(Rumor) PS4 Webkit exploit for 3.50 incoming?


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  1. turbo

    interesting 🙂

  2. xXDarkCodeXx

    Correct me if I am wrong, but this could be udeful on the vita too, right?

  3. Mido


  4. abcdf

    @wololo, if you read the article on playstationhax.it, he´s said: I do currently have the POC but i am not sharing. and the autor of article i think is “ps4bot” which it has posted a few minutes ago: “The thing is… I have spoken to Cturt. There is a new kernel exploit and he is releasing to public.”

    • MKE

      a Kernel Exploit still needs an entry point, somewhere to place our Exploit and a way to make sure the Kernel runs it

      • MistyVermin

        This is the entry point, thats the reason why this is a big deal.

        • MKE

          yes, but ‘abcdf’ is saying that this won’t be shared by ‘qwertyoruiop’ and that ‘Cturt’ has a kernel exploit in the works, the kernel exploit is what i was saying needs an entry point, however if the webkit exploit is not worked on or shared then we’ll be stuck for just a bit longer

  5. No one cares

    To me, a jailbreak is-> when I am able to play a pirated game from torrents.
    Its just me and I am not buying a game for 4000 bucks.
    A middle class man.

    • Astraweb

      Torrent? Why use torrents in 2016?

    • 1

      Then buy games cheaper, like used games.

      • Dev/null

        Buying used game s hurts game developers just the same as downloading a pirated copy.

        Game developers do not get a commission ROM the sale of used games. So to the devs, they see no difference between gamecpiracy and places like gamestop who make their $$ from repeatedly selling the same game overcame over again.

        Same as with buying any other used product. The manufacturer does not keep making profit from each time the item is re-sold.

        Companies like GameStop are worse for the industry then piracy.

        • Nyrol

          Not really. If you buy a game from someone else, that gives them money that they can spend on more games. Sure, they don’t make money from the used sale directly, but that person who sold is is more likely to buy another game, than if they didn’t sell it.

  6. Kal


  7. andoryuu3

    Would be cool to see the vita get a little bit of action as a result of this. At least my PSTV is still vulnerable to the old vita webkit exploit anyway… And as I recall, webkit got removed from the vita.

    • 1

      Vita is still running webkit. I really doubt that the replaced the browser with something else.

  8. ATL

    This may turn into something useful for end users in about…1 to 1.5 years of development. It’s a long wait but looks like the v3.xx firmwares should give the console enough growth in the industry for longevity before exploits begin just like 3.55 for ps3.

  9. Tuvieja

    I’d wait for PS4 Neo before releasing it. I remember when PSP Slim was announced, and Dark-Alex waited for the console to be launched, and then he released his exploit so it would work on both models. It could be great if this vulnerability is on hold until Ps4 Neo is launched.

    • azaaaz

      Webkit exploit must have been patched beyond 3.5 anyway. (If this exploit we’re talking about actually works on 3.5)
      B/C the webkit exploit itself is released already, it’s just a matter of it’s is still usable on PS4 FW3.5 or not.

  10. meysam25

    i am w8 when it will be realse ?

    • azoreseuropa

      Please do not ask when. They will decide when. Don’t ask them. Leave them alone, really. Be patient. 😉

  11. Lezzo

    I’m still on 3.11, is it possible to update via “.pup” like on PS3 ?

  12. Wyd

    Again with the ridiculous speculation I see. This post is frankly click bait, you have posted zero proof to confirm this is working, I suggest you get more information before embarrassing yourselves again.

    • wololo

      When several confirmed hackers discuss about it, this is not clickbait and there is proof, not necessarily that this is working, but that relevant people take it seriously. When this happens, the community deserves to know about it imo.