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Gamer finds snake in PS4, how’s that for your worst nightmare? (video)

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  1. Cob

    Yeah I’ve only gotten roaches.both living or black blue and fried to death death. I am now very afraid.

  2. Dann

    In brazil is normal a snake in the bathroom :/ , depends where he lives

  3. Cobra

    Cobra USB in the real life!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rolenzo

    Hey mods, if you are watching, I think you should make a news article about the leaked psp elder scrolls game


  5. ch3wt0ys

    Wow, great ‘news’.

  6. Jesse

    This is not worse then opening up a console to repair and seeing bedbugs or German cockroaches pour out. I bought a cheap 360 off of Craigslist a few years ago, put it on the kitchen counter, and cockroaches started their desent. I quickly threw it outside and put the controller in a plastic ziplock bag and there were at least 50 nymphs in the controller alone.

  7. unhide

    Slow day, huh?

  8. Jamx

    It just as bad as cockroaches infested console.

  9. randomuser

    snake… snake… SNAKE!!!!

  10. STLcardsWS

    I always knew Sony were a bunch of snakes.

  11. TesseractE

    I had a Dreamcast malfunction that turned out to be partially due to a cockroach having been burned onto the mobo. XD

  12. IQ180

    maybe spent more on a clean home and less on a game console.

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