going OHH LOOK PS4 HAX!!!!!.

        So as a poster/article writer whatever you wanna call it I just feel that they should do the necessary research before giving the community false hope and making them selves look like amateurs and this is no reflection on Wololo himself I’ve been following here for a long time, and I have respect for him in-fact I’ve donated money to some of the efforts on this very community when it came to PSVita hacking because I personally don’t have the time to spend researching this stuff at the moment.

        • wololo says:

          Hey guys, I appreciate the feedback, positive as well as negative. We shouldn’t have posted this article without further research, and we’ll make sure to verify more next time. We jumped to conclusions on this one, and will be more careful in the future. In our defense, we have updated the article with CTurt’s comments as soon as he confirmed his findings were not applicable to the PS4.

          • PermaNull says:

            Again I didn’t mean any offense by it, I just expected more ;)…

            I’ve been involved in console hacking behind the scenes for a long time under other aliases, and I follow your site to see what others are up to in other scenes (Playstation / Nintendo)… I personally have little to no interest in those consoles or haven’t until the PS4 really knowing the architecture is what it is now has peeked my interest though I don’t have the lower FW console and haven’t bothered getting one.

            I kind of feel as if that’s a huge deterrent for any would be console hackers to even lay hands on the PS4 atm, beyond that I don’t have the time to go hunt for vulns in something irrelevant to my work atm so the possibility of me finding a FreeBSD exploit for a newer firmware version is slim to none.

            Anyway, Appreciate the positive response instead of an over reaction Wololo I hope to see more stuff from you guys in the future. – DeadlyData / PermaNull

      • ch3wt0ys says:

        Because some people don’t have the time to dumb down their findings to people that only want a one click program to unlock your device.
        PS4 may be based on FreeBSD, but it’s a heavily customized version of FreeBSD with functions added and removed by Sony.
        CTurt stated that compatibility layers are not enabled in the PS4’s kernel, so the vuln is useless to you.
        Why do you need more proof? Why do you need someone’s findings to prove it wont work? Why do you not accept what people tell you, people that know more than you about this stuff?
        It would never work and there’s nothing anyone can do to make this vuln work on PS4 without modifying/replacing the kernel, which would require full access to the PS4 through another vuln.
        This is a dead end.
        Regardless, most people that are serious about unlocking the PS4 keep closed communication with one another (IRC, Skype, etc.) , in fear of public acknowledgment of a vuln leading to a patch, preventing them from furthering their work. You have to be patient, you can’t rush this stuff, and you can’t openly discuss it.

        Anyone can sign up here, even Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft employees, and I’m sure there are already a few watchdogs keeping an eye on every site like this so they can fix issues like these. That’s why people are hesitate on sharing their findings, and it’s people like you that make the communities turn toxic because you’re in a rush to see a final product.

        • MKE says:

          Yeah i don’t want it dumbing down, there were no details to dumb down, PermaNull said he had proved it didn’t work, yet he said nothing about how, not the slightest detail, nothing to dumb down there as dumbing down is making a description more simplistic.

          Also i said nothing about why i asked for a description but btw i’m not some teenager frantic to rip off sony, i buy my games, i just love technical details, the release of a proof that these vulnerabilities won’t work would leave Sony with nothing to worry about, so what you’re on about i have no idea, not to mention i have not once rushed anyone for anything nor have i asked for a release of working material.

          i am aware that the PS4’s operating system is a modified version of FreeBSD, it is mentioned so frequently that even my hamster knows.

          CTurt stated that the compatibility layers had been removed? That’s cool, didn’t know he had, was it on Twitter or something, cause i’m not a big user of Twitter, so yeah anyways you’d be gathering that no-one other than you told me, and who says i’m not accepting it? [think you need to check your sources on that], as for you knowing any more than i do well i’m seriously doubting that [except for some scene news that escaped my notice], as for CTurt i know he knows more than i do, i fully accept that but then i never questioned him, PermaNull is a different matter, i don’t know how much he knows i have not gathered enough info about him/her to form an opinion.

          In closing i request before you respond to anyone like this again that you spend some time thinking about what they have said and its implications before you go jumping down someones throat, believe me when i tell you that i have had to refrain from profanities a number of times while typing this, but just this once, F*CK YOU you ignorant ***!!

          • MKE says:

            last word was Mor*n

          • ch3wt0ys says:

            My comment was directed towards HarmfulMushroom, sorry it gets confusing with the way the comments are laid out.

          • MKE says:

            it wasn’t the comment layout that made assume you were targeting me just the fact that i asked for details and Mushroom didn’t, dm anyways, i retract my rant and apologise for name calling

  6. stupid guy says:

    This stupid guys can jailbreak PS4 LOL check it out

  7. haxckode says:

    hay mujeres que hacen cosas increibles!!.

  8. Edward says:

    Please get some hacking working…Sony and ms are arrogant greedy bastards…the current console won’t even last 5 years

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