PSP/PS Vita release: GBA emulator UO gpSP Kai v3.4 test 4 build 225


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  1. Hardy

    Nice! do you know if its work with the game2vhbl plugin on vita?

  2. Darth Agnon

    Can anyone confirm whether this build fixes Batman Begins? (It didn’t work on the previous version I’ve been using ’til now)

    • Dockotis

      Why don’t you test it out?
      It’s not hard if you been using the other version thus far.
      You can answer that question yourself, and maybe answer it for others.

    • Yoshinatsu Ryou

      Seems to boot and run fine as much as I tried it.

  3. Calcifer (makes me puke)

    Vhbl version? I would really like to know how to make eboots compatible with Vhbl as i use it a lot on my Vita 😛

  4. fucl

    Doesnt even launch for me, it crashes vhbl and forced exit.

  5. Salar

    Good news for vita , its been quite silence for vita

  6. naughneighs

    perfect! i just got a psp again, hopefully hamtaro ham ham heartbreak will work in this update

  7. game4deal

    wow ,that is a good news … gonna check more from “game4deal”

  8. seth

    Surprising to hear anything regarding psp and almost even more to hear anything about the vita since it “died” (almost only because psp os can be put on some vita systems)

  9. Calcifer

    VHBL version is here. since no one else decided to link files to vhbl here they are. —-> EBOOT.PBP (
    dir.cfg (is set up for gpsp folder. automatic saving works you just have to re-enable for each game)

    • ErikPshat

      Yes, that’s right!

    • bitKoder

      Calcifer, I replaced the files in the UO gpSP kai folder with the ones in your comment, removed the src folder and renamed the .zip containing the files to “INSTALL.ZIP”, but when I select the gpSP kai listing it shows up a message saying “9 remaining files”, but doesn’t do anything from then on.

  10. invaderyoyo

    This version makes a high pitched sound when I play Aria of Sorrow. I’m on a psp go. Anyone know of a way to fix that?

    • ErikPshat

      Good sound in the game. Even quite low. Try a different ROM, for example, to another region “Castlevania – Aria of Sorrow (U)(GBATemp)”

  11. ZeroSbr

    This actually seems to be better than the 3.5 mod fork I found on some Spanish site. Runs Boktai 2 better, runs Mega Man Zero 2 and 3 with no visual glitches, and also has cheat support. I’d say this is the definitive version so far.

    • ZeroSbr

      Actually, scratch that. MMZ 2/3 still have the same visual glitches, but Boktai 2 still runs better with no frameskip than before.

  12. Caio

    ” official developer Takka ”
    Wasn’t Exophase the official developer?

    • wololo

      I’d need to dig. Takka is always the name I’ve seen associated to this project, as far as I can remember, but I joined the PSP scene in 2006.

      • LUIS

        Takka is NOT the official dev for sure. Exophase has even docs around pointing out mistakes in Takkas work, and is one of the reasons why exophase won’t release any more open source codes, since as you even thought this was Takkas work and not Exophase.
        The marvelous mips and assembly code was done by Exophase.

      • Bah

        Any chance of correcting this?

    • ErikPshat

      Exophase: main developer – Official release “gpSP” latest v0.9.
      takka: developer – UnOfficial release “UO gpSP kai” latest v3.4 test 3 build 92.

  13. fatman01923

    Not working on my ps vita running latest version of TN-V. 3.18 :C Seems like the emulator loads but only the blue background shows up. If I press x it loads the only rom in there and if I press triangle after the game loads it crashes. :C

    • ErikPshat

      You remade EBOOT.PBP for PSP-version for PS Vita version?

      • fatman01923

        I just downloaded the files from the link in the main article and tried to load it. I also tried the eboot that was made in the comments for vhbl. But it’s okay I am using build 223 and it’s good enough haha. Thanks a lot though. 🙂

        • ErikPshat

          I think enough to change the way in “dir.cfg”

          # dir config

          # default rom dir

          # default save dir

          # default cfg dir

          # default screen shot dir

          # default cheat dir

  14. Jhon

    using either the dpad or the analog stick (your choice, configurable). This works well, but use the analog for movement and the dpad for menus, you’ve got to pick one or the other.

  15. Javier Monterroso

    font init Error!! On ark menu in my ps vita 1000 :(, i used the dir.cfg and eboot for vhbl posted here ….

    • ErikPshat

      In the folder “cfg” find a file “english.fnt” or “your_language.fnt”.
      Which path is it written? The path to the folder “FONT” written relative to the folder where is EBOOT.PBP

  16. Leongundemdown

    Sadly GTA Advance does not work again..i’ll still be waiting (echo) waiting waiting and waiting…..

  17. vkurera

    Boot game, hear sound but black screen? Is there anyone have same problem, i use psp pro c-2

  18. MrkDry

    Be carefull, it crashes if nploader.prx is on.

  19. Anon

    Too bad there is no multiplayer features. They were planned, but the developer dropped the ball.

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